BOOST consolidated 100% of voting rights for the business of the Bananamama, the grand former Russian kids retail. This acquisition allowed us to link together the raider seizure of Sunrise, Bank Rossiyskiy Capital, Bank of Moscow, Yukos, Eldorado, SLATER IMPEX LTD., fake avizo criminal case, murder of Sergey Magnitsky, Nord-Ost terrorist act on Dubrovka, and Hermitage Capital criminal case as committed by the same group of people. That is not the complete list. If you have any further queries regarding the information in this section, contact our PR department.

A peace of smoking crap

In December 2017, BOOST acquired 100% of Oleg Yakovlev's voting rights and related claims associated with the unlawful seizure of his equity stake in Bananamama. Initially, the nature of the Bananamama case was supposed to be the standard assets recovery project. BOOST intended to return the seized assets belonging to Yakovlev, receive compensation for incurred losses and share the recovering assets in half with Yakovlev. At the time of the purchase, we were not aware of the truthful role of Yakovlev in Slater, the rightful destiny of Slater, and all the other circumstances of his business activities described on this site. The subsequent events greatly surprised even us.

According to mass media, Oleg Yakovlev was a shareholder of Bananamama. Bananamama went into bankruptcy allegedly due to the corporate fraud committed by Yakovlev, followed by his criminal prosecution. Yakovlev explained his prosecution as illegal and fabricated by Alfa - Group to illegally seize his Bananamama business. Across the Internet, Yakovlev distributed the open letter addressed to Michael Fridman. Yakovlev blamed Fridman and Alfa-Bank for a hostile takeover of Bananamama.

In November 2018, BOOST acquired the voting rights with the associated claims regarding the Sunrise illegal capture made similarly by the same group of people and using the same mechanics. Read the appropriate section of our website. Sunrise was a reference case for Bananamama and a part of the same serial crimes. Only a few of Sunrise's perpetrators became listed on the Cardin list. However, the truthful organizers, customers, and other crime participants escaped the prosecution. In some cases, they were not identified. In other cases, the investigators could not prove corpus delicti by the accessible evidence.

We acquired Sunrise voting rights to get the paired reference case to Bananamama. In Sunrise, the list of the known perpetrators was sufficient to find out the technical organizers of these crimes. We intended to confirm the serial crimes by identifying their common traits, and matching the lists of perpetrators, because in Sunrise, we got more names and more well-documented evidence.

Next, on December 8th, 2018, BOOST acquired from Oleg Yakovlev his voting rights for 50% of the SLATER IMPEX LTD.'s business (hereinafter, Slater) to consolidate these claims with his Bananamama claims. Slater was a parental company for Bananamama and Eldorado retail. During our further investigation, we revealed the following story. Oleg Yakovlev and Igor Yakovlev founded Slater in 1996, two years after of Eldorado foundation. The effective ownership was in proportion 50/50. It was not properly documented by shareholders' agreements between brothers. At the end of 2007, when we started to participate in this case, Igor Yakovlev was a registered shareholder of almost 100% of Slater's businesses - Eldorado, Rentol, Invest-Nedvizhimost, Max Media Holding, and other enterprises. Oleg Yakovlev was an ultimate beneficiary of the financial structure of the Slater holding and all its affiliates, who kept in his hands all financial flows of all businesses. Igor was responsible for the facade of the business operations. In addition to the function of the head of the financial system of the Slater, Oleg was a "reshala" responsible for underwater business processes. He established cooperation with the mafia, organized criminal groups, and corrupted officials. He carried out other "problem-solving" tasks. Also, Oleg Yakovlev held the nominal position of a lawyer in the Eldorado company. He graduated in law from the Higher Political School named after the 60th anniversary of the Komsomol of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR and studied with Vladimir Kolokoltsev. On April 15th, 2009, Yakovlev left Russia. He immigrated to the US, Florida, according to his contact address. Based on his witness statement, he left Russia to avoid illegal fabricated criminal prosecution, because Vladimir Kolokoltsev informed him about this and told Yakovlev to leave immediately.


The Initial Project

The list of Bananamama's perpetrators was overlapped with Sunrise illegal capture and the names of perpetrators in the Magnitsky list. At the moment of the deal, we did not possess the facts listed below. We acquired the voting right for Slater to get one more reference case for serial crimes, identify the cross-common traits, and link together Bananamama and Eldorado's hostile takeovers. As long as the brother of Oleg Yakovlev, Igor Yakovlev, participated as a perpetrator in both illegal seizures - Bananamama (according to the witness statement of Oleg Yakovlev), and Sunrise (according to our own awareness and witness statements provided by many employees of Sunrise, Eldorado, and EVH), we made this acquisition also to get the drop-off claims against Igor Yakovlev to get control over his voting rights for Slater through the buying of cross-claims against him associated with his criminal activity in Bananamama, Sunrise, Slater, and Eldorado.

In purchasing these cases, primarily, we did not pursue the financial interest. Instead, BOOST made this acquisition for investigation purposes to verify the hypotheses of serial crimes. We aimed to get the identification of all offenders in the Bananamama case and prove the innocence of Oleg Yakovlev in false accusations of fraud, credit fraud, fraud against vendors, and intentional bankruptcy of Bananamama. The fabricated allegations of Oleg Yakovlev were the exact copy of the cooked prosecutions of Sergey Bobylev in the Sunrise case, which were committed and promoted by the same group of people and organizations, partially included in the Cardin List. We considered Bananamama and Sunrise as a pair of reference cases in serial crimes. We expected they should give us the evidence of the innocence of both Yakovlev and Bobylev. The partial inclusion of perpetrators into the Cardin List did not imply the non-involvement of criminals in the serial crimes combined in the Hermitage Capital case and the murder of Sergey Magnitsky. Many people who participated in these crimes escaped the inclusion on the Cardin List for several reasons. From another angle, the passing and enforcement of the Cardin List itself represent the series of aggravated crimes itself. Read more about that in the Cardin List section of our website. Making this purchase, we intended to get a reference case with Magnitsky murder as well.


The Group

The criminals executed raider seizure of Bananamama in parallel with the Eldorado fraudulent capture. In the case of Bananamama, they used the same mechanics as applied in Sunrise with the only one difference - Bobylev was closed for pre-trial detention at the same time as Magnitsky in Matrosskaya Tishina. Oleg Yakovlev immigrated to the USA. Initially, we believed all these assets were fair businesses founded by young entrepreneurs. We guessed all three hostile takeovers were the raider seizures executed by the Alfa-Bank and AFK Sistema. During the investigation, we figure out the core hypotheses that both Igor and Oleg Yakovlevs and Sergey Bobylev cannot confirm the origin of funds for business development. At the same time, their business operations matched the geography of serious fraud that took place in the early 90s - fake avizo cases. Also, these activities had an overlapping perpetrators' list. During the investigation, we also found out that the credit transactions with Alfa-Bank for Bananamama and Sunrise cases lately formed the basis of trumped-up charges were not standard banking credit transactions. They were not duly documented according to the law. Alfa-Bank did not provide either to the courts or law enforcement agencies legally compliant documents confirming the existence of the credit deal-making, its duly execution from the bank part, and the veritable utilization of funds by all organizations. We studied the documents submitted by Alfa-Bank to the courts and law enforcement agencies to support their blaming of both Oleg Yakovlev and Sergey Bobylev for credit fraud. Based on this evidence, we conclude that the claimants were unable to confirm the fact of credit provision and funds misappropriation in any case. We noted that both cases went through similar criminal proceedings logistic repeated the pathway through the same list of judges, investigators, prosecutors, and staff of the Ministry of Internal Affairs later appeared on the Cardin List. These facts together allowed us to assume that Sunrise, Slater, and Banananana together were not the bona fide business. And that the process over these trinity Bobylev, Yakovlev, and Magnitsky had another primary goal to eliminate witnesses who could provide evidence about the criminal group, its organization, and other crucial information. That explains why all three were under utmost similar prosecutions organized and carried out by the same list of people, and at the same period - 2008-2010. In our opinion, Slater, Bananamama, Eldorado, and Sunrise were the laundromats. These enterprises formed the criminal financial groups used by the corrupted officials to launder their money. They used this group to acquire assets following the general guideline of the genuine beneficiaries of their activity. According to the materials of the Hermitage capital and Vanguard cases, the sheer beneficiaries of these criminal activities were the Vanguard fund, various public institutes of the USA, UK, Germany, and China, predominantly consisting of the number of investment funds including sovereign organizations. The corrupted officials were not alone who got the earnings through the Slater financial organizations. During our investigation, we found out that the Slater was used as a laundromat for Chechen and Dagestan avizo laundry, for money stolen from the Moscow Region Budget (see also the criminal case Russian Federation vs. Zhanna Bulokh, Alexey Kuznetsov and allies).

As long as Russia and its official governmental authority did not derive any benefits from this criminal activity, we do not find out here the corpus delicti to assert that Russia's duly-empowered public authorities and official government are guilty of the murder of Magnitsky. The relationships between the brothers were not properly documented and were structured as actual segregation of functions when Igor was the registered owner and managed the facade of the business, and Oleg Yakovlev led the entire financial scheme of the group and held all cash flows in his hands. Slater and Bananamama were nearly the only companies where Oleg had registered control. Considering that Oleg was a "reshala" responsible for all underwater and dirty operations, including financing and the corruption component, we assume that all financial settlements with corrupt officials and cash flows to finance terrorist activities inside Russia went through Bananamama. We believe that the complete list of companies where Oleg Yakovlev had registered control or was empowered to make the bank accounts transactions is a complete list of companies employed to pay and distribute bribes, finance the terrorist and criminal activity, and carry out other black operations. The text of the entire investigation will be further available in the Gravity-Free section of our website.


Demolition of Bananamama

According to public data, Bananamama was a part of the Slater and Eldorado groups, founded in 2004 by Oleg Yakovlev. In 2008, the company should have $685 million in revenue and had more than 80 stores in the chain. Before that, the company issued bonds. The organizer of the emission was Troika Dialog. According to the bonds emission prospectus, Alfa-Bank, MKB, Troika Dialog (now owned by Sberbank), and MDM Bank (now included in the Otkritie) were the largest Bananamama creditors. The model of the company destruction was similar to the Sunrise and BOOST cases. The raiders organized the conditions precedents for the redemption of the preterm bonds against Bananamama using the mechanics of the fabricated criminal prosecution, perjury in credit fraud, forged accusations of corporate fraud, massive slander distribution, and the queue of small creditors. That allowed them to fabricate the illegal criminal proceeding against Oleg Yakovlev. After Oleg Yakovlev left Russia on April 15th, 2009, the raiders got mass court decisions to collect from Bananamama wannabe non-existing "debts." Together, the fraudsters-creditors with the total amount of non-existing claims for $30 mln got full control over the Bananamama business of a $1.3 bln fair value. Among the fabricated evidence and malicious criminal prosecution initiated against Oleg Yakovlev, the fraudsters equipped themselves with the massive sham court judgments issued on a copy-paste basis.

The sham court judgments were made with a gross violation of the processual and substantive law norms without documents and evidence confirming the claimants' demands. Also, the courts made decisions in favor of wannabe claimants even without proper documentary evidence confirming the existence of legal relationships between the claimant and defendant Bananamama. In the absence of evidence to support the claims, the wannabe claimants strive to get any court decision, even obtained in another context, which can be further enforceable based on prejudice somehow to confirm the existence of relationships with Bananamama. The information about the courts' hearings was not published following the law. It was sent to the Bananamama by analog with the BOOST. The perpetrators realized the mechanics of obtaining sham court judgments. They reinforced them through the second claim submission based on the prejudice principle. Without the initial primary source of evidence proving the existence of both claims or relationships between claimant and defendant, the courts used secondary evidence. They utilized the sham court judgment of the court of the first instance in another case, which indirectly may be evidence to prove the existence of relationships or basis to claim something. Claims were multiplied. With the same affirmations, "the applicants" simultaneously appealed twice to different courts. We came across cases where the same claimants applied to the same court with the same claim, which received satisfaction in both cases. In no case were the applicants' claims supported by the proper documents and reasonable calculations required by law. In all cases, the courts' decision did not contain an exhaustive, convincing motivational part based on properly documented evidence. We have observed multiple facts of replacement, cooking, or deletion of court decisions, their inconsistencies, and other proofs indicating the absence in these cases of an objective, fair, unbiased trial.

After the court materials study, especially the logistic of the court trial and the processual dates, we found out many cases showed that the process was not isolated and was managed and agreed with the other litigations and their milestones. For instance, there were cases when the criminals "wannabe claimants" submitted the claims. But after that, the file remained motionless by the court for one year, followed by no appropriate court rulings, after submission as if waiting for the onset of some events (e.g., Troika Dialog vs. Bananamama). The court files were passed to the courts, not by the companies who claimed the pretensions in the mass media. In particular, the bankruptcy of the Banana-Mama Saint Petersburg started from the penny demands of the Security Agency Ferz (ферзь, the chess queen figure). This small unknown company initiated the process of the forcible destruction of the Bananamama business. AFK Sistema and Alfa-Group have only two mad chess players - the Evtushenkov younger and Fridman. Both superstitious

loved the "multi-way" quest combinations, adhered to the multivocal steps, and used the chess principle in the crimes. We do not believe in the legend that the smaller, than dust unknown company Ferz possessing a total claim for 700k rub (approximately $10k) stand-alone decided to file the bankruptcy of Bananamama with an EV of $1.3 bln.

Our conclusion was also confirmed by Oleg Yakovlev, who informed us that the processual deadlines of Bananamama were closely related to the milestones in the Eldorado tax case. In the case of Eldorado, the leading claims manager was Troika Dialog.

Among the cooperation of the offenders in such cases as Bananamama, Slater, Eldorado, and Sunrise, we revealed another truth during our delving. The Bananamama processual deadlines had a closer connection between the Bananamama case and the cases of Magnitsky murder, Evsukov mass shooting, Euroset criminal proceeding, and Lame Horse fire. We also found out the various matching events in the cases of Eldorado and fire in the General Department of Samara GUVD.

The shares of BANANA-MAMA LLC were illegally re-registered in favor of the unknown Derwood Holding company, which is a part of Alfa-Bank and Tinkoff Bank groups, handed by the Trident Trust BVI. The transfer was made by falsification of the EGRUL records. After this transfer, Derwood went through unlawful, coercive termination. The erroneous position that liquidation of the company solves all problems we observed in all acquired cases. Particularly in the case of the fire of Samarsky GUVD, the security department of Eldorado organized the illegal liquidation of the Eldorado's companies just after that event. Based on our investigation, we figured out the version that these organizations might be involved in financing these terrorist acts and carrying out money laundering. They might serve various terrorist financing transactions, Avtovaz black financial schemes, and conduct the black cash operations with the local Chechen organized criminal group headed by Said Tsentroev. During the study of the Bananamama erasure process, we detected that the Samara cluster had a leading role in the fake avizo case, erasure of Bananamama, and was closely related to the Avtovaz controlled by Chechen organized criminal group for many years. Through our investigation, we found out that Bananamama was destroyed mostly due to the input of Moscow, Kazan, Rostov-on-Don, and Samara players. The first Eldorado stores were opened in Samara, whereby assertions of Igor Yakovlev were "easier" for them. Why can that be easier for them to open the shop in Samara when both were born in Makhachkala, Dagestan, and lived in Moscow? The only version is that both Yakovlevs were closely connected with the Alfa-Group having an enormously strong presence in Samara and named as fake avizo scheme laundromat, and Chechen organized criminal group via the fake avizo scheme, which predominantly named two republics intensively involved in this process - Chechnya and Dagestan. The Chechen criminal group had a strong presence in the Samara region, whereas Tsentroev had a large power over Avtovaz operations, managed by the AFK Sistema offsprings. Lately, Samara's cluster played the predominant role in the aggressive erasure of Bananamama's business and its legal entities, together with Kazan's players: Taif, AK Bars, Sibur, and especially their cluster in Chistopol, which got sad fame due to the Chistopolsky Jamaat terrorist organization. These facts all together give us a clue that among fire in Samara GUVD, Nord-Ost, and Lame Horse, Slater's assets were probably used for the financing of terrorist attacks in Kazan (mass shooting aka Columbine in school that was conducted similarly as Evsukov's shooting), terrorist attack in Perm (mass shooting aka Columbine in the school) and Chistopolsky Jamaat terrorist activity. Otherwise, there was no reasonable explanation for why the Kazan cluster so actively participated in the erasure of Bananamama and Slater's coercive takeover. These crimes were organized, planned, and executed by the same criminal group to hide the traces of their maleficent activity and to derive the direct material and political benefits from that lately monetized through the necessary political decisions. Consideration of facts that Taif, AK Bars, and Subur were the long-standing business partners of AFK Sistema, for many years Avtovaz was managed by the AFK Sistema's offsprings, gives a ground base assumption why Sistema spent many efforts to buy out Bananamama, or destroy after got the refusal to sell that. We suppose that AFK Sistema played the leading role in the organization of these crimes and benefited from that, using Slater as a money laundering and transferring agent.

However, later we discovered that such a big love for Samara was explained by the largest population of the German prisoners of war and german civils in the Middle Volga Claster. The input of Kazan is explained by the fact that Izmailovskaya OPG, which laundered the fake avizo through Slater (and accordingly through Bananamama) has its origin in Kazan. The strong cooperation between Solntsevskaya and Izmailovskaya OPG, and the German Nazis origin of AFK Sistema and Alfa-Group leaders - most of them were Ukrainians of Nazi origin, and the origin of Uzdenov - Rostov-on-Don which was a native region for Nazis collaborationists - Donskiye Cossacks - explain this strange geography. For details read the Vanguard, Gœring, and 3rd Reich sections on our website.

