ASK MY DRESS is a stream producing sustainable vegan apparel for the mass market at an affordable price that expresses emotions and hidden meaning. Collect all essential phrases and extend your dress vocabulary. Our wear communicates hidden messages - meta-information recognizable by the subconscious mind. Also, we provide you a guideline about the message and what you need to wear depending on what you are going to say. So you can choose what kind of message you are bringing to the world. Clothes that you are wearing even now, sending information to people around you. And very few numbers of people can consciously recognize the communication and manage that starting from their wardrobe. Also, maybe you don't know that your dress can send the communication meta-message that is absolutely in contradiction with your intentions. Maybe wrong dress sending a wrong meta-message to the world around you is the real cause of your life and career problems? We offer a completed solution for your wardrobe, where you can not only combine just qualitative heritable pieces of textile but be aware of what message your dress is bringing to the people. That is not the dress collection - it's the clothes dictionary. Send the world the right message and get back the expected response. Depends on color, size, style, you can say by your dress many different messages, without words and slogans on your T-shirt.








Reuse & Recycle

If you get tired of your clothes, we will take them back for refurbishment or recycling, and you will pay less for your purchase. Or you can resell your used goods in a separate corner in our shops.