3rd Reich

At the end of World War II, almost all Nazis who murdered more than 100 mln of people escaped to countries around the globe, where many not only still live in freedom. The werewolves continue their activity by changing their passports and names. Now they are acting under the mask of Vanguard, Al-Qaeda, Los Zetas, Alpha-Bank, Slater, Berkshire Hathaway, BlackRock, Azov Batallion, Aum Senrikyo, AFK Sistema, Skull and Bones, Prevezon, System Capital Management, Blackstone, RDIF, Islam State, Severstal, the US fraternities, Sinaloa, CJNG, Souz Pravykh Sil, and many others. Humankind has all chances never have the 3rd World War. Because WWII is not finished yet. The case of BOOST vs. Vanguard and its allies - John Bogle (Gœring), twin BlackRock with the fraternities' analog of the NSDAP, Blackstone, Berkshire Hathaway, shall make the Wellingtons madness end.

Hare Hunting

According to our estimates, the truthful headcount of the army of Germany and its allies in the Second World War was more than 40 million people, excluding collaborators. At the same time, no more than 1000 people appeared before the court during the post-War trials, including Nuremberg, court hearings in death camps. In the time of the parodies of justice under the guise of the Nuremberg, Tokyo, Shanghai, Khabarovsk trials, and trials in death camps, the Nazis got the right to judge themselves. The Nazis in prisons were waiting for this comedy show under the control of the same Nazis. As a result, according to our statistics, for the brutal monstrous massacre of more than 100 million people in this satanic bacchanalia, death sentences against the mad mass murderers were imposed on less than 0,000002%. The captured Nazis, including Gœring - the number two after Hitler in Reich, imitated the deaths and evaporated. The rest continue to be free. Those who faced the parody of justice were sentenced to various terms of imprisonment, including ridiculous ones - for example, 13 months. After which, they were released ahead of schedule, including for good behavior, received a pension from the government of Germany, and a quiet old age in a boarding house at public expense. For the brutal murders of more than 100 million people, the Nazis were mildly scolded (those who were caught) and released, provided with a pension for a decent old age.

Tens of millions of entirely mad members of the Reich and their followers received a comfortable old age and pensions from the government for brutal, monstrous murders, from the mere descriptions of which the hairs stand on end. In this context, the questions of the economy generally disappear behind the shadows of the innumerable victims of Hitler's death machine, who was not alone in his insanity. At least 300 of Hitler's closest allies in the Reich shared his madness and a multinational army of forty million. It is blasphemy in this situation to discuss the trillions of dollars stolen by the Reich from the allied countries and their populations, the amount of harm caused when Germany and its allies leveled to the ground settlements, factories, infrastructure, and everything that came across their path.

A devilish mockery after that is when Nazis using the money stolen from Russia, organized an auto business at cost of Russian money to produce German, Czech and Japanese cars and ship that to Russia. At the same time, the same Nazis unleashed a criminal war at Avtovaz, illegally captured all the automobile plants of the Russian Federation as property, and deprived Russia of its auto industry. On the one hand - the criminal groups acted on behalf of Nazis - they destroyed the Russian automotive industry. On the other hand, the same Nazis - the bandits - opened assembling plants in Russia, specializing in the assemblement of German, Chezh, and Japanese cars, tax savings, and smuggling of spare parts. The wonders of the German car industry are breathtaking until you catch the source of their wealth. The entire German industry was built on funds from the sale of gold teeth knocked out of the mouths of Jews and Russians, glasses taken from them, family silver, and things carefully sorted in front of the gas chambers. The magical German autobahns were paved by money from the sale of knocked-out teeth, collected glasses, and family jewelry killed in the death camps and uncountable deaths as a result of the T-4 program. The prosperity of Germany costs more than 100 mln of human lives, even not talking about the property questions.