The Eldorado Samara's companies were illegally liquidated through Samara's Legal Agency "Paritet," which closed such legal entities as MiM, Partel, Sarbona, and others. We noted specifics to give Eldorado's legal entities distinctive names containing any error, misprint, or "el" in the pronunciation, which refers us to the Jewish roots of the founders of the company proving the affiliation with the Alfa-Group. We also observed more connections between this case with the Chechen organized group and AFK Sistema. The former chief accountant of Said Tsentroev's business PSK Rim-Group Asya Ramazanova, who helped Said in stealing and cashing out the money from the Russian budget, next was employed by Eldorado, AFK Sistema, and Investlesprom captured from Borodin. During this time, in 2017-2022, Ramazanova, under the management of Uzdenov, Shamolin, and Felix Evtushenkov, who hired her, actively participated in the serial crimes of illegal capture against the BOOST, attempts to fabricate the malicious criminal prosecution and murder assault against Raevskaya-Repnina. Also, that is not a secret that Umar Dhzabrailov is a long-standing "business partner" of Vladimir Evtushenkov. At the same time, on the principle of massive slander in the cases of Sunrise, Bananamama, and BOOST, slander was massively spread online and at the level of household rumors that the terrorist attacks were planned and executed by the Russian FSB to obtain funding for anti-terrorist activities or to justify the Chechen war. The purpose of the rumors allegedly was to provoke Islamophobia, and burn the Chechen military conflict, which was used to obtain the necessary political decisions, for money laundering, and serious fraud by stealing money from the budget of the Russian Federation. We completely exclude the possibility that yesterday's cooperators and engineers have become so sophisticated in politics, finance transactions, investment banking, business doing, and undercover doings overnight that they can think of unleashing a bloody military conflict, think over a scheme for financing it, organize the infrastructure necessary for this, and use it, among other things, to discredit the image bodies of state power, and in particular - the FSB of Russia, as the only investigative body reported directly to the President of the Russian Federation and endowed with special powers.

However, we find many similarities with the consequences of the 9/11 terrorist attack, in particular, after which the US launched a war in Iraq. In the 9/11 case, we also observed almost identical cases - massive terrorist attacks to provoke Islamophobia and call the Iraq War. In Russia, the Nord-Ost and terrorist attacks were used to overthrow the government after Vladimir Putin came to power. All terrorist attacks began to occur immediately after his inauguration. At the same time, gossip and fakes were spreading that the FSB of Russia was carrying out terrorist attacks to prove its significance. This was also done to destroy Putin's reputation as President and undermine his credibility as a native of the Russian FSB. Given the amount of effort that criminals spend on organizing a coup d'état in Russia and overthrowing the president by unleashing a bloody massacre similar to Ukraine, there is no need to worry about the moral character of Putin and the correct choice of the Russians who voted for him in the presidential election. There is no way that these multiple complicated, financially, infrastructurally and technically sophisticated serial crimes would be carried out independently by citizens of the Russian Federation, whose style and ideology of life, immediately in the post-war and Cold war periods and up to the 90s, passed behind the Iron Curtain, in a completely closed environment. These "fresh thoughts" about how to steal money from the budget, do fraudulent business and discredit the image of the Russian authorities came clearly from outside.

We also investigated, that during the crimes executed within the scope of the Toxic assets, connected to the Slater, Bananamama, and Sunrise cases, the criminals applied the same poisoning technic through inhalation anesthesia that was used in the Nord-Ost terrorist act. We would consider the option of involvement in the production of this diversion mass poisoning substance the Binnofarm company. The Binnofarm, the affiliate of AFK Sistema, lately massively produced another dangerous substance in mass quantity - the Sputnik V vaccine with a huge number of side effects, unverified clinic efficiency, which did not go through the proper clinic study, instead was allowed for obligatory mass vaccination and aggressively promoted by Sergey Sobyanin to apply in Moscow. Based on our investigation, we suppose that the fake sleeping gas for the FSB special operation was produced by the Kurgan pharmaceutical plant. We consider as a basic version the three options - the initial intentional production of a dangerous substance by the same terrorist group which intentionally should induce a massive fatal outcome, replacement of balloons initially filled out by the right substance for another, and third is the sabotage by the FMBA closely related to the AFK Sistema to provide emergency aid to the victims. According to our investigation, we suppose that the gas balloons with the inhalation anesthesia opened in the Theather on Dubrovka presumably contained the dangerous substance which was not added by approval of any public officials of the Russian Federation. We suppose, that no official public authorities could decide to use the potentially lethal substance on the about 1000 people inside the theater and approve that. We think the public officials who managed this operation were not aware of the amendment of the balloons' content or the malicious replacement of the balloons and were misled about the antidote which applied in case of fentanyl intoxication. We guess instead of anesthesia the criminals used a high toxicity concentration of pure fentanyl - the synthetic opioid, a typical US drug. The US is suffering the fentanyl pandemic. Fentanyl is an extremely dangerous substance that is very easy to overdose on, and after that people are sleeping and dying during sleep. Naloxone is not effective in fentanyl overdose. Moreover, eliminating the consequences of a fentanyl overdose is almost impossible. Rates of overdose deaths involving synthetic opioids including fentanyl and fentanyl analogs reached the 56% threshold in 2020. According to the US data, on overdoses caused by fentanyl, Naloxone works. Naloxone will not reverse overdose resulting from non-opioid drugs, like cocaine, benzodiazepines (“benzos”), or alcohol. In multiple drug overdoses (e.g., an opioid and a benzodiazepine) it is still worth administering naloxone as it will remove the effects of the opioid and may still reverse the overdose. However, when we read the articles in Russian - the practical cases about fentanyl overdose in real life, we observed information that in the fentanyl-overdose cases naloxone does not work, and it does not work for any other synthetic opioids, presumably due to the variation of the chemical content. The truth may be somewhere in between. The fentanyl can be mixed with another lethal drug that amends the clinical symptoms or used with its derivatives. Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid that is more toxic than most other opioids. Fentanyl is around 50 to 100 times more toxic than morphine, which makes the risk of accidental overdose higher. Fentanyl is often mixed with other drugs (such as heroin, cocaine, and others). That also may explain why naloxone does not work.

When fentanyl is mixed with other opioids, alcohol, benzodiazepines, cocaine, or methamphetamines, it can further increase the risk of accidental overdose. Any illegal drugs can contain a lethal amount of fentanyl. Fentanyl is one of a range of powerful synthetic opioids that may be mixed into powders or pills sold in the illegal drug market. While fentanyl has received much of the immediate public attention, other compounds like it - such as carfentanil or W-18 - are also very toxic drugs that may be added to or sold as heroin, fake “oxy” pills, or cocaine. These fentanyl analog drugs are equally or more dangerous than fentanyl, and so extreme precautions need to be taken by people who use illegal drugs. Carfentanil is a synthetic opioid, which is looking like a table salt, a derivative of fentanyl that is used as a sedative for large animals. It is 100 times more toxic than fentanyl. Carfentanil is a highly toxic substance fatal to humans. Thus, the content of the balloons, planned and actual chemical formula shall be investigated. However, we again note that as long as the AFK Sistema's leaders are well educated in chemistry, this part of the terrorist act also comply with their professional profile - they have and expertise and infrastructure to produce such chemical weapon, and other resources to apply on the hostage-taking the deadly weapon.

The naloxone did not help victims, and it could not. Even though the naloxone would be an appropriate antidote, it was an insufficient quantity - FMBA (closely affiliated with AFK Sistema) cared about that. We do not believe that these events were a consequence of the bad planning of the special operation or the stupidity of the most competitive division of the Federal Security Service. All aspects of the sleeping gas operational application starting from the gas composition, production, delivery, allocation, and further emergency aid to intoxicate victims, were the second part of the terrorist act which was engaged the usually hidden participants as we explained here, and shall be exhaustively investigated in advance. We believe that a special investigation shall be conducted about the production, delivery, allocation, and even opening of the gas balloons, and surely, the input of FMBA and Moscow state clinics. According to the clinic symptoms, the same gas was used to poison Raevskaya-Repnina in 2008, in conjunction with the Slater case. That does not leave even a shadow of doubts that the poisoning of the victims in Nord-Ost was not a result of bad work of the Alfa special division of Russia's Federal Security Service, which was responsible for this special operation. It was a terrorist act in two parts. As we explained above, the sophisticated criminals loved "special effects" experiencing the typical serial criminal desire to be caught. First, they chose the location based on the name of the show. Initially, the Nord-Ost musical should be in 2 parts. In 2 parts, the criminals organized the terrorist act. They showed the terrorist act in two parts, and they planned that in advance, both parts. Surely, they had time to bring fentanyl and equip the scene for the second part with the help of the closely affiliated with them FMBA and the Mayor of Moscow. And finally, when we look through the nationalities and the birthplaces of the hostage-taking terrorists - we observe the precisely matching geography of the Slater operations: Dagestan, Chechnya, Kazakhstan, Komi republic, Rostov-on-Don. The terrorist act intended to transfer multiple messages to Russia's government was started not from the planning and coaching of terrorists. It started from the very beginning of planning the production of the show. Presumably, producers and directors knew why they put on this performance, and the Nord-Ost was initially dedicated to the terrorist act organization to transfer many meta-messages to the Russian law enforcement agencies and public authorities. The music show has been produced and directed by Ukrainian, Georgy Vasiliev (born in Ukraine, Zapoozhye). Such a brilliant career - this Ukrainian by origin, after the illegal acquisition of state-owned Russia's MGTS, participation in Vympelcom, Georgy Vasilyev headed Moscow Stock Exchange (AFK Sistema affiliate), the Rosiko investment holding, which later became the core of the AFK Sistema. He was engaged in the privatization of MGTS, Zelenograd electronic plants, and other investment projects. Among them, was a project to create a cellular network, which later became known as Beeline. Next, this raider-beginner started to train in the Broadway music performance suddenly deciding to try himself staging terrorist attacks according to the American scenario. The second "show maker" was Alexey Ivashenko, his partner of Vasiliev in the Ivasi music group. Initially, Ivashenko instead of Nord-Ost considered the performance of Les Misérables. Such a strange choice, among dozens of commercially successful pleasant stories, to choose between two desperate, dark, depressing horror shows. Based on our investigation, we conclude that the Nord-Ost terrorist act was planned, organized, and executed by AFK Sistema PJSC and its affiliates and that the Slater, especially Bananamama, were used for financing this terrorist act and provided the infrastructure to prepare this terrorist performance in 2 parts.

We believe that this show in two parts was organized by PJSC AFK Sistema. By itself, the "musical" Nord-Ost is, to put it mildly, a little non-standard. The novel "Two Captains" that underlies this scenario is not an entertaining story. This is a war book. War is not a subject for exposing its episodes as entertainment elements. This script is not for a musical, and even more so for its mass promotion. However, the "musical" on a military theme was not just staged, there were also people who went to see it. We observed love for such strange performances and their visits to the company PJSC AFK Sistema, which patronized the Sovremennik Theater. One of the special achievements of the Sovremennik Theater was the staging of a family performance in honor of Felix Yevtushenkov called "Felix the Bird," for which tickets were still sold to the general public. But besides this schizophrenic show, New Year's corporate parties were held at the Sovremennik Theater, where company employees were supposed to watch moralizing performances that a normal healthy person would not come to either - in particular, every two years they were supposed to watch the play "Three Comrades" based on the book by Erich Maria Remarque - the favorite spectacle of Vladimir Evtushenkov. Since "Three Comrades" and "Two Captains" books are identical in spirit and close in name, we believe that the show was organized by order of V.P. Evtushenkov, an ardent admirer of Galina Volchek's talents. It is possible that she and the Sovremennik Theater contributed to this production in every sense of the word. In any case, the troupe of the Sovremennik Theater and Galina Volchek should be included in the list of at least witnesses in this case. We also suggest that the Taganskaya OPG covered this performance and participated in the organization of this show.

The version about the organization of the Nord-Ost terrorist act by AFK Sistema may be confirmed by the AFK Sistema's initiation of the Bananamama demolition because Bananamam presumably was a technical source to finance this terrorist activity. The criminals wiped out affiliates of BANANA-MAMA LLC through intentional malicious bankruptcy based on the documents falsified by the tax inspection and creditors. All property, cash, and assets disappeared. After that, the companies were liquidated as bankrupts or as non-active. Even though Yakovlev accused Fridman of the raider seizure and the staff of A1 and Alfa-Bank, the picture we observed during the investigation was different. Initially, the criminals undertook the seizure attempts starting from the refusal to sell Bananamama to AFK Sistema. As we explained, this "interest to buy" presumably was induced by the intention to hide the traces of criminal activity accomplished inside Banananamama to the benefit of the AFK Sistema. AFK Sistema offered to Oleg Yakovlev and Igor Yakovlev to sell them Bananamama significantly cheaper than the fair value of $1.3 bln. Brothers refused to sell the business. After that, Goncharuk (the closest ally of Evtushenkov older) said - you either sell out or die. AFK Sistema had a business interest in this acquisition of the same kind as the destruction of Bananamama. Bananamama was growing at a rate dozens of times faster than the Detsky Mir, and in 2008 it was supposed to grow to a size larger than it. In this case, Detsky mir would become number two. Detsky Mir as "family silver" AFK Sistema was a favorite toy for both Yevtushenkovs. Plus, both Yevtushenkovs have specific psychological problems associated with the fact that they should always have the longest. Therefore, in addition to other motives, the AFK had another persuasive to destroy Bananamama to prevent the appearance of a store bigger than the Detsky Mir. Accordingly, we may explain the destruction of Bananamama by a combination of many factors. We emphasized the following core hypotheses about the motives of AFK Sistema and Alfa-Group, who did the dirty job demolishing Bananamama business and fabricating illegal criminal prosecution against both Yakovlevs: to hide the traces of criminal activity in particular related to money laundering, corruption, and smuggling, the necessity to secure the "system" financial organization by rapid taking of control over the existing quazi-financial structure supporting black cash operations instead of creating a new one which is expensive and time-consuming, and the intention to destroy the only competitor of Detsky mir. There could be even more various motives. However, considering the at-one-time illicit capture of Eldorado, Euroset, and Sunrise, the murder of Magnitsky, and the framing of Evsukov, we judge the version of the first two motives as a ground base for investigation. Alfa-Group played the main role in the illegal prosecution of Yakovlev.

The demolition of Bananamama was performed by other participants. The companies who led the process of Bananamama destruction using the sham court judgments were the affiliates of Sibur (AK Bars, and Taif), Tatneft, Troika Dialog, Zenit Bank, and Federal Tax Service. Based on these facts, we suppose that AFK Sistema was the beneficiary of the raider seizure of Bananamama. Committing this crime, AFK Sistema presumably intended to cover the traces of the previous illegal activity which included terrorist financing, by taking control over this asset. As long as the Bananamama was illegally captured by Trident Trust BVI (its Derwood affiliate) with a help of the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation when Mikhail Mishustin who managed that, and the company Derwood also included into the perimeter of the Alfa-Bank and Tinkoff Bank, with the participation of Kazan's cluster (AK Bars, Taif, Sibur), Troika Dialog, and the capture was a result of planned organized jointly executed actions, these companies and organizations were presumably also involved into the illegal activity of AFK Sistema and Slater. After the refusal to sell Bananamama to the criminal group cheap, the criminal group performed a forcible way to seize control of the source of dangerous evidence of their criminal activity. That allows us to conclude, that AFK Sistema and the organizations involved in the execution of the Bananamama illegal capture were the real technical beneficiaries, organizers, and performers of these serial crimes, including terrorist acts, and serial crimes intended to hide the evidence of criminal activity: the murder of Magnitsky and 3, Evsukov's mass shooting, destruction of Bananamama and Sunrise, and forceful seizure of control over the main laundromats Eldorado, Euroset, Bananamama, and Slater.


Bed Bath & Beyond

Yakovlev played the role of the manager of the Slater, the rooftop of the criminal financial organization. Bananamama presumably could be engaged in the money smuggling specifically to China (to be confirmed), and was a subprime business organized for money laundering by analog between Alfa-Bank and Tinkoff bank). We guess that Bananamama did not import any goods in reality, and worked as a financial pyramid. It transfers money outbound allegedly for kids' goods, however, the real purchases were made in Russia, Ivanovo, and settlements were made through the chain of controlled SPVs. This scheme was necessary to organize the money smuggling channel to China. Presumably, China was a business hub for several money laundering enterprises. We conclude that the subprime segment Bananamama presumably was created not for business making. The date of company creation matched with the beginning of active raider takeovers, in particular Yukos case. Presumably, Bananamama's role was to be a high-level company in money transfer to corrupt officials from the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The whole picture of links will be further disclosed in the Gravity-Free section of our website. Bananamama has been created for a limited period implying next to be sold out or buried. Instead of that, Yakovlev intended to open the Bed, Bath and Beyond (BBBY) in Russia. Based on our study, we do not consider BBBY as a real business, because it has numerous attributes of a laundromat business model. We also found many common traits in the case of Eldorado, Moshoztorg, Tvoy Dom, Crocus City Mall, and Leonardo retailers. The BBBY was a mirror of Eldorado, opened by two Jews without detailed publicly available biography. Both at the same scheme as the Yakovlev brothers, one night became rich enough to open a retail chain. Being declared founders of the company generating a net loss and with the falling down shares prices, at the same time they actively participated in charity foundations and art collection making by analog with both Yakovlevs and Janna Bulokh. So, net loss was not an obstacle to that. The IPO of BBBY took place on the date of the fake avizos crimes, we suppose that the shares were bought out for this money and that the transfer of money to the US by BBBY securities was carried out through the Slater scheme. The golden time of BBBY precisely matched with the 2014 artificial financial crisis in Russia as a result of sanctions and the Ukrainian crisis, and the early 90s, the epoch of fake avizo as explained in the Slater case. Among matching timing and the same kind of financial fluctuations, we noted the overlapping geography. One of the founders, Leonard Feinstein, was closely linked to Florida, the state where Yakovle lived after escaping Russia - according to his registered address, and a Yakovlev persuaded publicity, worked as a taxi driver, Gap staff, and market seller, according to his representations. Weinberg lived in New Jersey, the eastern state, the part of the former British colony, the closest neighbor of Pennsylvania (See the Vanguard case), New York (see the Vanguard case), Maryland (see the Cardin list), and Delaware (Slater sir), precisely matching the geography of the Hermitage Capital, Vanguard, Slater, and the Ukraine cases. At the moment, 3 unknown small investment funds burn the "active investor" case, which looks like the traditional Alfa-Group approach to bury the evidence and witnesses through the company destruction. In March 2019, three activist unknown investment firms — Legion Partners, Marcellum Advisors, and Ancora Advisors—announced their intent to remove current CEO Steven Temares and restructure Bed Bath & Beyond’s current board of directors. Also, the BBBY business went through a restructuring program. That precisely matched with the period of the criminals' activity of attempts to hide all Slater's criminal activity traces, fabricate illegal criminal prosecution against Raevskaya-Repnina, theft of her car, active actions to organize the raider seizure of the BOOST together with the start of active proceedings thereupon Slater, Banananana, NP Bunkovo cases, attempts to burn the house of Raevskaya-Repnina together with her, and killing of all her dogs. So, in March 2019, BBBY started the process to move out its core staff out of the company.

