Five languages in 2 years. Based on your current knowledge and characteristics of your individuality, potentially making you talented in multilanguage communication, you will get the tailor-made course fully adapted to your needs and capabilities. You can choose additional languages and repeat the program or take a stand-alone course after the completion of Multilingua.

Learning Technic

The study is based on the communication methodology of language learning. You will take your course individually with the professor, in class, and individual groups with your classmates. You will also spend time for self-education: listening to podcasts, watching videos, and reading tasks. The course will be realized by linguistic professors with native-speaking teachers together. That lets you get sound grammar knowledge and obtain brilliant communicational multilanguage skills. 


Russian, English, Mandarine, Cantonese, French, Spanish, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Afrikaans, Portuguese, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese.