Kids for Kids_ We are launching the proj

Kids for Kids

They scoff at the most defenseless, and those who cannot stand up for themselves. Children are one of these vulnerable categories. We help single and confused teens and children who are bullied and bullied at school and home by peers, teachers, and often even parents for many reasons. By extending a helping hand to children, together we can resist bullying. No matter whom it comes from and in whatever form it's carried out. For teens who are bullied, we provide sports and academic scholarships at the most prestigious schools. In partnership with designated school boards, they will no longer be victims of peer violence, and will feel good about themselves. Physical and mental abuse of children prevents them from reaching their full potential and finding the path they want to take. Our "Kids for Kids" Initiative is dedicated to foster acceptance, unity, and kindness in sponsored anti-bullying projects.

"Kids for Kids": a project to help children and adolescents who are bullied. We firmly believe that humiliation and bullying are neither the norm nor an acceptable way of raising a child. We strive to help children who are victims of bullying with their education, counseling, therapy, and rehabilitation and create a non-traumatic environment that protects them from the recurrence of unpleasant situations. We're launching. Stay tuned to find out more.