Now BBBY is under investigation due to falsified reporting and misstatements of financial statements. That proves our conclusions about the laundromat nature of the BBBY's business and the belonging of the BBBY to the Slater's Group. Our baseline hypothesis is that BBBY played in the US the same role as Bananamama and Sunrise in Russia, and was a part of the same large-scale money laundering, corruption, tax evasion, serious fraud, and terrorism financing organization. In our opinion, the BBBY was used by the organized criminal group to pay briberies to the corrupt US officials using the same scheme which previously was applied in Russia, through Bananamama and Sunrise cases. In particular, we suspect that BBBY was used to pay bribery to lobby the Magnitsky act and CROOK act in the US and to not extradite Zhanna Bulokh, Oleg Tinkov, and Oleg Yakovlev to Russia. The extended package of the case will be available later in the Gravity-Free area.

The intention of Oleg Yakovlev to open in Russia's unprofitable, rarely distributed, strange retail was not an occasion. Again, for a simple Russian guy from Makhachkala, that would be explainable to know about Coca-Cola, Nike, and other widely presented brands. But to know about Bed Bath and Beyond was quite strange. We suppose that the first money that came to the US from Dagestan, was stolen in the case of fake avizo, and they were spent to create the analog laundromat in the US, and in particular to buy out ready-to-operation BBBY, which was quicker and simpler than starting the business from zero. The criminals needed the ready-to-use infrastructure to operate, and BBBY was the right choice for this purpose. It was acquired presumably for the money without confirmed origin, through the chain of affiliated unknown firms/ funds, at the same time when Eldorado, 1992, and probably it was the business built up for the fake avizo income. We assume that this company was a way for money transfer between Russia and the US, and could be involved to corrupt the US officials (sen. B. Cardin and several others) to finance the passing of the Magnitsky act, CROOK act, sanctions process, and provoke the artificial financial and political crisis in Russia. After the 2014 crisis in Russia, the BBBY business met its sunset.

We presume that the closest similar projects by size and by the substantial nature of the operations in Russia are Leonardo and Moshoztorg - the largest retail laundromats possessing very specific distinguishing traits. We suppose that Leonardo and Moshoztorg were also a part of the Slater Impex Ltd. group, and still be in the perimeter of the company. The liquidation of the parental legal entity does not lead to the liquidation of the business and its affiliates. That is quite easy to find out the laundromat retail business: that possesses a huge shop area fully overstocked, empty shops (whenever you come you never find here even a couple of customers), a huge number of KVIs, and the smallest sum of purchase, where difficult to control every transaction, and where billions can be smashed out across wide assortment. The cases of Crocus Group and Tvoy Dom we will disclose separately.


Mind the GAP

According to the legend, Oleg Yakovlev was in need to drive a taxi and work as a shopkeeper in GAP to earn money for food. According to our information which shall be confirmed in advance, Oleg Yakovlev is a GAP shareholder. This information proves our conclusion about his role in the BBBY.


Role of Yakovlev

Based on the results of our investigation, we believe that Oleg Yakovlev was on the top of a money-laundering financial organization created by the organized criminal group for money smuggling, tax evasion, money laundering, corruption, and money distribution across the beneficiaries, and all involved into the criminal business including corrupt officials. Supposedly, Oleg Yakovlev served as the treasurer for money laundering and distribution of black cash among the members of the criminal group, including the corrupt officials, who later formed the Magnitsky List. Also, we suppose that he also provided the financing according to the certain recipients of the criminal group to finance the execution of certain crimes - pay for preparation, necessary materials, equipment, and infrastructure. These crimes also included terrorist acts.

Based on our investigation we suspect that in the criminal Group, Yakovlev has specialized in poisoning crimes, and in particular in drugs and poisons purchase, shipments, smuggling, and delivery. We suppose that these substances were delivered to Russia through Eldorado business, inside the electronic goods. Eldorado did not pay taxes and did not declare the stock. That means, that the trucks were not observed properly, and the prohibited substances were not found.

After declared leaving Yakovlev to the US, the number of specific poisoning crimes fell to zero. Also, Raevskaya-Repnina, who was heavily poisoned 3 times during the 14 months of work for Eldorado, neither before nor after that employment had the same occasions. However, when we initiated the Slater case criminal proceedings, the Eldorado-style poisonings came back. The poisons which were used in such cases as Nord-Ost, or Evsukov, did not have a Russian origin. They were fentanyl intensively distributed primarily across the US, and Buzz. As a graduated criminal lawyer, Yakovlev should know about the criminal aspects of poisoning - the toxic characteristics, lethal dose, time to identify in the victim's body, and other specific details to plan and execute the crime to stay undisclosed.

The poisonings organized for Raevskaya-Repnina and her dogs, precisely matched with the following cases:

  • murder of Magnitsky, Gasanov, Korobeynikov, Kurochkin

  • Nord-Ost sleeping gas

  • Evsukov mass shooting.

Probably, Yakovlev not only possessed complete information about all the participants of the criminal group. We assume that he was an organizer of the criminal activity and could participate in the planning and execution of the Magnitsky and the three' murders. These 4 people were killed in a way, which has similar traits to murder assaults against Raevskaya-Repnina (3 heavy poisonings during her work in Eldorado, one out of them was inhalation anesthesia similar to the Nord-Ost case). As long as no poisonings took place earlier or after Eldorado, we link this only with this. The attempts to fabricate the criminal prosecution in the same way as it was executed by AFK Sistema in 2012-2016, and later in 2017 - 2020 against Raevskaya-Repnina were undertaken during her work in Eldorado (the pair of two reference cases with the identical perjuries scheme accomplished by Asya Ramazanova and Oxana Shashkina), and match by mechanics and participants with all illegal seizures where voting rights were acquired by the BOOST - Banananamama, Sunrise, Slater, Investlesprom, Teploservis.

After the study of all criminal cases, we conclude, that inside the serial crimes the criminals had the criminal specialization (plane crashes, fires, poisonings, fabricated criminal prosecution, mass perjuries, etc.) We suppose that Oleg Yakovlev has specialized in three categories of crimes that led to first-degree murders: poisonings, fires, and murder during detention (as we know, the poisonings. Alfa-Bank and AFK Sistema had specialized in fabricated criminal prosecution, fabrication of mental illness diagnosis, and forced hospitalization. A1 had a specialization - car thefts, bombing, corruption, financial fraud, and robberies. VTB has specialized in plane crashes, and deaths imitating suicides. Possessing this information gives a clue who participated in which illegal business seizure easily allowing us to define the participants and the case. The conclusion is that the house burning attempt of Raevskaya-Repnina together with her and her dogs, who lately poisoned and died as a result of that, was accomplished by the order of Oleg Yakovlev, "innocent entrepreneur."

How and why did he live for more than 10 years in the USA, supporting the legend about the lack of money and making money driving a taxi while being on the Interpol red list, at the same time managing to get a driver's license in the USA, and what he did all these 10+ years? Let's note that Yakovlev is no longer on the Interpol list, and we sent a request for his extradition from the United States to Russia. Presumably, that is worth to Raevskaya-Repnina her house which offenders tried to burn together with the dogs inside, and the lives of six dogs poisoned in 2019 instead of burning alive.


Deja poo

As we mentioned above, the case of Tikhon (Shevkunov) was not unique. The reference case became a transition of Metropolitan Arseny (in the world Yuri Alexandrovich Epifanov, born on March 3rd, 1955, in the working settlement of Vostryakovo, Domodedovo district, Moscow region) is a bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church, Metropolitan of Lipetsk and Zadonsk, head of the Lipetsk Metropolis. After 21 years of episcopal service, a potential candidate for the patriarchal seat in the event of the latter's death, who cared for the New Jerusalem Monastery and the parish of the entire Central Administrative District, was exiled to the Zadonsk Monastery by the Metropolitan of Lipetsk and Zadonsk. During the long duration of the bishop status, Arseniy took care of the New Jerusalem Monastery, which was at the epicenter of the events of our toxic cases - the city of Istra, the capital of the Solntsevskaya organized criminal group. Presumably, the New Jerusalem monastery or its enterprises were used to launder money and give bribes to the Istra City Prosecutor Office, the Istra Department of Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Dedovsk Police Department, the Istra city court, the Istra ROSP, and the 63rd Judicial Division of the Istra district. Arseniy was dismissed on July 16th, 2019, at the height of the proceedings with Bunkovo ​​NP, when the criminals generated the bulk of fake documents to arrest the share in BOOST and the car of Raevskaya-Repnina.

We want to believe that bishop Arseny did not participate in this activity, the dismissal may confirm that. Otherwise, he would continue to stay in charge of that. But we are still looking for trustful confirmation.

Nevertheless, we assume that the participation in the crimes occurred through the treasury of the monastery. Presumably, the "works" of corrupt policemen, judges, prosecutors, and bailiffs in Istra and Dedovsk were paid, who, starting from the date of Arseniy's resignation, tirelessly worked on the production of fake documents to use the in raider seizure of the BOOST's shares and property of Raevskaya-Repnina. The first forged documents to illegally seize the BOOST's equity which were issued in Istra, appeared immediately after his resignation.

Arseniy was exchanged by the Krasnodar's bishop Metropolitan Dionysius (Pyotr Nikolaevich Porubay, Bishop of Tuapse, Vicar of the Ekaterinodar Church).

There are several thousand cities and towns in Russia. But, in the case of our proceedings, we had an impression that the Russian Federation consists of about 10, with the highest criminality rates. We were dealing with the same cities that were all over the place of our toxic cases, including Krasnodar, one of the top-10 cities with the highest crime rates. Vladyka Arseniy was sent into exile in the Lipetsk province closer to Rostov-on-Don, homeland of Uzdenov.iuuuTTTHHH

He interfered with the patriarch in his service for a very long time. Knowing Vladyka Arseny personally, we assume zero probability of his human uncleanliness since he was accused of financial violations by example with archbishop Theognost. Arseny took care of the flourishing churches of the Central Administrative District with the wealthiest parish. But there were other motives as well.

Among the churches supervised by Bishop Arseny, there was also the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. We observed a museum, canteens, a car wash, and the halls of a local cathedral dedicated to banquets built in the temple's area. The owner and beneficiary of this holy shit was Felix Romanovich Komarov, from a Kaliningrad (born January 25th, 1948, Minsk, a countryman of Zhanna Bulokh) - businessman, collector, former New York gallery owner of Russian origin - the owner of the Russian World Gallery (Russian World). He is a classic example of a representative of the Russian mafia. In 1990 he emigrated to the USA. Komarov told Vedomosti that he had created a multi-million dollar business in the United States. That included a restaurant, a nightclub, and jewelry workshops.

In 2000 he was able to come to Russia (according to other data, he returned in 1998). According to him, he lived in the USA for ten years. The media call him “a financier of the Solntsevskaya gang who came from New York, a friend of the murdered Vyacheslav Ivankov.” There are many inconsistencies in Komarov's biography, similar to what Ivankov has.

The dates did not match. However, the position coincides that Komarov being a financier of Solntsevo and a friend of Ivankov. This "New York gallerist" organized a monstrous commercial project on the territory of The Church of the Christ the Savoir with the blessing of Dad Nose ("Patriarch Kirill"). Which, by coincidence, belonged to the supervision of Bishop Arseny.

Among other commercially successful projects that brought in billions in unaccounted cash, the entrepreneurs organized various tours of "holy things." They organized the concert tour for the severed right hand of Saint George. Later, the Ukrainians, sponsored by the same cohort of criminals, beloving the Luka Mudischev poetry, returned Russian soldiers castrated and with the severed right hands. Such a kind of bloody ritual murder when the criminals communicate messages by using the severed parts of the corpses was a part of the regular criminal culture of Orekhovskaya OPG and Solntsevskaya OPG. A remarkable example of that was a Perm Columbine mentioned above.

In addition to the concert tour of the severed right hand of unknown origin, they organized the relics of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, for which there were queues for days. The tour got a huge success and recognition. People left millions for candles, icons, and other "holy" souvenirs. Another commercially successful tour was the roadshow of the "belt of the Holy Mary." We observed the same madness. People stayed in line for days and nights and spent millions for souvenirs and candles. At the same time, the same part of the belt, completely forgotten by everyone, lay in silence without any visitors in the neighboring church of Elijah the Obydenny, on the nearby street, in Obydensky Lane, to which we have never seen a queue in our long history of visiting this temple. We can imagine how they should laugh at the suckers who they did fool.

For the same belt brought to the Church of the Christ the Savoir with the help of advertising, there were queues for days. Under both of these projects, buses, volunteers, food distribution, security, praying performances, and other rich generous "help" from the Moscow City Mayor were provided. We imagine how they laughed when they saw thousands of people with sincere faith who hoped for a miracle, not knowing that next lane there laid the same belt on permanent exposition. We can imagine how they are now laughing over the queues to the relics of the Matrona from the Luka Mudischev poetry by their opinion. As a remarkable turn of their strategy is the abbot of the monastery Misckina who unexplainably remained in her place for years ruling the richest resident of evil. Among the colossal turnover of black cash, the Pokrov monastery stays precisely in the center of the enormous cemetery where for years, thousands of people, who died unknown, homeless, or suicide committers, were inhumed in bulk. It is the hugest cemetery with dozens of thousands of unrecognized corpses. However, they were not buried immediately. The corpses were collected and then waited for spring. After the earth thawed, the remains of the corpses already dumped were entered.

No need to explain how the criminals could use that. Pouring a corpse with cement in a garage is the yesterday when the Pokrov Monastery exists. Again, it is easy to resolve the issue of relics.

Besides the ideal cemetery for mass murderers, the Pokrov Monastery is a large-scale trade complex. On any day of the year, regardless of the church calendar, it is hard to find the lenten food in the assortment. Instead, you will be offered the prices for everything like in the Turandot restaurant - two drops in a cup for 500 rubles, and the meat in all its forms. Worst case, chicken. We can only hope that this is the meat of traditional animals, the use of which we also do not support. The monastery does not specify what kind of meat they serve. They call it "meat." With the degree of cynicism and mockery that we see in this case, we believe that any options are possible, when even a pork cutlet may be the most innocent guess what kind of meat is distributed in this monastery 365 days a year. We do not understand why on the territory of this monastery, which treats believers with such strictness, where they don’t allow communion if they did not attend Vespers, every day in bulk in the refectory meat presents in all its forms. They call it - meat. Without any distinction. Meat, chicken, fish. There is almost no lean food except for canned tomatoes and jam.

Every centimeter of the trade surface is busy with souvenir products. That is the only monastery where you can buy an assortment of sacrificial idols - sweets from the damn canon that believers bring to remembrance for the dead. They collect that and sell it. And there is a huge jewellery store.

In short, all this magnificence and true Orthodoxy, especially the Intercession Monastery on Taganka, nearby, by coincidence, to the Prosecutor Office of Moscow and the Internal Affairs Directorate for the Central Administrative District, which Arseny supervised, this Arseny and his brethren very damn interfered. Similarly, as in Istra, the resignation of Arseny coincided with the start of the kneading over BOOST here too. And since both organizations were located close to the Pokrovsky Monastery, we assume that these “people” also received generous gifts for inattention to details and refusal decisions, like “it was established that there is a debt” in the monastery, only already in Pokrovsky. The Bishop to whose diocese belonged two areas of the most stinking batch - Istra and the Central Administrative District - was removed a few days before the start of the litigation in the acute phase.

Such a noble chain of palace coups in 2018-2019, in our opinion, was explained by the fact that people hit all the hard and stopped being afraid of anything. That is hard to remove a bishop, especially an archbishop, just like that. But they eliminated five.

Returning to how they framed Arseny, we have the following facts.

On February 19th, and 21st, 2012, the year the Magnitsky law was adopted, and the "Anglomaidan in Westminster," Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria Alyokhina made the performance of "punk prayer" in the Elokhovsky Church and Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

Elokhovsky Church is the closest church to Krasnoselsky OMVD, and presumably could be used for the same black cash distribution scheme.

Thus, we have the two referential cases - Pussy Riot's performance in Elokhovsky church, and the second one in the Church of the Christ the Savoir. The first one was omitted by the attention of the press, whilst the second one got huge fame and was widely distributed across the internet inciting hatred against Russian public officials, and particularly against Vladimir Putin. The Pussy Riot participants were arrested on March 3rd, on the birthday of Arseny. For many years after that, the Pussy Riot reaped the fruits of their "high-profile stage success" in two of the most famous and revered temples.

Pussy Riot is an unambiguous message to the President of the Russian Federation and the official authorities about who is in the priesthood and who serves in Russian churches. The pussy symbolizes the homosexuality distributed across the monkery and priesthood community. That was a straightforward message to the President of the Russian Federation about who is his main hidden enemy, whose face he cannot see in any way, and to whom everything is allowed. It is also a mockery of the special love in the Russian Orthodox Church to pray to the Virgin which in contradiction with the ten commandments. Also, we suppose the criminals executed that aiming to dismiss Arseny, who was probably close to Vladimir Putin, and get access to Elokhovsky Church.