It is impossible to estimate the reliable number of those killed by Nazi Germany, its allies, and collaborators. Traces of crimes were destroyed, and archives and corpses were burned. Yesterday's crazy mass murderers, who kicked women and children to death, carried out mass executions, starved the sick and the elderly, and turned into art the killings by imitation of natural death, happily transformed into innocent toothless burghers under the "justice" of the "civilized countries."

The same Nazis defended and justified the criminals, their former colleagues and bosses, and conducted the investigation and court trials. The exact number of victims and their identities have not been identified due to the biased investigation and dishonest prosecution. The Nazis were given a generous opportunity to quickly destroy the traces of crimes, after which, with the help of imitation of death and forgery of documents, they eluded justice. Instead, the investigation transformed into the largest evidence falsification in history. The precise number of victims should be calculated by the capacity of the installed gas chambers and the consumption of weapons. The remains of miraculously not destroyed documents or records of the Nazis are the last thing to trust. Almost all crimes' evidence was destroyed. Nobody knows how many people were processed in this meat grinder. According to witnesses, there are hundreds of thousands of people. According to the testimony of the Nazis and the materials of "justice" - the number of murdered is ten times less. There is no reason to trust the Nazis' calculations. The investigation of the case was conducted by the same Nazis who defended and justified the criminals. The exact number of victims and their identities have not been established. According to our assumptions, the number of victims is more than 100 million brutally murdered Slavs, Jews, Americans, Poles, Gypsies, children, the elderly, and the sick. A shameful part of the history of Russia is the collaborationism of Russians (e.g., general Vlasov) the werewolves whose input into this meat grinder falls as a stain of indelible shame on our entire nation. The investigations of war crimes that followed the war were conducted by the forces of Germany itself, were profanity and a mockery of justice, and turned into a free source of plots for Hollywood films. It created an erroneous feeling among the general public about the punishment of criminals. Mass PR was used to create the illusion of fair punishment, to splurge in the eyes of the general public diverting the attention of society. The horrifying figures of pseudo-justice are just a vile parody of a fair trial.

Of the more than 300 members of the Reich who controlled this monstrous massacre, ten people were sentenced to death. The rest escaped punishment, even in the form of imprisonment, simulating their death in prisons guarded by the same Nazis - their yesterday's subordinates. The trials in the death camps also turned into a mockery of justice. When even the guards and leaders of the death camps stood in court trials, they received ridiculous sentencing decisions - e.g., several months of imprisonment. After that, they were released ahead of schedule for "good behavior."

In Japan, the process has become a mere parody of justice. Members of the imperial family and developers of bacteriological weapons who experimented on Russian prisoners of war received immunity from prosecution. Of the 6.095 million people of the Japanese army, 29 appeared before the court. Seven were sentenced to death. 16 were sentenced to life imprisonment and later were pardoned. How and why is it possible when a member of the imperial samurai family Ogasawara, Irina Khakamada, runs for the Russian State Duma and fools women with her fairy tales at mass seminars on how to give birth and raise a down child? It is a mystery likewise the complete exemption from the responsibility of the Japanese Nazis' animals, relatives of Irina Mitsuovna. With the money stolen from Russia, Japan created its own auto industry and all its "high technologies" to continue to seize assets in Russia through the Mitsubishi and Mitsui funds. Also, Japan obliged us to buy Japanese cars by completely killing the Russian auto industry through the Japanese Nazis' relatives - executives and managers of the Russian auto retail and automotive industry. Turned into the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Vyacheslav Ivankov, a kingpin thief-in-law who is traveling to the USA for instructions from the Vanguard Foundation, the son of Isoroku Yamamoto and a German intelligence officer - a Ukrainian collaborator, a native of the Vinnytsia region, known in Russia as Antonina Makarovna Panfilova-Ginzburg, a Ukrainian-German executioner who personally shot more than 1,500 people, this is an act of such a monstrous perverted mockery of the Russian population, for which there are no censorship words to describe. Ivankov led the criminal bands during the taking over of Avtovaz and the machinery industry resulting in the full destruction of Russian automotive production. The same applies to any part of Russian industrial manufacturing. The plants were destroyed and redeveloped into trade centers, entertainment, business centers, and residential apartments together with the subprime crediting banks. As the industry was destroyed, the Nazis financed purchases in their business centers and their residential complexes by lending this money at usurious interest to the Russians. The more purchases on credit, the less revenue is left for the industry. Just as there are no censorship words to describe the actions of the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Kolokoltsev, Prosecutor Chaika, and Alexander Bastrykin, who admire this puppet theater and consider it is a sweet innocent joke.

