1. To participate in an event organized as part of the educational process at Raevskaya Business School or the Turnaround Guide Online school, you need to purchase a ticket or pay for the corresponding educational course.

  2. To purchase a ticket for a book signing session, you must have a book.

  3. Tickets for exhibitions are sold at prices specially set for the exhibition, and following the rules of the hall where the exhibition takes place.

  4. When you buy a ticket, several restrictions may apply. They relate to the maximum number of participants participating in the event and the options included in the ticket price, depending on its category.

  5. Regular Standard Category tickets include only the cost of participation in the event.

  6. Advanced category tickets, depending on the event, may include additional options. Their complete list is determined individually for each event and varies depending on the scope of the event.

  7. The number of tickets by category is limited and is set separately for each event.

  8. Prices for tickets of any category are fixed and cannot be changed.

Ticket prices for online events:

5000 (Five thousand) rubles ticket of the standard category Online Regular.

50,000 (Fifty thousand) rubles ticket of the extended Online Advanced category.


Ticket prices for in-person events:

20,000 (twenty thousand) rubles ticket of the standard In-person Regular category.

200,000 (two hundred thousand) rubles ticket of the extended category In-person Advanced.


Ticket price for participation in the book signing session:

520,000 (Five hundred twenty thousand) rubles a ticket without a category, subject to the availability of a book.


These prices include all applicable taxes.


9. This text could be translated in whole or in part using machine translation.


Moscow Russian Federation

May 21, 2021

An individual entrepreneur Anna Maria Serafima Sergeevna Raevskaya-Repnina.