Around the Elokhovsy church, there were many years of conflict with the priest until he occasionally died in 2020. The Elokhovsky for many years for unknown reasons was informally supervised by Samara's public officials and mafia since 2009, after the death of Ridiger. Samara, as explained many times, was a crucial region for Alfa-Group, Chechen organized crime, and various other cornerstones of the criminal activity concentrated in raider seizures, banking, oil and gas, Avtovaz, Togliattiazot, SPZ, Volgoburmash, and capturing of other industrial enterprises. After the occasional death of the Elokhovsky priest in 2020, his post was nominated by the Foma (Nikolay Vladimirovich Mosolov). Mosolov had the same surname as the famous Samara bandit Alexander Mosolov who actively participated in raider seizure in the Samara region and unconformably died. In this opossum sanctuary, we can believe in death only after the genetic expertise, exhumation, and exhaustive inspection of the death cause. That shall not leave any questions about the existence of this personage, the exact date of the death, and its reason. The Krasnoselskoe OMVD was a kind of capital of criminal activity of Alfa-Bank. The territorial jurisdiction of Krasnoselskoe OMVD (Elokhovsky church) included the location of the Alfa-Bank head office on 27, Kalanchevskaya street, under the supervision of UVD TSAO (The Central District of Moscow Police Department) located on 31, Srednyaya Kalitnikovskaya Street, near the Pokrov Monastery with Matrona, and associated with the supervision of Arseny, and Istra also supervised by him. As we previously noted, the dismissal of both priests took place immediately before the high-profile criminal activity against the BOOST on the territory subordinated to these police departments - Istra, TSAO, Krasnoselskoe OMVD, and Samara region.

Among jurisdictional matching, similar timing, and the characteristics of both priests which allowed us to think that they were not engaged in the criminal activity, we noted that the process of active priests elimination was started in 2012, after the active lobbying of sanctions against Russia in the USA.

On January 25th, 2009, Ivankov was elected as a patriarch. In the same year, we noted other remarkable events: the Evsukov mass shooting, the urgent escape of Oleg Yakovlev, the fire in Perm Lame Horse, and the erasure of Bananamama, and Slater. This fact proves that thanks to God, in the Russian Orthodox Church, there were real priests because Ivankov did not have a guarantee that he would be elected. Otherwise, he staged his death in advance. If he did that in advance, that could create more suspicions. If Ivankov died, and just after that appeared a patriarch with his face. That is the reason why his death was staged after the elections.

After Ivankov's appointment, the active process to bury Bananamama, Sunrise and Slater was started. As we know, all these three firms were used for criminal activity. Bananamama was engaged in the feeding of corrupt officials. After the accelerated erasure of Bananamama, the criminals faced the question of how to finance the criminal scheme now. And the answer became obvious - through the tectonic business in Russia with 100% of unaccounted black cash operations - through the Church. After that, the criminals started to solve the task of how introducing their accomplices into the church scheme. They used various legends, fake passports, and many other technics allowed to reincarnate this opossums sanctuary that existed because these nice people would keep calm and carry on only in case there is a legend that they dead. The parish of the holy Matrona in Mayami began to be built immediately after Oleg Yakovleva emigrated there and erasure of Bananamama. And since they replaced Bananamama with a church to finance their black operations, this explains this coincidence in dates.

Thus, Oleg Yakovliev, a "laborer" of the St. Matrona's Church in Miami, supposed the Church is an ideal model for organizing a business. Now that is very understandable and explainable. And, of course, this confirms the hypothesis of why honest bishops were diligently and carefully dismissed. The church hierarchy organized according to territorial jurisdiction began to be a place for paying remuneration for corrupt police officers, prosecutors, judges, and other public servants instead of a Bananamama served them before. Church became a cash desk to distribute obschak, that issues cash allowances for an advance report to killers, drug dealers, and other narrow specialists of this peculiar business community. Other sensitive questions about how convenient it is to use the territories of monasteries and temples for various burials and caches do not need to be covered. It would never have occurred to anyone - to suspect church employees of being turned into thieves-in-law.

The appointment of Mosolov may confirm the hypothesis that since the official nomination the patriarch Ivankov started to move at all might sight true church leaders and replace them with the members of the criminal groups. Also, that may confirm the version that true Ridiger was killed, otherwise, he may also play an opossum role. The story about the murder of Mosolov requires further clarification. Nevertheless, that confirms the hypothesis that Arseny presumably was not involved in the criminal activity and represented the big obstacle for the black cash financing.

The third storyline around the Pussy Riot and such a necessary dismissal of the Elokhovsky Church priest (who was under the supervision of Arseny as well) that the criminals, for some reason, we're in need to get the access to the grave of Alexey Ridiger. That most likely happened because they needed access to the grave of Alexius, which securely only their priest could give. That means that either the Ridiger is still alive, or that he was alive all this time as an opossum and they buried a dummy, which, as we know, is the norm for this possum sanctuary, or that they wanted to replace the body because some kind of stir began, or the true Ridiger was killed before the appointment of Ivankov. Either Ridiger is alive and wants to be buried after death, where he was buried for the first time, which means that he was a part of this criminal group from the beginning. So the big truth will be available after the exhumation, expertise, genetic tests, and exhaustive documents study. Because the fact that Ivankov and Timofeev, crowned as thieves-in-law were crowned as a patriarch, put in doubts everything in the Russian Orthodox and Old Believers church, because the serial crimes, mass murderers, fraud, corruption, and tax evasion not only did not end, they became bolder, more intense and there were many more of them. If it was necessary to examine the corpse of the fake Ivankov and the criminals used for the massacre organized by Orekhovskaya OPG - the execution of people in the Ostrov supermarket by Evsukov to replace the policemen in the South Administrative District who were supposed to deal with this fake Ivankov corpse - it is clear that the version of a "good" thief-in-law and a serial criminal who repented and turned to God is totally untenable.

We assume that the true meaning of these messages broadcast by the perpetrators is some act of ridicule.

First, every criminal dreams of being caught. This is a search for recognition. What can we say about thieves-in-law, for whom the zone is their home? They want to go home. That is why they are translating these messages. As if the victim is wet from all sides in the dark, and does not understand where the problem comes from, because the victim does not see who attacks and from where. That is the traditional psychological effect of unexplainable trust in uniform when people at the scene of a crime will never consider a person in uniform is a criminal, and even more so in a priestly cassock, to be a criminal. That is the truthful meaning of the message communicated to the public authorities by Evsukov's mass shooting. This "communication" is a real dialogue between thieves-in-law who translate the message to the official government and who openly laugh at the official government and the President of Russia. It's like bullying the blind. Because neither the official authorities nor the President sees under their noses rats that have changed into priestly cassocks. Everything, every crime we observed, and that this group of criminals does, they try to furnish with the obligatory broadcast of the message. And each time their actions are getting bolder and bolder. Because for unknown reasons, in the eyes of the official authorities, the priests are infallible. And as we see, it is not so. All that President Putin has to do is to purge thieves-in-law, primarily from among the clergy, starting with the "patriarchs."

And secondly, in Russia, the law should be one and for all. There should not be a separate law for either thieves or churchmen.

It is necessary to clean up the "patriarchs" and the church, close down those who contributed to the Magnitsky case, including all the "oligarchs" through whom the right to own Russian property flowed abroad, and the war will end. That shall be a life sentence - people shall go home which is the prison.

As for the reasons "for what is the Lord to us" - that is for you for the execution of the priesthood, and its repressions in prison. God gave back to people what they did themselves - priesthood in prison uniforms. It is necessary to return the convicts from the cathedrals to their places in the zone, this is their home.

In addition, it is necessary to bury the corpses laid out under the guise of relics in churches, because there are no saints there. And also cancel the canonization of the Romanov family, Sergius of Radonezh, Matrona of Moscow, and several other "saints" who are not holy. The Romanovs, as they came to power through regicide, so they left it. Murderers cannot be canonized. What you did - that you got. Canonizing murderers, Russia got the priesthood of serial killers - just look through the profile of Orekhovskaya OPG. As for what else needs to be done so that the war in Ukraine ends and no one else climbs into Russia, this is a separate story that goes beyond the Bananamama case. God sends the clear message - stop praying to people, nobody is holy except God. Also, people need to stop to pray to Lady Mary (Bogoroditsa). This is a direct violation of the first and second commandments. The Mother of God is the champion in the number of magically revealed icons. Everything that comes from God, who is the Holy Trinity, where one of the three is a human, necessarily comes through a human, when such evidence is obvious.

In terms of the number of fakes and completely obvious discrepancies in origin and authorship, the Mother of God is simply a champion. She is also a champion in the number of so-called hellish icons, and the mixing of images with the image of Baphomet. Considering this, the sent message of Patriarch Ivankov to pray more to the "Mother of God" in the days of the war with Ukraine means to call on the devil more forcefully. As soon as Russia stops worshiping the devil and people, and turns to face God, Russia will see to whom we owe our survival.

Getting back to the visible top of this iceberg, on this big top, there may be many options. To confirm that, the exhumation shall be conducted first together with the genetic expertise. The conclusion - it is necessary to open the grave, to exhume the body of the Ridiger to establish the cause of death, to find out who is Foma Mosolov is, who he is to Alexander Mosolov (Mosol), where the criminal Mosolov is buried, to do an autopsy of his grave, exhume the corpse, and establish the identity of the buried corpse to Foma (Mosolov) or the existence of family ties. Ending the story about the Elokhovsky church we assume that the criminals so desperately needed access to the Yelokhovsky Monastery because the person who was known as Patriarch Alexy II (Ridiger) was not this person. Presumably, the true Ridiger was killed many years ago, and the "patriarch" who crowned Ivankov was not true Ridiger, it was somebody from his friends, probably Mongol, a friend of Ivankov, considering the portrait likeness. Thus, under his name Ridiger, one of the thieves-in-law existed who started the process of transformation from the thieves-in-law into the ecclesiastics. They needed access to Yelokhovsky, presumably to clean up the last traces of their forged patriarchate - to replace the corpse of an unknown person in Yelokhovsky with the corpse of the real Ridiger. However, even these tragic events inspire some hope that the majority of the Russian Orthodox Church priesthood, especially those who were removed and persecuted, were not criminals, and most importantly, the miscreants in fear that they will be uncapped in all senses of this word. Therefore they are cleansing the flock. These dismissals of the honest (we believe that more precisely - we hope and want to believe) priests and bishops mean that the criminals specifically engaged in the fact that they are preparing a place for a new Patriarch - the crowned thieve-in-law - because the Ivankov is already old. To secure the patriarch chair for the new successor, another thieve-in-law, they prepare the ground dismissing the truthful competitors.

The last conundrums about Luka Mudischev is the one more meaning translated by the criminals through this reference. The surname Ludishev=L from the Luka + Mudischev, this is the mix of the two words which Alfa loves a lot, creating new words through a combination of many. In this obscene poetry, Matrona was a lady who brought together the insatiable widow and Luka Mudishchev. As we remember, the widow bit off Luca's eggs. The severed right hand of Saint George has been traveled to Russia, and the trip was organized under the leadership of the church and was already captured by these bastards. As we know, the chief doctor of Ukraine issued a statement that Russians are cockroaches that should not breed, and therefore they should be castrated. At the moment, Russian prisoners are being returned to us with their right hand cut off and castrated. That is called "natural language." As we know, the Ukrainians who do this mass murderers and atrocity, do this under the drugs, which is a traditional attribute of Orekhovskaya OPG crimes - mass murderers, ritual murderers. and mass shooting under the drugs. Bucha and reference to the butcher that is the hello from Slayter - Slater Impex Ltd., and best wishes from Oleg Yakovlev, from Miami with love, why don't you start first with the checking of Porkovsky Monastery cemetery and meat cooking?

The natural language of these lovers of riddles and beautiful chess games has its origin in the language of criminals "Ryba" (fish) and "fenya" which has in the foundation the Hebrew and the natural language of holy books including the Bible, all these messages may mean that the Ukrainian massacre is financed through the Matrona Temple in Miami and that the right hand of our soldiers is cut off so that it does not bring them victory. And surely, that is "hello" to Vladimir Putin. Dozens of people bring this message to Russia through their mutilated crippled bodies and lives.

We assume, that stopping the Ukrainian war may be easier than we think. Of course, there are Vanguard, IMF, Biden, and other complicated structures of decision making and war burning. However, at least to stop that, first, we have to stop the daily desecration of the church in the person of two thieves-in-law, dressed in the robes of patriarchs, sending the "short messages" to President Vladimir Putin and the Russian government by the severed legs and hands, Pussy Riot performances, turnover of bishops, mass shootings, and stop the Pokrov Monastery meat cooking show with its black cash operations. Until its stop, the criminals will continue to finance the Ukraine massacre at the US, UK, EU, and Ukraine level, ship their drugs, and we will not win. The structure of operations of the Pokrov Monastery and Saint Matrona Church in Florida also may give a clue to the corruption links between criminals and the US congressmen, including Benjamin Cardin, Ron Wyden, Joe Biden, Boris Johnson, and others who were involved in the passing of Magnitsky Act, CROOK Act, and drugs and weapon shipments to Ukraine.

This message on criminal slanguage also confirms our hypotheses that Porkorvsky Monastery is used as a part of a criminal scheme, presumably managed by the woman thieve-in-law and that since 2009, Oleg Yakovlev, the Matrona's laborer, who participated in the Hermitage Capital case and involved into the murder of Magnitsky, was engaged since 2009 into the sanctions lobbying against Russia, which included the passing of Magnitsky Act, CROOK Act, and other series of laws together with Boris Nemtsov and Vladimir Kara-Murza. As long as both got the money from Yakovlev, but probably Nemtsov knew this scheme, he was killed by the criminals, and the murder was represented as "planned by FSB" which is untrue, and "committed by Chechen head cuts" to "save the Putin's regime". This heap of bullshit is completely inconsistent with the real picture of the case.

After all, no need to explain a lot about the dismissal of Theognost, archbishop, one of the most respectful persons in the Russian Orthodox Church. Metropolitan Theognost (in the world Igor Mikhailovich Guzikov; October 6, 1960, the village of Selivanovo, Vladimir Region) - former Archbishop of Sergiev Posad, a Viceroy of Trinity Sergius Lavra. In 2019 was appointed as a bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church, Metropolitan of Kashirsky, Vicar of the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, and Chairman of the Synodal Department for Monasteries and Monasticism. Manager of the vicariate of the new territories of the city of Moscow and the deanery of stavropegial parishes and patriarchal residences outside the city of Moscow, rector of the Church of the Life-Giving Trinity in Troitsk, Moscow. Member of the Inter-Council Presence for Divine Services and Church Art Commission.

On November 30, 1988, Patriarch Pimen appointed him as the vicar of the Holy Trinity Sergius Lavra.

On March 13, 2002, by decision of the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church, Archimandrite Feognost was determined to be Bishop of Sergiev Posad, Vicar of the Moscow Diocese, the first Bishop-Vicar of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra in its entire history. On March 31, in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, Archimandrite Theognost was consecrated Bishop of Sergiev Posad.

As of 2019, Theognost had almost 18 years of episcopacy behind him and became a dangerous person, the competitor who had a real chance to become a patriarch. In addition, the Trinity-Sergius Lavra was a commercially super successful business project. In addition to unrecorded cash income from donations, the Lavra had its broadly distributed large-scale production of food products under the Sergius Canon, widely known beyond the Lavra Commission brand. In addition, there were a grand icon and church shop, a bookstore, a hotel, and various working artels. The Lavra was a large salable, successful enterprise, which was the desired target to capture.

After 30 years of governorship, Theognost, who has turned the Lavra into a garden city, and worthily continued the path of Sergius of Radonezh, was exiled to the territory of New Moscow without any decent temples for supposedly "financial violations." He was succeeded by the governor of the Donskoy Monastery Paramon (Golubka means in English "dove") was not even a clean toilet.

Since Theognost's dismissal, mass media across the internet, similar to the Sunrise case, and other victims, started to broadcast the slander about fornication and sodomy in the Lavra and the homosexuality of the Theognost.

The first thing that Golubka did in the post of Lavra's Governer was the approval of the worship in the Lavra without proper anti-epidemiological measures during the beginning of COVID. That resulted in several corpses a month after who died from coronavirus in the Lavra. As a punishment, the Dove flew back to the Donskoy monastery. And the Theognost stayed as a bishop without a vestment.

Why the Dove was so beloved by the new-baked patriarch to be transited to the most wealthy monastery in Russia to replace forcefully the Theognost who created this source of prosperity while the Dove could not repair even the toilet in Donskoy monastery?

In 2016, Dmitry Shishkin from Greenpeace (aka IITD, ITQUICK, Transparency International Branch, Podari Zhizn Fund, Rusfond) recommended Raevskaya-Repnina a "confessor" Ilya Boyarsky, rector of the Church of the 12 Apostles in Khovrino.

Notably, the Dove supervised the Khovrino church, which, for unknown reasons, was attributed to the Donskoy monastery.

Lately, Raevskaya-Repnina found out that, apart from her, the Khovrino church had some more notable parishioners. The first one was Andrey Karlov, murdered in December 2016, after the start of his visiting this damn church in Khovrino, also by recommendation of someone.