The operators of the gas chambers in the death camps, who killed hundreds of thousands of people with their own hands, received not a bullet in the forehead. Instead, they were sentenced to three years imprisonment. We observed similar cases in the cases of Lame Horse, Winter Cherry, the fire in the Samara Central Internal Affairs Directorate, and the plane crash in Petrozavodsk in 2011. No one was punished according to the law. For the mass monstrous savage murders of criminals, they were not brought to justice at all, and the dummy Murzilkas was reprimanded and released. 156 people in Perm were burned alive without any consequences for the organizers.

Between 1946 and 1948, four trials were held at the Frankfurt Supreme Court for people involved in the Nazis' euthanasia program. Among the 44 defendants were doctors, nurses, and nurses from the Hadamar, Eichberg, and Kalmenhof hospitals involved in the murder of patients. There were six death sentences and 19 prison sentences. In the end, the death sentences were not carried out. All of those convicted were pardoned. The T-4 program (Aktion T4, Tiergartenstraße 4), also Operation T-4, was the eugenic program of the German National Socialists for the sterilization, and later the physical destruction of people with mental disorders, mentally retarded, and hereditarily burdened patients. Subsequently, disabled persons (disabled persons, as well as those ill for more than 5 years), and weak kids, were included in the circle of persons subjected to destruction. At first, only children under three years of age were exterminated, then all age groups. After the official termination of the program, which targeted to hide mass murderers, the T-4 continued. The murderers used, among other things, methods of killing people in psychiatry hospitals by bringing them to starvation, lethal doses of psychotropic drugs, and other medical and physical measures to bring them to mass death imitating natural ones. Further, the corpses were burned in one heap without sorting, the ashes were laid out in urns, and sent to relatives with a certificate of accidental death or death from natural causes. The personal belongings of murdered were arrogated by murderers for personal usage. The rest of the goods and chattels were sold. Nazis spent this revenue to pave beautiful German autobahns and develop the Krupp concern, Siemens, Daimler, Bayer, and others.

It is noteworthy that the owner of the Krupp concern was the Minister of Industry of the 3rd Reich. He was responsible for the provision of the supply to the 3rd Reich with the materials and infrastructure to realize its strategy, including the machines for killing. Krupp used, among other things, slave labor and made decisions to kill useless and weak people. Like the other high-leveled Nazis' he completely escaped responsibility. At the beginning of the tribunal, he suddenly fell into insanity and imitated dementia. Neither insanity nor dementia prevented him from continuing to lead the Krupp concern and supplying his equipment further to Russia. They prevented him only from the death sentencing and prosecution for his participation in mass murders. At the same time, his children and relatives in Russia launched a business to destroy Russian industry and purchase its equipment from the Krupp concern. No need to go far. After the walk through the business centers of Moscow, it is easy to see Tyssen Krupp elevators in almost everyone. The same applies to Otis, Skoda, Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, and many other manufacturers.

We consider the completed trials in the case of the Third Reich and Nazi military aggression a vile mocking parody that insults the memory of brutally murdered people. We believe that until now, the harm caused by Germany and its allies (including collaborators) has not been compensated for any of the victims: neither the economy of the destroyed states, and above all Russia, which has once again become the main theatre of military operations, nor the population of Russia for the ongoing 420 years of war which is non-stop conducting against us by the mad ancestors of the King Arthur. First of all, this concerns Ukraine, which, taking into account the harm caused by it to Russia and its historical status, does not have the right to be called an independent state, since it does not have property built with money received from some other activity other than collaborationism with Germany to kill Russians and undeserved endless financing by Russia. Living at the cost of Russian money, and working for the Third Reich to receive more money from the Third Reich to kill Russians - Ukraine got the status of a pariah state whose population, due to incredibly loose moral concepts posed a real threat to the life of Russia - does not have the right to independent existence in any form. And in particular, the existence in collaboration with Germany.

The Russian state was created long before the founding of Kievan Rus. Kiev was joined to Russia, and not vice versa. As much as Zelensky would like.

"In the year 6370 (862). They expelled the Varangians across the sea, and did not give them tribute, and began to rule themselves, and there was no truth among them, and clan stood against clan, and they had strife and began to fight with each other And they said to themselves: "Let's look for a prince who would rule over us and judge by right." And they went across the sea to the Varangians, to Russia. Those Varangians were called Rus, as others are called Swedes, and other Normans and Angles, and still other Gotlanders - so these. The Russians said Chud, Slovenes, Krivichi, and all: "Our land is plentiful, but there is no order in it. Come reign and rule over us." And three brothers were elected with their clans and took with them all Rus, and they came, and the eldest, Rurik, sat in Novgorod, and the other, Sineus, on Beloozero, and the third, Truvor, in Izborsk. formerly there were Slovenes. Two years later, Sineus and his brother Truvor died. And only Rurik assumed all power and began to distribute cities to his men - Polotsk to that, Rostov to that, another Beloozero. The Varangians in these cities are nakhodniki, and the indigenous population in Novgorod is Slovene, in Polotsk - Krivichi, in Rostov - Merya, in Beloozero - all, Murom - Murom, and Rurik ruled over all of them. And he had two husbands, not his relatives, but the boyars, and they asked for leave to Tsargrad with their family. And they set off along the Dnieper, and when they sailed by, they saw a small city on the mountain. And they asked: “Whose town is this?”. The same answered: “There were three brothers” Kiy, Shchek, and Khoriv, ​​who built this town and disappeared, and we are sitting here, their descendants, and pay tribute to the Khazars.” Askold and Dir remained in this city, gathered many Varangians and began to own the land of the meadows. Rurik reigned in Novgorod." (Tale of bygone years). There was no such state as "Ukraine." It was Kiev as part of the Russian state. Later, Wellington's ancestors who since 1200 burned the hatred and separation moods led to the separation of Kiev with the neighboring territories of the Russian state. However, in 1654, Kiev came back of its own will. Again, Nazis who followed their policy to crush and share Russia organized the separation of Kiev as a separate state with the name "Ukraine" - the outskirts of Europe. Thus, the territory of so-called Ukraine is a Kiev and Kiev'region, by analog with large agglomerations, e.g. Moscow, New York, Shanghai. It is just one city with a suburb, without the status of the country. For the first time in history, the EU is considering the admission of a metropolitan area to the EU. To create a precedent for the annexation of Kaliningrad, in violation of existing valid international agreements.

Kiev should be deprived of the status of a state and named the only suitable name for it - the city of Kiev, Kiev region, as part of the Russian Federation. Kiev has never been an independent country, neither in terms of its budget and revenues, in terms of territories, nor in terms of its name. This is the most common metropolis.

The so-called "Ukraine" shall be transformed into the sanitary zone of the right-of-way, which should be cleared and left in memory of the descendants of the "fraternal people" who gave birth to monstrous werewolf executioners. The werewolves settled in factories and villages built with Russian money. At the same time, they carried out terrible murders of the Russian population, at the expense of which these "fraternal people" lived. The werewolf sanctuary - Ukraine territory - shall be cleaned and transformed into the memorial of the WWII victims.