The second remarkable lady was the daughter-in-law of Vladimir Yakovlevich Plekin. Plekin worked at the Moscow Aviation Institute and was engaged in military and defense technologies development specializing in communications and technologies for detecting stealth flying objects like the B-2 bomber. After his death, Plekina could not enter into inheritance rights and hired Raevskaya-Repnina. After the start of cooperation, Ilya Boyarsky, the priest, became unbelievably damn well educated in intangible property and patent rights. As soon as Raevskaya-Repnina and Plekina signed the contract, and Ilya Boyarsky became aware of it, he recommended to Plekina some of his acquaintances' "lawyer." As a result, three years later, Plekina never entered into inheritance rights and stopped communicating with Raevskaya-Repnina. After that, the original documents for working with Plekina were stolen from Raevskaya-Repnina - this is a signed contract with annexes, and there were also flash drives on which there were scans of documents for Plekin's inventions: the applications, inventions' descriptions, abstracts, as well as handwritten notes. In addition to intellectual property, Plekin had accounts in various banks previously owned by Oleg Boyko and Oleg Martynov, including the infamous Chara Bank, which scammed many of its depositors. Documents for working with Plekina were stolen from Raevskaya-Repnina by her ex-friend Ramazanova Asya, as described in the Investlesprom case, that is in line with the traditions of Orekhovskaya OPG - that friends should kill friends. Ramazanova was well acquainted with Shishkin. She worked for PJSC AFK Sistema. Before that, she was an employee who worked for Almas Sultangazin in Kazakhstan. Also, she kept black records at the Eldorado company and participated in the theft of budget funds allocated for the schools' recovery in Chechnya with Said Tsentroev and Lema Dadaev (PSK Rim-Group criminal case).

As soon as the theft of Plekina's documents was detected, and Raevskaya-Repnina submitted the criminal case to the police and FSB as long as the Plekin's documents included the state secured materials, Ramazanova started to distribute the slander that Raevskaya-Repnina has delusions of persecution and a mental disorder, that she had no documents and the documents' theft "seemed" to her. After the disappearance of the documents, the slander of the same text content began to spread in the temple by the staff of the temple, and in particular by Ilya Boyarsky, that both of them Plekina and Raevskaya-Repnina were crazy, and Raevskaya-Repnina had delusions of persecution and a mental disorder.

What else can we say? This church was damn good in all senses of these words to recommend it for visiting Raevskaya-Repnina, Andrey Karlov, and Plekin's successors.

Also, we noted another curious coincidence.

As far as Raevskaya-Repnina, Karlov and Plekina "confessed" in the Khovrino temple, and Boyarsky made a "contribution" to Raevskaya-Repnina's life by analog with Andrey Karlov which cost him life, presumably by analog retranslating the curious details of her life and the deeds for which she took a blessing to someone else (in particular to Ramazanova, who suddenly became aware of the contract with Plekina and why that so valuable), the Khovrino temple, which for a long time could not find the money for construction, abruptly has begun to actively built.

By the time of the death of Andrey Karlov, and the parallel "madness" of Plekina and Raevskaya-Repnina, when Ilya Boyarsky began widely talking about Raevskaya-Repnina's never existing mental disorder, the five square meters shitty toilet-type temple turned into a huge church complex of two large churches with an impressive underground part including the Sunday School, priest house, and many other nice features.

At the same time, in the Donskoy Monastery, which supervised the Khovrino church, also probably by a miracle, money suddenly appeared for the reconstruction, even making it possible to go to the toilet to piss without the risk of suffocation from the odor. In short, everything sharply began to flourish. After that, Theognost got a kick in the ass, and the Dove took a seat in his place.

Summarizing the facts - and only the facts, the toilet-type temple, and the abandoned monastery began to be built very quickly after the murder of Andrei Karlov, the raider seizure of the BOOST, and after the slander distribution among the flock of the temple of Raevskaya-Repnina that she is mentally ill. Also, Plekin's daughter-in-law, to whom we were supposed to formalize the rights to Plekin's inheritance, suddenly turned out to be mentally ill in the same church and began to experience such terrible hatred towards us that cooperation had to be suspended. As we know through the study of Ivankov's, Timofeev's biographies, Evsukov's case, the VTB crimes, the theme of "psychiatric diagnosis" was widely exploited by them first to protect themselves, and to eliminate witnesses.

As Raevskaya-Repnina dealt with the case of the Bank of Moscow, Bananamama, the Magnitsky case, and other projects, went to confession and took blessings for various important deeds, things went from bad to worse, but the temple was built faster and faster. The sentence to Borodin for 14 years was celebrated by the complete completion of the second huge chuch in the Khovrino temple complex.

At the end of this amazing story, we shall note that Ramazanova was a subordinate of Ali Uzdenov, the "Don Cossack," a reach Gazprom offspring, a friend of FSB colonel Zakharchenko, who is a radical Muslim noted as a sponsor of the prohibited terrorist organization At-Takfir Val Hidgra, who did not have any real business officially registered on his name. At the same time, he was noted as a prominent owner and sponsor of golf clubs, hippodromes, the Russian Geography Society, Ostrobramskaya church, and lover of the other temples and monasteries of the Russian Orthodox Church, especially those where it is necessary to resolve the issue with the administration. We can only wonder where this vice-president, who lives on a salary in PJSC AFK Sistema, gets money in quantities sufficient to support a dozen charitable and image organizations. We have the hypotheses that Uzdenov in Russia, by analogue with Oleg Yakovlev in the US, plays the same cash distribution role across the churches in Russia, using the Investlesprom captured by AFK Sistema in 2014. Investlesprom was owned before by Andrey Borodin, who played the role of the personal treasurer for Yury Luzhkov.

Presumably, using Investlesprom, which possesses widely distributed operations across the EU and Ukraine, and assets that were owned by Uzdenov privately (Azov Confectionery Factory, Azovryba, and some other enterprises), Uzdenov organized the money transferring to Ukraine to finance Azov and Aidar battalions, and other terrorist activities against Russia. That requires proof by operating actions.

We assume that money was transferred through the Investlesprom shared service center, which was located in Kirov and managed by Ramazanova, who previously served Said Tsentroev in the same kind of operations. Just in case, we remind that Uzdenov, the former boss of Raevskaya-Repnina, took part in the raider capture of the Bank of Moscow assets - Investlesprom, where he hired Ramazanova. Of course, this is all an unbelievable coincidence, the damn miracle by the praying of Dove and Boyarsky.

Metropolitan Yuvenaly (in the world - Vladimir Kirillovich Poyarkov; born September 22, 1935, Yaroslavl) is a retired bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church. From June 11, 1977, to April 15, 2021 - Metropolitan of Krutitsy and Kolomna, Patriarchal Vicar of the Moscow Diocese. From 1972-2021 - Permanent member of the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church. Full Cavalier of the Order of Merit for the Fatherland.

On April 15th, 2021, he was retired according to the submitted petition. The oldest bishop by consecration in the Russian Orthodox Church. In an amazing, incomprehensible way, the Russian Orthodox Church "elected" instead of Juvenaly to the post of patriarch thief-in-law Ivankov. Damn what the hell is wrong with you bishops.

What happened to Juvenaly? He left on his own. In his place, of course, a bishop from Kazakhstan was appointed.

Have we run out of bishops in Russia? Of course, in Russia, there were few bishops of their own and there was no one cooler than Pavel Ponomarev, a native of the city of Karaganda, an acquaintance of Mikhail Gutseriev, Ali Uzdenov, a criminal Ablyazov, a thief in law Almas Sultangazin, and other no less worthy geeks. As soon as the BTA bank ran out, it was necessary to find some other feeder to send the loot to Kazakhstan. And he was found. Metropolitan of Kuban. Now we are waiting for the bells "From the branch of the Solntsevo brethren in Kazakhstan."

Pavel Ponomarev, in addition to the right acquaintances, has only 4 years of the episcopate, and no one is afraid of him and does not respect him because no one needs him. By chance, on February 19th, 1992, by the decision of the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church, he was appointed to be Bishop of Zaraisk, Vicar of the Moscow Diocese, Administrator of the Patriarchal Parishes in the USA and temporarily in Canada. On March 21, 1992, he was ordained, and on March 22 of the same year, consecrated Bishop of Zaraisk, vicar of the Moscow diocese, and administrator of the parishes of the Moscow Patriarchate in the USA and Canada. One money courier to the Nord-Ost public officials in the US.

However, we can explain why a Kazakh bishop was appointed. About this after the personality of the respected patriarch.

The bishops were framed before the coronavirus pandemic so that the believers would not have time to sniff and start asking questions about what the hell is going on. It’s just that everyone came to the temples, and there are already new abbots. That means that the management of the Russian Orthodox Church was well aware that a pandemic would be declared. Sergei Semenovich Sobyanin also knew about this. When the Russian Orthodox Church tirelessly removed bishops preparing for the COVID pandemic during the period 2018-to 2019, Sergey Sobyanin closed state hospitals so that during the coronavirus pandemic due to the reduction in bed capacity undertaken by Sobyanin in advance, people did not get the specialized medical help, but left to die in the "covid hospital" in Moskva auto center on Domodedovo, where beaten and stolen cars were sold.


Chistopolsky Jamaat

The Federal Security Service (FSB) included the radical Islamist group "Chistopol Jamaat" in the federal list of terrorist organizations based on the decision of the Volga District Military Court dated March 23, 2017.

Chistopol Jamaat was founded in 2007 in the Tatarstan city of Chistopol. For ten years, members of the criminal group have committed a number of terrorist acts, in particular, fired at the Nizhnekamskneftekhim enterprise with improvised high-explosive fragmentation rockets (which did not explode), and set fire to churches. In addition, "Jamaat" planned to plant a bomb in the market in Chistopol and arrange a terrorist attack at the Kazan railway station in Moscow. More than 50 terrorist attacks were attributed to the group, including a plane crash in Tatarstan. On November 17, 2013, a Boeing 737 of Tatarstan Airlines, flying on the Moscow-Kazan route, crashed at 19:23 while landing at Kazan airport. All 50 people on board the plane (44 passengers and six crew members) were killed, including the son of the President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov, Irek Minnikhanov, and the head of the FSB Directorate for the Republic of Tatarstan, Alexander Antonov. The complete list of committed terrorist attacks and crimes still be unknown. The complete list of community members, organizers, customers, and performers has still be not identified.

The terrorist group was created in 2007. The Jamaat has been actively functioning since 2013, in parallel with the incitement of the conflict in Ukraine.

The group was allegedly financed at the expense of AK Bars, Taif and Sibur, using the financial infrastructure of Bananamama, Eldorado, Sunrise, and Slater. In the media promoting fake news about Ukraine and publishing materials of an extremist nature about the Russian Federation, aimed at inciting ethnic discord, hatred, and enmity, the sentences to terrorists, were presented as unfair and received by the investigation under torture. The units of the AK Bars, Taif, and Sibur groups located in Chistopol took extremely active actions to erase the Bananamama company and the seizure of its property, in particular, in Samara and Kazan. We assume that in addition to the participation of Bananamama as a financial infrastructure for money laundering and financing of terrorism, including the activities of the Chistopol Jamaat, the cash received from the sale of the stolen property of Bananamama was spent on organizing the infrastructure of the terrorist community, planning, and organizing of terrorist attacks. The activity of the Chistopol Jamaat has many connections with episodes of the Ukrainian Maidan, the artificial financial crisis of 2008, and the war in Ukraine in terms of dates, participants, sources of funding, as well as the spread of mass disinformation, fakes, and information whitewashing terrorists on the Internet by the same media that participated in information disinformation in the cases of the Ukrainian war, the murder of Magnitsky, the terrorist attack in the Zimnyaya Cherry shopping center, Hermitage Capital, Bolotnaya, Navalny prosecution, Sunrise, and Bananamama takeovers, and others. We believe that the same organizers, customers, and co-executors stay behind the activities of the Chistopol Jamaat and the war in Ukraine. In the case of the Chistopol Jamaat, we can state with a high degree of probability that its activities were financed by the Bananamama company. Thus, we have a reasonable belief that the organizations of the Slater group were also organizers, executors, and financed terrorist activities in Ukraine and inciting a military conflict.

Chistopolsky Jamaat case provided or us a the new line in the serial crimes which appeared in the investigation as the side miscellaneous crimes with regards to the raider captures and combines ethnic or racial-based terrorist attacks in form of burning alive people and mass shooting, in both cases - mostly kids, adolescents, and young people of a childbearing age. During the history, we observed these types of serial crimes during the WWII, in the death camps.


Fire in Winter Cherry

The fire in the shopping and entertainment complex "Winter Cherry" in the city of Kemerovo was burned on March 25, 2018, on an area of ​​1600 square meters, followed by the collapse of the roof, floors between the fourth and four floors. The fire was assigned the third number of complexity on a five-point scale. A high federal level regime was introduced on the territory of the Kemerovo region, and a federal level of management was assigned. As a result of the fire, 64 people died (the corpses of only 23 were identified), including 37 children and 79 injured. The fire became one of the two most resonant in the history of modern Russia together with the 2009 Lame Horse nightclub fire in Perm that killed 156 people.

The shopping and entertainment complex was opened in 2013 in the building of the confectionery factory "Kemerovo Confectionery Plant," which stopped working in 2006 due to financial difficulties and the requirements of the new owner "KDV Group." The building was built in 1968 (according to other sources - in 1936), had an area of ​​​​more than 20,000 square meters, and initially had only two floors. After it was decided to place a shopping center and an amusement park in the building, it was reconstructed by the installation of new floors, during which the number of floors was increased to four. The reconstruction itself was carried out without the permission of the supervisory authorities. The Winter Cherry was put into operation in September 2013, and permission for commissioning was given by the deputy head of the Kemerovo administration Vladimir Kalistratovich Zub. According to the open sources, he was not prosecuted for his co-participation in the tragedy.

On March 27, 2018, Kemerovo residents went to a protest rally. They demanded the resignation of the governor of the Kemerovo region Aman Tuleev and the administration of the city of Kemerovo. Also, they claimed a transparent investigation and prosecution. Tuleev did not come to this rally. The rally took place in front of the building of the Kemerovo administration, and gathered, according to various estimates, from “a few hundred” to 4 thousand people. Tuleev said that “the opposition is behind it,” that those presented were “200 buzzers,” and that “there were no relatives of the dead there at all.” However, the rally was attended by the vice-governor of the Kemerovo region, Sergei Tsivilev, who, like Tuleev, accused the participants of an attempt at PR. The day after the rally, the first vice-governor of the region, Vladimir Chernov, called the rally "a clear, planned action aimed at discrediting the authorities," in which there was "a lot of warmed-up youth," and people took to the square "not at all understanding what they were doing there and praised Aman Tuleyev for ignoring the rally.

On March 29, Igor Vostrikov told the media that he was prompted to participate in the rally by information stuffing about hundreds of victims of the tragedy. He believed that during the event itself, the situation was constantly warmed up by information stuffing and fake news from the Maidan people.

After this rally, the square where it took place was surrounded by barricades for two days and cordoned off by the police, who set up a permit regime for the passage to the square to prevent repeated spontaneous rallies. More than 100 police officers were involved in cordoning off the square, and paddy wagons, buses, and other vehicles were constantly standing next to the cordon.

Also, rallies dedicated to this tragedy occurred in 23 cities in Russia, including Moscow, St. Novgorod, Omsk, Yaroslavl, Perm, Samara, and Chelyabinsk. Some of these rallies were organized by the authorities, the rest by the opposition, which blamed "corrupt officials" for the tragedy. The protesters and the organizers of the public protests did not blame their "brother in arms" who financed their protest rally, in the building of the Winter Cherry shopping center at cost of laundered money without paying taxes and getting appropriate governmental permits. The corrupt officials usually give the permits for bribery. The owners of the building created the shopping center without any permission.

The Winter Cherry shopping center tragedy surprisingly was connected to Ukraine.

On March 26, 2018, the Investigative Committee of Russia issued a refutation of information circulating on social networks that hundreds of people allegedly died in the fire. The Meduza editors reported the fake news - that audio recordings appeared on the Internet with unnamed people who spoke of the death of 300-400 people and the preparation of 200 graves. This information was unreliable, and the data on the number of graves prepared were not confirmed by the head of the Kemerovo funeral home. The audio recordings with the fake information were fabricated by a prankster Evgeny Volnov (real name Nikita Kuvikov) posting it under the name of an employee of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation opened a case against him under Article 282 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“Inciting hatred or enmity”). On March 28, the Basmanny District Court of Moscow arrested the prankster in absentia, who was suspected of “publicly disseminating false information about the number of victims of the fire in Kemerovo to mislead the relatives of the dead and injured and destabilize the situation in the region.” On March 29, a representative of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine stated that Ukraine would not extradite Kuvikov to Russia. Chechen Minister for Nationalities Dzhambulat Umarov said that "Ramzan Kadyrov if such a task is set, will find and punish Yevgeny Volnov." Also, against the backdrop of a fire in Kemerovo, the State Emergency Service of Ukraine conducted a mass inspection of fire safety in shopping centers, hospitals, schools, and other institutions in Ukraine. About 15,000 violations were identified, and lawsuits were filed with the courts to close 37 facilities. So, Ukraine's public officials behaved themselves as if they were beneficiaries of the Winter Cherry shopping center and its affiliates in Ukraine, which confirms our conclusions regarding the true beneficiaries of the "bank ring," Slater, Bananamama, Sibirsky Bereg, the Ukraine war, and other high-profile toxic cases.

On March 27, at a government meeting, former Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Bakytzhan Sagintayev instructed the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan to conduct fire safety checks in shopping centers. At the same time, Almaty Mayor Bauyrzhan Baibek was also instructed to check all shopping and entertainment centers, markets, railway stations, schools, hospitals, kindergartens, and crowded places for fire safety. In total, 1,243 sites across the country were subjected to inspections. According to the results of inspections, more than 15 thousand violations were revealed, and administrative fines were imposed for more than 19 million tenges. That also confirms our conclusion about the close involvement of the Safmar, BIN Bank, BTA Bank in the bank ring and that the money laundered and smuggled through the Slater scheme also included money of the corrupted Kazakhstan officials, and that Ukraine and Kazakhstan public officials and criminals were involved into the beneficiary ownership or got earnings from the Slater's assets. Neither Ukraine, nor Kazakhstan announced the follow up on the fire in the Lame Hose (as we supposed, it was not under the control of Slater, and presumably the target to burn that was to take control over the rest assets of Zak), Transvaal, and other high-profile tragedies occurred on the territory of Russia. No other CIS members made a follow-up on this tragedy by checking their shopping centers except Estonia together with Europe, Ukraine, Israel, and other countries noted as burning out the massacre in Ukraine.