In this context, all the assets we have collected under the name "Hateful Eight" are a way to connect the crimes of the Nazis committed by them in the mid-20th century with the chain of crimes after the formal recognition of WWII end until the present time. These crimes were carried out under the Nazis' leadership, with their direct participation, and engagement in the crimes of their relatives, friends, and families. "Hateful Eight," become a helige Weg zum Himmel for Nazis. Hateful Eight enables us to connect the crimes of the Nazis committed in the mid-20th century with the chain of crimes that followed after that, and were carried out under the leadership of the Nazis, with their direct participation, as well as with the participation of their family members up to this day.

This concerns, first of all, the evidence of the implementation of the plans of the Nazi Party for aggression against the whole world, crimes against the peace and security of mankind, war crimes, and crimes against humanity. These crimes cover not only the issues of Russia. The same disposition applies primarily to the United States, on whose territory Nazis deployed the second hub of the Reich using the Rockefeller family.

These are not economic cases, but the question of compensation for harm is caused by war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the Nazis up to the present day. Our task is to achieve justice for the military and economic crimes of Nazi Germany and its allies (including Ukraine), regardless of their nationality and status. That applies primarily to genocide and brutal massacres. Investigation of economic crimes and related "others," which we describe in the Toxic Assets section, is a way to collect evidence for fair sentences and fair legal retribution. In this vein, we consider the case of the Vanguard Foundation, the Gœring case, and all the processes that will arise further in this connection. The goal is the erasure of the 3rd Reich: the complete unconditional elimination of the activities of the 3rd Reich, all its manifestations in the territories where it continues its work, the prevention of a repetition of this tragedy, and the full indemnification of its losses incurred due to its activities.

That applies not only to members of the 3rd Reich but also to their families, the investigators, prosecutors, judges, government officials, and prison employees who participated in this injustice. Roughly speaking, the offender is everybody, due to whose input the mad mass murderers escaped punishment and are still free. The serial killers remain free and continue their business. The only things that were changed, are the geographic location of their operations, names, and birthday details in their fake passports. They continue traveling across the world in their business jets without problems. We will insist on bringing to justice those who hid war criminals for more than 80 years from justice and otherwise obstructed its implementation, including those who helped the criminals to kill victims who escaped out of the death camps. We will consider our project completed when the names of all the victims and criminals are identified, all criminals are brought to justice, and the real damage incurred by all victims due to the actions of the Nazis is indemnified. The same applies to Zelensky, his subordinates, and their war crimes, including the burning alive of Russian soldiers, their monstrous castration, cutting off their hands and body parts, and the atrocities committed by the insane Zelensky with his army of the same insane followers of Hitler. This is the case when the death penalty of Nazi fanatics is not retribution, but, considering the history of the issue and the massive transformation of insane mass murderers into the masks of respectable citizens, the only way to guarantee that the nightmare will not happen again. The only way to replace the death penalty for them is to provide a life sentence that eliminates any, even theoretical, possibility of their escape. It is life imprisonment in solitary confinement in the company of the bible. Society does not need the results of their labor. They will pay for themselves already by the fact that they will no longer bring us losses. This is a must-have for this process and the only penalty which matches the degree of their guilt and the level of their extremely high public danger. The act of keeping them alive and being able to repent of what they have done is the only way to express an overly humane treatment of them.

To distinguish this project, we use the movie references which symbolise the serial crimes and Black Rabbit logo with the motto Rebird in memory of the Mühlviertler Hasenjagd. Mühlviertel hare hunting (German Mühlviertler Hasenjagd) is a war crime committed by the Nazis in February 1945, during which units of the SS, Wehrmacht, Hitler Youth, with the help of the local population, pursued and brutally killed 410 Soviet prisoners of war who had fled from the Mauthausen concentration camp in the Mühlviertel region in Austria. On the night from February 1st to February 2nd, 1945, Russian war prisoners organized a mass escape from barrack No. 20 (Death Block) of the German concentration camp Mauthausen, in which about 500 people participated, mostly captured Soviet military officers. The escape was scheduled for the night of 28/29 January. However, it did not take place. On January 27th, the SS men selected and took away 25 of the most physically strong people, including several leaders of the escape, and burned them alive in a crematorium. The escape was well organized. At that moment, when one part of the prisoners threw various objects at two guard towers (barrack fire extinguishers, stones, and sticks), the second group, using wet blankets and pieces of clothing, shorted out the electric wire, which was a decisive factor for a successful escape. In total, 419 people escaped from the camp. But over 100 people died already in front of the concentration camp - some fell from exhaustion, and many were killed by machine-gun fire from the rest of the guard towers. Approximately only 300 prisoners managed to reach the surrounding forests. In the block stayed the rest 75 completely exhausted prisoners who could no longer move. Nazis shot them immediately. Most of the 300 prisoners who escaped, were discovered by the SS teams on the first day and shot on the spot. The rest were declared a "hunt" in which the SS units, the gendarmerie, the Wehrmacht, the Volkssturm, the Hitler Youth, and "civilians" participated. Within a few weeks almost everyone was shot dead or captured (57 people were caught alive). The documentary "Action K" (1994) contains eyewitness accounts who claimed that it was not quite a normal "hunt" with guns "like an animal." Many fugitives, especially those caught alive, were not shot but were beaten to death with improvised means in the cruelest way. The reason for this attitude towards them is that the Nazis wanted to save the cartridges. As documents from the Mauthausen archive testify: “The bodies were left lying where people were killed. The intestines and genitals were on display for all to see... In Lem-villa there lived a certain farmer whose wife heard a rustle in the goat shed in the evening. She brought her husband, who pulled the fugitive from his hiding place. The farmer immediately stabbed the man in the neck, and blood gushed from the wound. The farmer's wife jumped to the dying man and gave him another slap in the face before dying..." The documents of the archive contain descriptions of many atrocities of the local civil population against defenseless Russian prisoners of war. Only 11 Soviet officers are known, who, despite the great danger, were hidden by several local peasants and Ostarbeiters." They waited for the arrival of the American army, remained alive, and got rebirth. In the case of BOOST, the accidentally surviving rabbit, occasionally mixed with the hares, feels the obligation to file for everyone who dealt with his long-eared mates and relatives, rescue the Toontown, and save the world from the ugly Coyote and judge Rock.

In 1998, the English publishing house Bantam Press published the book Purple Secret: Genes, Madness and the Royal Houses of Europe J. Rehl (historian), M. Warren (biochemist), and D. Hunt studied the role of porphyria in the genealogical laboratory of royal dynasties. Acute intermittent porphyria, suffering from King George III of England, but later, when there are indications of increased sensitivity of the skin to sunlight, the diagnosis was clarified to variegated porphyria. From Mark Falkirk's book on vampires: "porphyria," the symptoms of which are a breakdown, blanching of the skin, and photophobia. Then the skin becomes thinner and begins to rot, become covered with ulcers and scars, the mucous membrane of the gums and the inside of the lips bursts, begins to bleed, and exposes the roots of the teeth. For many centuries, patients with this disease were mistaken for vampires and werewolves, tortured, and executed." However, many historical cases described the vampires, including the description in historical works. No one knows what porphyria disease is. The essence and description of the disease "porphyria" is limited by the border of ignorance in this matter of doctors studying it. In addition, there are testimonies and historical information about the reality of vampires. The very question of the existence of vampires has never been scientifically studied, including since, for obvious reasons, vampires do not express a desire to be studied, the version that the Wellington family lineage is vampires seems to be real.