According to the mass media, the owner of the KDV Group is Denis Nikolaevich Shtengelov (born May 14, 1972) - a Russian billionaire with a worth of unknown origin, according to Bloomberg at the end of 2017, $1 billion. The names of other managers and beneficiaries disappeared. They were Alexander Ladan, Yury An, Credit Suisse - affiliated with PJSC AFK Sistema, Alexander Kychakov, Vadim Sukharev, and others. Shtengelov was named as an owner of the retail "Yarche!". The place of his residence is unknown, according to some sources he lives in Australia, according to another source in the UAE. By the legend, in 1994, he started with a small wholesale trade in raw seeds. In 1997, he acquired a confectionery factory in the Kemerovo region with "partners." In 2002, he formed the KDV holding, which combined five food processing plants in Siberia and the Urals. Since then, these companies have been major producers of snacks, waffles, Kirieshki and Tri Korochki crackers, Crisp Potato chips, Beerka, and Barentsev seafood. The legend of the history did not match with the real facts observed by us in person.

KDV holding was included in the Forbes top 100 largest private companies in Russia. At what expense it was built, and who was the real beneficiary still be unknown. According to Shtengelov himself, the motto of his success is as follows: “We are building a business model both on constant growth and on burning unnecessary costs.” According to our information, the companies owned by Shtengelov were part of the Slater holding. We assume they remain in the structure of this holding and their creation was financed by funds received from Slater and its financiers. Directly speaking, the KDV Group was developed for money got from such sources as fake avizos, smuggling, money laundering, tax evasion, and corruption. The Sibirsky Bereg company, a producer of Kirieshki crackers, "burned out unnecessary costs" by analogy with the Eldorado business. It used the same operating model and implementation of a tax avoidance system similar to that of the Eldorado company, a similar mechanism for maintaining black and white accounting, and a similar mechanism for using "Pokemon" (children's stamps) to approve documents in black accounting. The business of KDV Group and its legal predecessors, Bridgetown Foods and Siberian Coast, was alleged of the same nature as the emergence of Bananamama, Sunrise, and Eldorado, for money laundering. The purpose of the fire in the Zimnyaya Vishnya shopping center was to organize a "maidan" in the mining region, to discriminate against the image of the authorities, presumably to prepare for a coup d'état, a wave of protests, and the resignation of the governor Aman Tuleev. Among the side effects, the fire was supposedly the reason for the re-registration of the KDV Group business in the name of already real beneficiaries, as happened with Euroset, Bananamama, and Eldorado. The fire is a terrorist act through arson, similar to the arson mechanism in the Lame Horse club. The period, geography, participants, and why the tragedy caused such a lively response and sympathy in Ukraine and Kazakhstan, and such support from the blogger, the distributor of fake news from the SBU of Ukraine, allows us to confirm the connection of the Winter Cherry case with a large number of related high-profile cases. The Winter Cherry case is a reference for the fire at the Lame Horse club, the Slater case, the poisonings of Skripals, the Investlesprom, Bank of Moscow raider takeover, the Hermitage Capital case, the Ukraine case, as well as the Bolotnaya case, Yegor Zhukov, and other protest actions. The information war that took place after the fire is a reference case for the Ukrainian military conflict, where identical events were observed. Taking into account such a lively response and "sympathy" of Ukraine and the SBU for the events in Zimnyaya Vishnya, as well as attempts to link the terrorist attack with "corrupt officials," and the high activity of the FBK and other protest organizations, we assume that behind this terrorist act, and inciting the Ukrainian war, behind the information war in connection with the Ukrainian conflict, extremist activities on the Internet and social networks, the massive dissemination of fake news, as well as the murder of Sergei Magnitsky, the extremist activities of the FBK fund, the protest actions are the same organizers and customers, and performers, allegedly being part of the so-called "banking ring" and their affiliates. Shtengelov avoided the prosecution. Shtengelov cannot confirm the origin of the capital of $1 billion. He did not participate in investigative actions, just like other "thrifty" murzilka of the Sibirsky Bereg and KDV Group companies.

As a remarkable "random coincidence," the name of the space in the Winter Cherry shopping center where the fire started was Krucha which sounds closely to Bucha.

We suppose that in the Winter Cherry case, there are too many "random coincidences" to consider the investigation of this case as ended. The complete list of the perpetrators, organizers and customers of the crime was not found. All the evidence necessary for a full-scale unbiased investigation and objective examination was destroyed through the demolition of the shopping center. We do not possess the information on who decided to destroy the evidence of the crime necessary for further investigation. The urgency of the building demolition itself gives sound proof that the building was erased rapidly to hide the proper evidence of the truthful crime picture, which does not match the conclusions made by the official "investigation." The deconstruction was started on May 15th, 2018, and ended on August 21st, 2018, even before the completion of the investigation.

Burning alive a large number of people, who are mostly kids, we found in the crimes of the 3rd Reich, in sacrifices in some religions, where human sacrifice and cannibalism are allowed. They are the cult of the goddess Kali, the Celtic druids, and some marginal Christian religions transformed into totalitarian sects. The fact that only a few crimes are reflected in this section does not mean that the scope of the series is limited to them. We have chosen them for an explanation as to the most representative cases for which we have collected the largest amount of materials at the moment. Unfortunately, other monstrous tragedies of mass deprivation of people's lives are also subject to inclusion in this list. However, they require the same careful accurate study, without which we cannot correctly attribute them to a specific series of crimes.

According to our information, which requires additional verification, Denis Shtengelov was the nominal owner of KDV Group and the Winter Cherry shopping center. The Sibirsky Bereg Group is included in the perimeter of the Slater holding, and the shopping center itself was allegedly an asset of Oleg Tinkov. After the fire in the Winter Cherry, Oleg Tinkov feigned cancer and hastily emigrated to the United States. More precisely - he organized urgent emigration under a valid pretext to appear before the court on charges of the IRS, which ended with a fine. $500 million - the price for Tinkov's departure from the death penalty for children burned alive in the Zimnyaya Cherry shopping center. Both cancer and the tax dispute suddenly escalated at Tinkov just at the time of the verdicts in the Winter Cherry case. Presumably, he also financed the black PR and fake news regarding the fire that came from Ukraine. This arson is an act of terrorism based on racial hatred and is due to the beliefs of "true Arian" Tinkov, a native of Ukraine, a German by origin. In the snow-capped mountains of Kemerovo and mining villages, there are no highway-ring tracks where you can go in for cycling so fond of "miner Tinkov" since childhood. Oleg Tinkov comes from (more precisely, a miscarriage) from the Austrian branch of the Habsburg dynasty. Only a deaf-blind handless invalid can call him a Jew. We hope that Oleg Tinkov will be sentenced for the sacrifice of burning people alive in the Winter Cherry in the USA. We will also strongly insist that Tinkov, like his relatives, does not fake his death to emigrate closer to his relatives in South America.

"The building of the shopping center itself was like a specially built trap. Why did the cinema halls, and game halls end up on the top floor? Why were all the doors locked tightly, including the door of the cinema hall where the children were? The fire alarm did not work at all, and the ventilation acted in reverse direction… thereby fanning the flame even more,” wrote the ex-governor. In addition, Tuleev shared that his 11-year-old niece died as a result of the fire. She was there with her classmates.

An examination of the electrical equipment of the Winter Cherry, appointed by the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, showed that the fire started in the LED lamp. Investigators assumed that meltwater from the roof got into the lighting device and provoked a fire. The fire protection system was inoperative." (Eks-gubernator Kuzbassa nazval vozmozhnuyu prichinu pozhara v "Zimney vishne," www.m24.ru).

We observe many reference cases:

  • The BOOST office on Znamenka 9, under the control of AFK Sistema, was to the office of the BOOST where Raevskaya-Repnina presented every day, a couple of months after the start of work, the management company Instroy and Tverskaya Finance B.V. associated with Grigory Luchansky, a friend of Vyacheslav Ivankov, Vladimir Evtushenkov, Sergey Mikhailov, and Felix Komarov, modified the ventilation. The airflow began to blow in the reverse direction, inside the room. Due to this fact, the temperature in the room was about 15-16 degrees (Celsius) with an ice-cold wind. In summer the team has been working inside the office in warm jackets and sweaters. Dozens of claims were left unresponded. At the same time, the former friend of Raevskaya-Repnina, Elena Gryaznova, asked Raevskaya-Repnina to hire her "to help the BOOST," and started to conduct in Raevskaya-Repnina office construction work to organize the internal LAN followed by various manipulations to modify the internal wiring system of low-voltage wires and sockets, by analogy, as was done with the apartment of Raevskaya-Repnina (twisted and mixed high-voltage and low-voltage wires). Later the same criminals attempted to burn alive Raevskaya-Repnina in her house and the car and organized the imitation of accidental death from electricity. Thus, the modification of ventilation in the office of Raevskaya-Repnina, without windows but with panoramic glass walls without the possibility to open them, supposedly was a preparation for the crimes attempted by criminals many times. Also, the management company of the office center stopped accepting written correspondence addressed to the BOOST, misleading people with a deception that the BOOST is not situated in this building and does not have an office there. The same we observe in the next office where we relocated - Regus at 10, Vozdvizhenka street, managed by Romanov Dvor Management (Avica, affiliated with Troika Dialog, Ruben Vardanyay, and Luchansky as well - thus, both buildings were under the management of the one group of companies AFK Sistema managed by the same people). See the case Nord-Ost as well.

  • The Snejcom skiing complex where Raevskaya-Repnina trained in alpine skiing. The management company (Bank Saint Petersburg) stopped repairing the building. As a result of regular repair and required maintenance, the ceiling of the building started to deteriorate and destroy. The roof was in holes, water flowing from this down through the walls and ceiling. The ceiling particles fell to the head of skiers. The architect was the same as in Transvaal park and Basmanny market - Nodar Kancheli, the human without history and biography, of Arian appearance, shown from nowhere. Approximately, in the summer of 2014 in Snezhkom, the roof stayed disrepair. Power outages began to arise repeatedly many times due to a short circuit due to bays. At the same time, there was a constant smell of gasoline on the slope. The administration explained this as they allegedly accidentally spilled while refueling the snowcat. Given the context of the story, we assume that a deliberate arson was being prepared in Snezhkom. Read the Nord-Ost case for further clarification.

  • During the presence of Raevskaya-Repnina in Snejcom, young naked boys began to constantly appear in the women's locker room, whom their "mothers" allegedly brought there to change clothes. After that, Raevskaya-Repnina stopped classes at the club, since neither complaints about the state of the ceiling, nor complaints about the presence of sexually mature boys in the locker room found any response from the administration of Snezhkom. In addition to the "boys" in the locker room of "Snezhkom," in the locker room of Romanov Dvor where Raevskaya-Repnina went to the gym, active lesbians began to appear. As a result, she stopped going there as well. We suppose this was organized to get the compromising photos or to provoke or rape, with the subsequent distribution of compromising evidence (for example, "random" photographs from the dressing room of Raevskaya-Repnina with naked boys or lesbians). There could be no accidents here because, in the women's locker room of the Snezhkom VIP club visited by Raevskaya-Repnina, there were hidden cameras and wiretapping. The same was in Romanov Dvor Petrova. Previously a second wife of Raevskaya-Repnina's father, Petrova Marina Ivanovna arranged similar provocations against her father. Petrova used her naked underage daughter, a lesbian, for these purposes. Petrova made her undressed and obliged her to sleep naked in the bed. The bed was in the room where her father had a desktop and a computer. Later, Petrova used these photographs to blackmail Raevskaya-Repnina's father and force him to buy and arrange for Petrova an apartment, a car, a summer house, and many other cute gifts earned by her daughter's naked cunt against the background of Raevskaya-Repnina's father. Due to this situation, Raevskaya-Repnina was in need to stop visiting Snejcom and Romanov Dvor. Read the Nord-Ost case for clarification.

  • Of course, it was only by chance that Anna Zimina turned out to be Raevskaya-Repnina's alpine skiing coach. A friend who worked with the Yevtushenkov family. Read the Nord-Ost case for clarification.


Fire in Lame Horse

The fire at the Lame Horse club is the largest in Russia in terms of the number of victims, which occurred on Saturday, December 5, 2009, at the Lame Horse nightclub in Perm at 9 Kuibyshev Street, and resulted in the death of 156 people. The incident caused a wide public outcry and a harsh reaction from the Russian authorities. The fire occurred immediately after the assassination of Sergei Magnitsky. We assume that initially intended to shift the focus of public attention and law enforcement activity away from the fake death of the thief-in-law Vyacheslav Ivankov to the Magnitsky murder case and the Fire and Lame Horse to the other region.

Only the owner and management of the club were punished. The arsonists and fire inspectors were released under an amnesty, having been sentenced for the monstrous death of 156 people for about two years, and one perpetrator was sentenced for less than a year. In connection with the incident, several government officials and officials of the fire supervision were fired. The Government of the Perm Territory resigned.

Zak took the brunt of the punishment. He presumably was a part of the same criminal group, which included Slater, Alfa-Bank, and PSJC Sistema, and played the same role in Perm. After the fire, all his assets and property were seized at the price of 156 deaths of people. Zak started doing business in 1991 with the activity of buying and selling as an individual entrepreneur, lately developing the assets traditionally owned and managed by Alfa-Group in the regions. He was the founder of the Antey electronics store, Jeans World chain of stores. In 2003, Zak founded the Perm network of Chkalovsky shopping centers for the sale of building materials and sanitary products. He was the owner of the cafe "Master Grill." He participated in the Park House shopping center construction, and the Eurasia shopping and entertainment center located in Perm. In 2003 he took the post of vice-president in the public charitable foundation "Courage." In January 2003, he became an assistant to the deputy chairman of the Legislative Assembly of the Kama region, Oleg Burtsev. In 2004 he became the head of the working group at the economic council of the governor of the Perm region in the field of professional art. Recently, he was the general director of the managing company Trade Complex Chkalovsky. He was a co-founder of the Lame Horse club restaurant. The opening of the club took place in November 2011. In December 2009, he became a defendant in a criminal case of the fire in a Lame Horse and was taken into custody on charges of violating fire safety, which led to the death of two or more people. On April 30, 2013, by the Leninsky District Court of Perm, Zak was sentenced to nine years and ten months in a penal colony and was released under an amnesty after eight.

We believe that what happened at the Lame Horse Club was a terrorist act, the perpetrators of which were promised non-prosecution in return. According to our assumption, among the primary goal to shift the focus of the public and law enforcement agencies' attention, the secondary purpose of the criminals was to capture the assets and property of Zak, for which 156 people's lives were paid, as well as the assets of the governor of the Perm Territory Chirkunov, previously owned by Yuri Trutnev. According to an investigation by Alexei Navalny published in July 2020, Trutnev owns a mansion in Serebryany Bor worth 2 billion rubles. Serebryany Bor is a territory traditionally owned and controlled by the Yevtushenkov family and PJSC AFK Sistema.

The Lame Horse Club was named after Hermine Braunsteiner. Relatives of the owners of the club.

"The friendly housewife from New York, the master of preparing delicious Austrian strudels, who willingly fiddled with the neighbor's children, amused her acquaintances with the manner of taking spiders out of the house on a newspaper so as not to kill them, and the elegant matron of Majdanek, who cold-bloodedly beat women to death with a whip - these are not two different This is the same person - Hermine Braunsteiner, nicknamed "Trampling Mare". The same one, the court session had to be interrupted on the very first day because the judge became ill from stories about her atrocities. The same one, because of which formed the Department of Special Investigations, whose main function was to prevent the granting of US citizenship to war criminals. Hermine Braunstaner was an Austrian, she was born in Vienna, in a respectable Catholic family, and from her youth, she dreamed of becoming a nurse. However, she did not have money to study. After the Anschluss (incorporation of Austria into Germany), the failed nurse left for Berlin, where she worked for the aviation m factory. There was still not enough money. And then Hermina learns that the guards in the concentration camps are paid much more! She applied and began her career in the Ravensbrück concentration camp, where she studied with the famous Maria Mandel, who was later convicted as a Nazi criminal for her atrocities in the Auschwitz camp. It was in 1939. Hermione is 20 years old. In 1942, Hermina was sent to work in the Majdanek camp. Here she showed herself in all her glory. An indispensable attribute of each warden was a stick and a whip, with which she had to maintain order. Hermine never hesitated to use them, but that didn't seem enough to her. According to the recollections of the surviving prisoners of Majdanek, Braunsteiner loved to trample and kick those whom she considered being at fault. For this purpose, she even ordered special metal horseshoes for her army boots. The prisoners gave her the nickname "Treading Mare." Mare took special pleasure before being sent to the gas chamber to take away their children from their mothers. She frankly enjoyed their sobs. In total, 78,000 people were killed in Majdanek. Not the last role in this "achievement of the Reich" was played by Hermine Braunsteiner - "trampling mare." Reich noticed her efforts. In 1943, Hermina was awarded the Military Merit Cross." (Trampling the Mare: what the warden of Maidanek Hermina Braunsteiner was doing. Russian Seven, www.russian7.ru).

Then she fled to the United States where she lived quietly and peacefully with a fake passport. Then she was discovered by Simon Vizental, and extradited to Germany. In prison, she was depressed and ate cakes and pastries her husband brought her. Overeating on sweets instead of hay, Trampling Mare naturally earned herself diabetes. Later she, like many diabetics, had to amputate her leg. Thus, Trampling Mare transformed into a Lame Horse. In 1996, a "humane" German court released Braunsteiner. She died three years later in the city of Bochum. In memory of the granny, the children and grandchildren of the former Nazis organized a fire in the Lame Horse club. So that granny would not be so bored in hell. Since no one understood why 156 people were burned alive, the show was repeated with the help of Bekmansurov, organizing the Perm Columbine. Everyone has different ideas about how to honor the memory of their ancestors. Nothing pleases our dead great-grandfathers so much as the continuation of their work on earth by their living descendants.