In particular, the personality of the Hungarian Count Dracula, as well as the countries of Transylvania, are not invented characters, but the Hungarian family and the country around Romania that still exist. The prototype of the book Dracula was a real historical person - the 15th-century Romanian general Vlad III Tepes (Vlad III Basarab, also known as Vlad Dracula, and Vlad Tepes), Prince of Wallachia. From the 14th century, Wallachia was a feudal principality, and from the 16th century - under Turkish rule. According to the Adrianople peace treaty of 1829, it was autonomous (under the protectorate of Russia until 1856). In 1859, it united with the Principality of Moldavia into a single state (since 1859 - the United Principalities of Moldavia and Wallachia). Wallachia is mentioned in the Apocalypse of John the Evangelist. Transylvania, or Sedmigradie, Erdey, or Semigradje (lat. Transsilvania "Zalesie", Rum. Transilvania, German Siebenbürgen ("Seven-city"), Hung. Erdély, Ukrainian. Semi-city) is a historical region in the north-west of Romania. The Partium region, divided into the historical districts of Banat (south), Crisana (center), and Maramures (north), is also referred to as Transylvania. The territory of Transylvania belongs to the Western, Northwestern, and Central regions of the development of Romania, on which there are 16 counties: Alba, Arad, Bistrita-Naseud, Bihor, Brasov, Carash-Severin, Cluj, Covasna, Maramures. In this regard, the veritable meaning of the seven churches in the Apocalypse and the seven hills mentioned in the prophecy, may not correspond at all to generally accepted interpretations. That gives an entirely different meaning to the events described in the Apocalypse. It is also symbolic that the Principality of Wallachia and modern Ukraine have similar yellow and blue flags. The dynasties of the Welf branch, which founded the so-called Windsors, Habsburgs, Wellingtons and Holstein-Gottorps, have family ties with the Hungarian King Matthias I and the offspring of his dynasty Dracula. All the offenders successfully escaped justice, many of them imitated death. The life expectancy of our offenders is unbelievable. The murders themselves would frighten any serial maniac. The atrocities stay beyond all boundaries of the possible madness and cruelty the human mind could ever invent. The businesses they own are adept at advertising the vampire call, which is used to lure the victim. We also have many facts and indicators of cannibalism distribution and acceptance as a norm within this criminal group. We are also incredibly embarrassed by the bat laboratories (vampire mice) in Ukraine, with the presence of Hitler's bunker with the name "Werewolf" there. On the coat of arms of the Hunyadi family, which is represented the dynasty of King Matthias I of Hungary, and Count Dracula, a raven is depicted. The raven is a conductor between the world of the living and the dead and symbolizes the undead, that is, the restless, not alive, and not dead. One of the well-known widely used logos of Nazi Germany was the Celtic Futhark rune Aeol (Elhaz, Eol, Algiz). One of its main meanings is to open doors to the world of the dead. Celtic runes were widely used by the 3rd Reich for Nazi symbolics because Wellingtons have Celtic roots from Ireland. Thus, "Heil Hitler" and the logotypes have different meanings compared to conventional interpretations. Wellingtons have a Celtic droids origin. In particular, there are descriptions of the Celts as holders of the immortality secret. Among the Celts, human sacrifice and cannibalism were accepted. The Christian religion was also recognized. It is this explosive mixture of Christianity, cannibalism, and human sacrifice that we read in all the symbolism and correspondence of the Reich and its followers. The first letter "H" from the name of the Hunyadi family, was chosen by everyone among high-level Reich leaders (Hitler, Himmler, Herring, Hebbels, Hess). In this regard, it is too early to conclude the causes of such a WWII Nazis massacre. Modern humanity does not have any reliable evidence disproving the reality of the existence of vampires. On the contrary, there is more than enough evidence testifying to the reality of their existence. The version of the Wellington family vampirism and the real motives of the 3rd Reich to arrange a bloody massacre deserves at least a comprehensive careful study. The droids' secret of immortality can be a secret of vampirism.