Hermina Braustainer worked in Maidanek concentration camp.

"Majdanek (Polish: Majdanek, German: Konzentrationslager Lublin, Vernichtungslager Lublin) was a Nazi death camp on the outskirts of the Polish city of Lublin. Currently, it is a museum institution included in the State Register of Museums.

The mass extermination of people in gas chambers began in 1942. At first, carbon monoxide (carbon monoxide) was used as poison gas, and from the autumn of 1942 - Zyklon B. Majdanek is one of two death camps in Nazi Germany where this gas was used (the other being Auschwitz). The first crematorium for burning the bodies of the tortured was launched in the second half of 1942 (for two furnaces), and the second - in September 1943 (for five furnaces). Murders in Majdanek have been carried out throughout its history, but often they were executions.

On November 3rd and 4th, 1943, an operation code-named "Erntefest" (Erntefest, German harvest festival) was carried out on the territory of the Majdanek camp. During the operation, the SS killed all the Jews from the Lublin region in the camps of Majdanek, Poniatova, and Travniki. In total, according to various estimates, from 40,000 to 43,000 people were killed (18,000 of them in Majdanek). Beginning in November 1943, near the camp, ditches 100 meters long, 6 meters wide, and 3 meters deep were dug by the prisoners. On the morning of November 3, all the Jews of the camp and nearby camps were driven to Majdanek. They were stripped and ordered to lie down along the moat according to the “tile principle”: that is, each subsequent prisoner lay his head on the back of the previous one. A group of SS men of about 100 people purposefully killed people with a shot in the back of the head. After the first "layer" of prisoners was eliminated, the SS repeated the execution until the 3-meter trench was filled with human corpses. During the massacre, cheerful music was played to drown out the shots. After that, the corpses of people were covered with a small layer of earth, and later cremated." (Majdanek, Wikipedia).

In Russia's case, the "harvest festival" consisted of two parts - the gassing of the Lame Horse Club transformed the "club" into the gas chamber, and the mass execution in Perm (see Perm Columbine).


Perm Columbine

The mass murder at Perm State University was committed on September 20th, 2021, on the territory of Perm State University. As a result of the shooting, six people died, and 47 were injured, including the suspect Timur Bekmansurov. Bekmansurov resisted the arrest, was wounded, and taken to the hospital, where the doctors cut him a leg. At about 11:30 local time, a man in a military helmet and mask (presumably a balaclava) approached building No. 8 of Perm State University, hung with bandoliers with cartridges in them. Bekmansurov held in his hands a Huglu Atrox Tactic Pump Action Shotgun. Before that, he fired several shots at passing cars and people at the entrance to the campus and on campus, then entered the building. Bekmansurov used weapons against a guard in building No. 8 - he received multiple gunshot wounds. Then the attacker continued firing at people, firing about 30 shots. Eight people were reported as killed, but later the list contained only six names. We cannot explain this variation.

At about 12:15 p.m., the attacker crossed the passage from building No. 8 to building No. 6 and descended from the second floor to the hall of the building. At that moment, he was wounded and disarmed by a police officer (who provided the first aid to the attacker), after which he was in serious condition and taken to the hospital, where he received emergency medical care and underwent an operation to amputate his leg, according to the public information "due to blood clots." The security of the hospital was reinforced by the police. The attacker was neutralized by a junior lieutenant of the traffic police Konstantin Kalinin - he and senior lieutenant Vladimir Makarov, who organized the evacuation of people, were the first representatives of law enforcement agencies to arrive at the scene after they received a message about the shooting from an eyewitness of the events at about noon, who ran into the office of traffic police officers in building next to the university. According to preliminary data, the attacker is Timur Bekmansurov, a first-year student at the Faculty of Law (born March 8, 2003). On his page on the social network VKontakte, he talked about how he received the weapon, and repeatedly mentioned constantly increasing headaches; immediately before the attack, he wrote that his actions should not be regarded as a terrorist attack, that he was not a member of extremist organizations and was not religious. A few hours after the attack, the account has been blocked. At the hospital, Bekmansurov had one leg amputated. On May 12th, the Investigative Committee reported that Galyaviev had previously also repeatedly sought medical help due to severe headaches. In 2020 he was diagnosed with encephalopathy, indicating a brain disease. We assume the history of his medical card and the tracking changes shall be a subject of a separate investigation.

Based on a comprehensive psychological and psychiatric examination, Timur Bekmansurov was recognized as sane. On September 23rd, 2021, the head of the investigative department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the Perm Territory, S. Yu. Sarapultsev committed suicide. During the investigation of the incident, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation opened a case against the university management. Rector of PSNIU Dmitry Krasilnikov, First Vice-Rector Pavel Blus, and Deputy Chairman of the Anti-Corruption Commission of the University Mikhail Mukhachev were accused of provision of services that do not meet security requirements. An employee of the National Guard, Natalya Golovanova, in 2018 signed and approved papers on the examination of the territory of the university. She did not indicate the violations in the organization of security rules. As discovered later, the warning and evacuation management system in the event of a terrorist act was inoperable.

We believe that this crime is a terrorist act. In our opinion, based on the results of our investigation, we guess it was organized and carried out by the same group of persons who previously organized and carried out the crimes of mass execution in Kazan (reference case), the mass execution in the Ostrov hypermarket, and the fire in the Lame Horse. We assume, that yesterday's schoolboy, a first-year student, could not be independent in his decisions. He could not independently acquire equipment and materials for committing a terrorist attack and did not have the opportunity to self-prepare for it, including training in handling weapons.

In modern terrorist organizations, there is a stand-alone "product line" - kids-soldiers. Terrorist organizations train kids to kill, handle the weapon, and wash their brains to prepare a child to commit crimes - in particular, to kill people. We assume that Bekmansurov was sane and that an attempt will be undertaken to declare him insane with the help of falsified medical records. We expect the appearance of any diagnosis from the nosology of mental disorders. We think, that this diagnosis most likely already was or will be made by a neurologist or psychiatrist and that Bekmansurov will or already was prescribed some drugs, presumably not intended for the treatment of a disease with symptoms of which he applied. We also think that presumably at the time of the terrorist attack, Bekmansurov was under the influence of some chemical warfare agent that provoked such behavior or any drugs or substances which leave traces that can be easily erroneously mixed with the usual drugs. We assume that Bekmansurov was under the influence of the same substance, under which Evsyukov committed the crime. We expect that the drug prescriptions in the cases of Evsukov, Galyaviev, and Bekmansurov were similar, or at least overlapped. We believe that Bekmansurov and Galyaviev were treated for headaches, where they have allegedly prescribed drugs treatment that did not meet the standard of treatment for this nosology "headache." We expect that other substances were prescribed, including those that Major Yevsyukov took, or which had the headache as a side effect.

We consider this crime was a meta-message translated to a certain high level of public officials. We believe that the date of the September 20 (20.09) attack was not chosen by chance and means "the year 2009," to refer to some high-profile events of 2009. In 2009 there were a bunch of such events. Initially, we considered versions that this could have been a terrorist attack in the Lame Horse club (coincidence in the city), the murder of Magnitsky (coincidence in participants), the execution of Major Evsyukov (coincidence in a series of crimes), the departure of Oleg Yakovlev from Russia (coincidence in participants). The date of birth of Bekmansurov is similar to the date of the birth of Oleg Yakovlev. Both were lawyers. Given the context of the crime (date 2009 and the amputation of Bekmansurov's leg, presumably without medical indications) and how members of the Alfa Group and PJSC AFK Sistema communicate in this way, we consider this attack a reference to the Lame Horse attack, or the transmission of a message of revenge or a reminder for the Lame Horse somehow linked to Oleg Yakovlev. We suppose that the "message" initially intended to translate the information to the National Antiterror Committee and its chairman or Alfa-Antiterror special division. Also, the purpose of the attack could be a kind of transmission of a meta-message, a "hint" to some high-ranking person, reminiscent of these events. That completely refutes the version of an accidental fire or negligence in 2009 at the Lame Horse club. At the same time, that confirms the hypothesis that the fire at Lame Horse was a pre-planned terrorist attack and that its perpetrators knew what they were doing, and the criminals promised them non-prosecution. Anyway, that is soundproof of both - the seriality of the crimes, and the lack of independence of Bekmansurov's actions.

The second version is that this terrorist act intended to prepare the ground base for the resignation of the governor of the Perm Territory, Makhonin. Reshetnikov was a man of PJSC AFK Sistema. Makhonin is presumably not engaged with them and put on review or stopped the projects started by Reshetnikov. We have no positive information about Reshetnikov, primarily with his activities in Moscow, and will write about this separately.

We assume that Bekmansurov got the financing through computer games, social networks (presumably through the VKontakte network), or credit cards of the banks mentioned in the Kazan Columbine case. We believe that Bekmansurov, like the perpetrators of the Lame Horse attack, was aware of what he was doing. Presumably, criminals promised him non-prosecution as well. E.g., the perpetrators of the Lame Horse attack, who set fire to the club and turned it into a live barbecue of people, were sentenced to a monstrous death of 156 people for approximately two years in a colony of the general regime. In particular, Prokopieva was sentenced to eight months. We consider this case also a reference for the attempted arson of Raevskaya-Repnina's house together with her and her dogs. We also believe that a full-fledged investigation of all the circumstances of Sarapultsev's death is required. Taking into consideration all the case's aspects, it is not a suicide.

Finally, these two cases - fire in the Lame Hose and Perm Columbine together provide a direct reference to the Braunsteiner Case.

Hermine Braunsteiner (German: Hermine Braunsteiner, married Hermine Braunsteiner-Ryan; July 16th, 1919, Vienna, Austria - April 19th, 1999, Bochum, Germany) was a concentration camp overseer during World War II. She committed the crimes while working as deputy commandant of the women's section of the Majdanek camp, where she got the nickname the "Treading Mare" as she kicked and trampled the prisoners to death. She became the first Nazi criminal extradited from the United States to Germany. She was imprisoned from 1981 to 1996. Died in 1999. The 3rd Majdanek Trial became the longest and most expensive in German history: it began on November 26th, 1975, and ended on June 30th, 1981 (a total of 474 meetings were held).

One of the witnesses against Hermine testified that she "grabbed the children by the hair and threw them into the gas chambers." Another spoke of steel-studded boots with which she stabbed prisoners.

Due to insufficient evidence, the court dropped three of the original six charges against Braunsteiner-Ryan; the indictment found her responsible for killing 80 people, complicity in the killing of 102 children and contributing to the death of 1,000 people. She was sentenced to life imprisonment - the most severe punishment among the other defendants. Complications from diabetes, including a leg amputation, led to Hermina being released in 1996. She died on April 19th, 1999, in Bochum, Germany.

Thus, in the context of the litigation (see Vanguard, Gœring, and 3rd Reich cases), we believe that the two terrorist acts - the fire in the Lame Horse and the Perm Columbine were a revenged or reminder of the Treading Mare's death and imprisonment. Both criminal cases - fire in Lame Horse and Perm Columbine shall be merged and requalified to the one terrorist act, combined with the Vanguard, 3rd Reich, and Nord-Ost cases. These terrorist acts were financed at cost of the criminal group described in the Greenpeas clause below. Read the Vanguard, 3rd Reich, and Nord-Ost cases as well.


Kazan Columbine

The massacre in gymnasium No. 175 (Republic of Tatarstan) on May 11th, 2021, in Kazan on Dzhaudata Faizi Street. As a result of the explosion and shooting, nine people were killed and 32 were injured. After the shooting, the attacker, Ilnaz Galyaviev, was detained. Before attacking the gymnasium on the morning of May 11, Galyaviev set fire to his apartment in three places and scattered an enormous amount of ammonium nitrate on the kitchen floor. However, the fire soon went out, and the six-story building did not explode. As a result of the attack, Galyaviev killed nine people: seven students of grade eight aged 14 to 15, two teachers - 26-year-old English teacher Elvira Ignatieva, and 55-year-old primary school teacher Venera Aizatova; eight people died directly at the scene of the incident, one person died in the hospital. The first expertise in the Institute of Serbsky proves the insanity of Galyaviev at the moment of the massacre. The second expertise confirmed his mental health. The condition of temporary insanity, if occurred, showed that Galyaviev acted under the impact of a chemical substance. Presumably, he could use one of the drugs applied as a chemical weapon medicament for military or intelligence purposes (Bz, LSD, and others whose pharmacodynamics can provoke the act of temporary insanity together with hallucinations, acts of atrocity, and acute psychosis). The drug version does not exclude the probability of commercial shooting - the material benefit acquired by this crime commitment. Chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Alexander Bastrykin explained the result of the first examination by “the fact of the influence on Galyaviev of the ideas of the Columbine subcultural movement was not taken into account.” However, the absence of Columbine beliefs does not make a person insane or mentally ill. According to the announcement of Bastrykin, the expertise assumed that the insane with the Columbine beliefs were mentally healthy.

We assume that the people who managed Galyaviev provided him with chemicals under the influence of which he committed this crime. We guess he received special training to carry out this terrorist act. It seems unlikely that yesterday schoolboy, on his own, without any mentorship and lengthy training, was able to purchase explosives, firearms, and ammunition, carry out a mass execution of people, and also independently manufacture explosives. We assume that Galyaviev did not study these academic disciplines at school. To shoot nine people, Galyaviev had to train somewhere, which required both a place, a weapon, and ammunition. These crimes are also technically complex, require the supply of firearms, explosives, and chemicals, infrastructure for education and training, and clearly could not be carried out by sprout schoolboy on his own, spontaneously and in one day.

The same applies to the phenomenon of Columbine mistakenly presented to the population as a riot of kids who disagreed with the bullying. For a child to go and shoot 40 people, he must have a weapon and ammunition, and he shall be trained very well and be able to shoot well and learn this somewhere. Also, this "child" must eat something - hallucinogenic drugs that cause a temporary burst of aggression but do not cause drowsiness - to shoot his classmates in the face. Otherwise, such a child shall be insane. The insanity itself is never found out in terrorist cases. The terrorists possess the mind of a serial killer, who in 99% of cases is recognized as sane by psychiatry expertise. The psychiatry expertise, as well as modern psychiatry, is badly qualified to understand the physiology of the serial killer's mind to put the diagnosis. Nevertheless, these persons are insane and have serious brain damages which can be investigated only by several narrow experts who are specializing in this discipline, and who are just a few. If we check their records, no law enforcement agencies applied to them with the investigation of serial killers' minds, including Columbine perpetrators. Mass murder crimes require a clean brain and strong self-control. Strong discipline, self-organization, detailed planning, and full consciousness are distinguishing characteristics of mass murderers and serial killers. Nobody of them was considered insane. Miscreants who committed terrorist actions were aware of what they were doing. That is the time-consuming preparation of technically complicated violence and intentional crime commitment. We believe that such a phenomenon as Columbine is not a protest phenomenon of teenagers. It is an independent stream of white terrorist activity, like Braiwik, but engaging children of the same nation as victims. Preparation of kids-soldiers is a special stream of the terrorist organization activity. Kids themselves cannot commit these crimes without intensive perennial training. Such terrorist acts are executed by people who trained in terrorism far long before the crime. And, of course, this is not the riot of kids as a protest against mobbing. This related to every such case, including the first one, which occurred in Columbine school, in the US, as well as the recent Texas mass shooting. We shall note, that the US and Russia suffer from the same crimes. Thus, both countries are victims of the same criminal group. Read more in Gœring, 3d Reich, Vanguard, and Nord-Ost cases.

In this regard, the crime in Kazan should be considered a terrorist act. The failure to establish all the circumstances of the case, as well as the customers and organizers of the crime, discrepancies in the examinations, including sanity, the lack of data on biochemical studies made by Galyaviev, the investigative actions not carried out in full, lead to the conclusion that the investigation may be biased. We guess, Galyaviev was guaranteed to cover for his crime and that he was promised non-prosecution, allegedly due to insanity. That is also one of the working versions for Evsyukov's case. Confirmation of the version of the terrorist attack against Galyaviev may be the identification of the receipt by him or members of his family of property benefits directly in the period preceding the crime or after the execution. We also suppose that in addition to the financing in Counter-Strike, Galyaviev might get the financing for his activity through social media, other gaming activity, or multiple credit cards (about 10) issued by Tinkoff, Russky Standard, MTS-Bank, or AK Bars bank, and, probably, they were not issued in his name. We assume that the investigation should establish where and how an offshore company was registered for Galyaviev or persons associated with him, to whose account the reward for the terrorist act was transferred. Galyaviev's actions should be re-qualified, and the materials transferred under the jurisdiction of the FSB of Russia. Since this case is a reference for the Esyukov case and the Permian counterpart, the criminal cases shall be combined. In particular, we assume that these cases had the same customer and organizer since, in addition to the similarity in methods of execution, the geography of the commission of crimes (Tatarstan, Perm, Moscow), coincides with the geography of the central criminal activity of the organized criminal community we are considering.



The Evsyukov case is a criminal case on charges of police major Denis Evsyukov of two murders and 22 attempted murders (including attempts on police officers) on the night of April 27th, 2009, and illegal possession of weapons and ammunition. The basic part of the events took place in the Moscow supermarket "Ostrov" on Shipilovskaya street and near it. As a result of the shooting, Evsukov killed two and wounded seven. On February 19th, 2010, Evsyukov was found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment. Currently, he is serving a sentence in the colony "Polar Owl."

The former head of the Tsaritsyno police department, Denis Evsyukov, is being tested as a witness in the "Euroset case." According to a law enforcement source, in 2003, the South Administrative Department of Internal Affairs falsified a criminal case against Andrey Vlaskin, a freight forwarder from the Iled M company, who was suspected by the Euroset security service of stealing phones. At that time, Yevsyukov worked in the fifth operational-search unit of the South Administrative Department of Internal Affairs, which started the so-called Vlaskin wanted a card. He was also responsible for the search for "hiding from the investigation" Vlaskin. According to the investigation, in 2003, the Euroset security service suspected Vlaskin of stealing a batch of mobile phones totaling 20 million rubles. The phones that the forwarder allegedly stole were contraband, and representatives of the company could not write an official statement to the police. Investigators believe that the company's executives developed an informal and mutually beneficial relationship with some police officers who helped them track down and kidnap the freight forwarder.

According to investigators, the police fabricated a criminal case against Vlaskin about the theft of a batch of mobile phones for 900 thousand rubles, backing it up with fake invoices falsified by Euroset. On this basis, Evsyukov officially put Vlaskin on the wanted list, after which he was detained and handed over to the Euroset security service. Similarly, Alfa-Bank initiated criminal proceedings against Sergei Bobylev and Oleg Yakovlev, as set out in this section and the description of the Sunrise project. After Vlaskin was detained, with the help of a falsified criminal case, security officers from the Euroset company transported Vlaskin from apartment to apartment, beat him, and kept him in handcuffs. He paid the kidnappers $409,000 and 570,000 rubles in money and property. Only five years after these events, Vlaskin decided to report his misadventures to the Investigative Committee under the Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation. On the kidnapping fact, a criminal case was initiated. The accusations were made against the head of the Euroset security service Boris Levin, his deputy Andrey Ermilov and three other employees of the company.

In January 2009, Evgeny Chichvarkin, the CEO and co-founder of Euroset, was accused of kidnapping and extortion. The businessman fled abroad and is still on the international wanted list, blaming "Putin's regime" for his misfortunes. The fact that the Euroset did not pay taxes, kept black records, smuggled goods and money, and beat out cash with the help of "custom" criminal cases, the "talented entrepreneur" Chichvarkin forgot.

Immediately before the criminal case against Evgeny Chichvarkin started, PJSC AFK Sistema made him an offer to acquire Euroset by analogy with Bananamama. Chichvarkin refused the offer to sell the business. Further, a criminal case against him started. After the departure of Chichvarkin, the company came under the control of Alfa Group and PJSC AFK Sistema.

We shall note that a small share in the stolen Euroset company after its capture (which includes such episodes as kidnapping, Evsukov's mass shooting, and murder of Chichvarkin's mother) was received by Ksenia Sobchak. She was not embarrassed by the origin of the share in the company and the circumstances associated with its receipt, including three fresh corpses. Sobchak previously ran for the presidency of the Russian Federation. She repeatedly allows herself to criticize the official authorities of the Russian Federation, including participation in attempts to overthrow the official authorities together with the FBK fund (Bolotnaya, and other actions of mass unrest).

The situation around the Euroset company is a reference case for the Bananamama case. On February 26th, 2009, after the initiation of a criminal case and the filing of charges against Chichvarkin, the main witness and executor of the initiation of a custom-made criminal prosecution used to blame Chichvarking, a non-drinking Major Evsyukov, according to media reports, suddenly appeared in such condition of alcohol and drug intoxication that allowed him to carry out a mass shooting of the civilian population in the Ostrov supermarket from the unusable stolen non-registered weapon. The 9 mm Makarov pistol used by Yevsyukov, according to investigators, has been on the wanted list in the Russian Federation since 2000 as stolen from the weapons storage room of the North Caucasus Department of Internal Affairs of the Rostov Region. As a result of the crime, Evsukov killed two people and seven people were injured. Further, a graduate of the Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, where Yakovlev and Kolokoltsev graduated as well, Yevsyukov, with a long track record, suddenly drew a medical history with a diagnosis of a mental disorder, with which, in principle, he could not be employed by the police. After the incident, a rumor quickly spread that Evsyukov was supposedly a protégé of Vladimir Pronin, head of the Moscow police department, who started his career in the special operation "Werewolves in uniform." On April 28, 2009, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree dismissing Pronin. On September 7, 2009, Medvedev appointed Vladimir Kolokoltsev, a new head of the Moscow Central Internal Affairs Directorate. According to the media, alcohol was found in Yevsyukov's blood, and allegedly a substance of the phenyl group. The circulated versions were that Major Evsyukov was allegedly under the influence of the substance phenibut. There were also numerous discrepancies in the name of the substance under which Evsyukov allegedly was at the time of the execution of people. The drug phenibut was banned for use in many countries as it did not undergo clinical trials in humans and has a wide range of unpredictable side effects. However, it was prescribed to Evsyukov. We assume that the substance that provoked such a condition was not phenibut. The clinical symptoms observed on Yevsyukov at the time of the execution and after it, and presumably immediately before the commission of the crime, correspond to the symptoms observed when exposed to the psychomimetic BOV called Buzz, which is a 3-quinuclidyl ester of hydroxydiphenylacetic acid (3-Quinuclidinyl benzilate). Oxidation can produce N-oxide, which has a cholinergic effect but no psychotropic properties. The acute psychosis caused by the substance has symptoms similar to other anticholinergic substances of central action (loss of orientation, threatening hallucinations, amnesic phenomena, etc.). In addition to acute psychosis, amnesia, and hallucinations, it causes severe depression - the precise clinic picture observed in the case of Evsukov. Immediately before the execution, Yevsyukov received a call from an unknown person. After that, he returned to the cafe where he celebrated his birthday and then went to commit a crime.

The version of the investigation does not stand up to criticism due to a large number of discrepancies in determining the causes of Yevsyukov's condition, as well as the conflicting content of expert examinations, chemical analyzes, in particular, about which drug was contained in Yevsyukov's blood, and case histories. It is also unknown with whom Evsyukov spoke before the execution. Given the context, we assume that Evsyukov (as well as other police officers in the South Administrative District), like Yakovlev, was a crucial part of the corrupt and money-laundering scheme, in particular, functioning through the Euroset company.

Evsukov's medical history is allegedly a fake. We suppose that it was prepared in advance to cover the participants in the scheme. It was fabricated and hidden until the case of problems, when Evsyukov's testimony to other members of the criminal group would be nullified and have no procedural value, and used to avoid criminal prosecution for Evsukov and other members of the criminal group. We assume that Yevsyukov was poisoned by BOV Bz, under the influence of which, without realizing his actions, he committed a crime for which he is currently serving a life sentence. We believe that Yevsyukov did not take this drug of his own free will, but received it from an unknown person, presumably in the form of food, drinks, or medications he takes, possibly mixed with the drug phenibut. The sentence handed down to Evsyukov does not correlate with his medical history, as well as state of Evsyukov. We assume that Evsyukov, as an inconvenient witness, saved his life only by being the owner of compromising evidence on some key person in the scheme, possibly also on Chichvarkin. Therefore, he was not recognized as insane to be able at any moment to get some of his very important testimony for someone. Presumably, the living Yevsyukov, sentenced to life in prison based on materials of examinations and investigations that do not stand up to criticism, is currently a deterrent (an instrument of pressure) for some high-ranking officials. According to our assumptions, since the Evsyukov case was the reason for the removal of Pronin and the appointment of Kolokoltsev, Evsyukov is a key witness capable of testifying, according to which Kolokoltsev will lose his seat. It is also presumed that Evsyukov could have information about the murder of Chichvarkin's mother, in whose death there is also a chemical trace. According to open sources, Chichvarkin's mother was injected with a myorelaxant (also a drug prescribed by neurologists or psychiatrists) into a vein and beaten. According to investigators, the death was "accidental," as Chichvarkin's mother hit her head on the corner of the table. According to Chichvarkin, the whole apartment was covered in blood. The investigation was conducted at the DMIA for the Lomonosovsky district of Moscow, directly on the territory of the Federal Tax Service No. 36, the management and employees of which had previously taken part in the raider seizure and cleansing of the Slater, Eldorado, Bananamama companies, in the raider seizure of the BOOST company. The management and staff of IFTS No. 36 are on Cardin's list in connection with the murder of Magnitsky. In the tax inspection №36, Eldorado was going to resolve the tax case for bribery.

Since no criminal case was initiated at that moment, and taking into account the context and such intersections between the organizers and participants in the case, we believe that the Bz drug itself, like fentanyl, came to Russia through the supply of Eldorado equipment, and Oleg Yakovlev led their delivery. We also assume that Oleg Yakovlev organized a scheme to eliminate Evsyukov to obtain pressure on Kolokoltsev and thereby guarantee their non-prosecution for all the crimes committed. Presumably, Evsyukov, alive and sitting on a life sentence, is a tool for managing Kolokoltsev, who could not help but know about all the "bespredel" (in Russia this means lawlessness) that was happening, who organized, financed, and executed it, and how. We assume that Oleg Yakovlev was not independent in his actions and that the persons from Alfa Group and PJSC AFK Sistema guided him.

Finally, we shall note that PJSC AFK Sistema acted similarly to Raevskaya-Repnina in BOOST's case. When she was seeking medical help at the EMC with a stroke, instead, without the proper diagnosis, she got the diagnosis of a headache. Instead of the prescription following the related medical standard, she was prescribed lethal doses of psychotropic and neuroleptic substances, directly contraindicated to her condition of stroke and chronic drug allergy. Among them were the drug phenibut and heavy myorelaxant lately used during the murder of Chichvarkin's mother.


Invisible Slayters

"The average policeman in all of our large American cities is wholly ignorant of criminal slang and its meaning; he is what the underworld calls a "harness bull," to-wit, an officer in uniform, and the average criminal treats his knowledge with contempt, and well he might because as far as any knowledge of the subject goes he is on a mental "tract 13 and a washout." (Sullivan, J. M. (n.d.). Criminal Slang. JSTOR. Retrieved May 29, 2022, from https://www.jstor.org/stable/pdf/1106384.pdf).

Russia is no different from America. People are blind, deaf, and dumb as soon as it comes to criminal jargon and the special language of the underworld. It is not taught in law schools, and this area of ​​​​knowledge is not updated and seriously researched. This has an extremely negative impact on both the level of crime and the detection of crimes. This area of ​​knowledge is grossly erroneously not considered necessary for police training at all. Not knowing this language, and not learning it, is like graduating from school in Russia without knowing the Russian language.

Trying to uncover the murder of Magnitsky, numerous terrorist attacks, to establish the sources of financing of the Ukrainian massacre, our law enforcement agencies give the impression of children who, not knowing Russian and not being able to read, are trying to write a doctoral dissertation in linguistics.

They do not even notice the correspondence of criminals right in front of their noses on 3x6 billboards. What can we say about the much more subtle sense of much more sophisticated messages and communications that are intended for people with an extraordinary level of intelligence and incredibly educated?

In 2018, Oleg Yakovlev announced that he was working as a laborer in the monastery containing the Church of the Holy Blessed Matrona. 113 S. Federal Hwy, Dania Beach, FL 33004. Yakovlev explained his desire to work in the monastery by the discovery of the church organization model. He has said that it was very reasonable, and effective, and he intended to use it in business. Later we discovered that it was not an intention. The criminal group successfully applied the church business model in all senses of this phrase. Particularly, based on our investigation, we concluded that the criminals used the church "model" to give bribes, finance special assignments - like murders, fraud, and terrorist acts, pay cash allowances to the corrupted officials and engaged in the activities of this criminal group the employees the FSB of Russia, territorial divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the prosecutor's office, the investigative committee, judges, but, moreover the US public officials, congressmen, and the staff of the FED, and the US Agency of National Security. In particular, we suppose that presumably through this channel the FED public officials, IMF public officials, SEC, US presidents Barak Obama, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, judges in New York, California, the US Superior Courts, senators Benjamin Cardin and Ron Wyden, the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson were the recipients of the briberies to introduce sanctions against Russia, to pass Magnitsky Act, CROOK Act, and organize the other forms of illegal seizure of Russia's state-owned assets. The criminal group, its hierarchy, and its financial organization, including "obschak" holding and distribution, reproduced the church hierarchy and the territorial accountability principles. The positions inside the church hierarchy corresponded to the roles of criminals in the criminal organization. On top of that was "papa," - the Dad Nose. It was the crowned thief-in-law whose hierarchical place matched his patriarch's position in the church. The criminals of the lower rank got the posts of archbishops, bishops, and metropolitans. "Shushara" (low-leveled thieves-in-law) became the priests. Fortunately, the whole criminal structure was unable to substitute the whole church model. That is obvious that there are no reliable precise data about the exact number of thieves-in-law. Thieves-in-law has many traditions to regulate their population by using falsified passports and changing their names and personal details including birth date, birthplace, and other core attributes. Also, they use extravagant ways to save their lives through plastic surgery, announcements of their death, imitation of the death, and later sink to the bottom using the disguise of priests. Based on our estimations, we consider that the total share of faked priesthood in the Russian Orthodox Church (including Old Believers) is fluctuating within the 25% limit of the priesthood population. It is damn too much anyway.

The problem is that the history of the priesthood in Russia includes, among other things, mass priesthood imprisonment during the Soviet period. The line between an imprisoned priest and a thief-in-law who has turned into a priest is faded. Oddly enough, it is allowed by the religion of Orthodoxy. The official church has no obstacles to repentance. There are no established time limits of its commission when a person can turn to God. The parable of the vinedresser says to us: "Take what is yours and go your way. I wish to give to this last man the same as to you" (20:14, Matthew). A person who takes Christianity a minute before death will go to heaven, no matter how he lived his life before that. In ancient times, people sought to have a good time and be baptized just before death. There is no difference in the resurrection. However, that affects the quality of life. Also, "a human suddenly dies." Nobody knows when death comes. The only exception is if a person received his status as a clergyman by deceit or bought it, having no intention of serving God. The real problem occurs when the criminals continue to commit crimes, being undercovered due to the outstanding protection and unprecedented permissiveness in legal position granted by the priesthood status. A criminal disguised as a priest will remain undetected for an extremely long time since it would never occur to anyone that a dangerous criminal could be hiding behind the attire of a priest or monk. No one forbids a thief-in-law to repent and take monastic orders. If the newly baked priest uses this dignity to commit crimes, that is a monumental problem - almost impossible to discover such criminals primarily due to the psychological perception of infallibility. In our case, based on the results of the investigation, when we studied the history of these trading places, we suppose that the repainting of the thieves-in-law into the ecclesiastics was not repentance, and had the primary target to get the convenient structure to serve the achievement of the criminal objectives. The most important indicator is that they came into the priesthood by deception and fraud. That entails, among other consequences, the complete invalidity of their decisions regarding the church, including the appointment and resignation of the priesthood.

The model of the coronation of thieves-in-law turned out to be very similar to ordination or consecration in the church. Every temple was responsible for a definite district. E.g., New Jerusalem Monastery presumably covered up the operations of the criminals in Istra. Pokrovsky monastery covered up the operations of UVD TSAO (The Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Moscow Central District). Zhivonosny Istochnk in Tsaritsyno, including Tsaritsino lieu, covered up Orekhovskaya OPG operations and OMVD Tsaritsino.

As we said before, there is no coincident matching in occurrences. In particular, in the Zhivonisny Istochnik church, for an unknown reason, on the central part of the tabernacle, the giant Old Believer cross hung on the main throne above the royal doors. The website of the temple had the name Life Spring. The rector of the temple has the name, Oleg. Later these facts helped us identify the connection between criminals and their roles.

Over time, the mixture between the thieves and the underworld and the ecclesiastics became quite similar. More precisely, according to our assumptions, it merged to the point of complete mixing and coexistence.

The Cathedral of St. Matrona of Moscow in Miami, where Oleg Yakovlev worked, was founded in 2011. Since 2016, the St. Helena Children's School has been operating at the Miami Cathedral. Miami Cathedral of St. Matrona of Moscow was the spiritual center of Florida. This appointed rector of the temple was Father Alexander (Belya). The original appointment of a full namesake from the TV series Alexander Bely's Brigade, the bandit and thieve-in-law as a priest in the temple of the Matrona USA, is not a cute joke or a coincidence.

According to the Rubic, "Under the vaults of the temple, all the nationalities of the region united in common prayer." Believers came to worship from Miami and beyond, and traveled to the monastery for many hours. After Yakovlev's work, serious passions began to boil around the Church of St. Matrona in Miami. Its rector Alexander Belya was banned from priestly service. Belya was prohibited to wear a cassock, hold services, engage in administrative work, and communicating with the flock. Rubic wrote: "If we draw analogies with worldly positions, Father Alexander was the mayor of the city and then received the post of vice-governor. Next, he was immediately removed from both positions, demanded to give the keys to the treasury, and stop communicating with the townspeople."

After the "laborer" Oleg Yakovlev worked in the church that led to this scandal, the priest who received the rank of the bishop over a wealthy parish suddenly became an outcast. An investigation began against father Alexander. He was accused of financial violations, indecent behavior, and other ridiculous things. Also, in the mass media, the parishioners complained about the inappropriate behavior of the priesthood, obscene jokes, and the fact that the monastery was transformed into a trading house. The parish also claimed that the monastery sold honey from the monastery, which did not produce. Fraud is unacceptable in the church. However, in the Pokrov Monastery in Moscow, we see the same alarming indicators of monastery fraud that immediately call into question both the reality of the abbess's personality, and the legitimacy of her appointment (which we consider illegal because we are convinced that the real Aleksey Ridiger was killed far long before her appointment), and forces to ask more unpleasant questions - what else is happening on the territory of the monastery, which is an ideal cover for crime?

Thus, in Miami that was not the only priest bishop dismissal. All of them were accomplished by the one typical model - the prospective bishop, archbishop, or metropolitan who had the respect and authority from the church community, with the long duration of bishop status and for many years was responsible for the managing of the flourishing wealthy monastery, at one day was strangely discharged, removed, and followed the accusation of "financial violations" supported by the mass slander distribution in the mass media regarding the homosexuality, sexual promiscuity, and the blaming for other sodomy sins. After the dismissal, a new priest was appointed. Usually, that was the younger man without bishop experience, with no option to take the patriarch chair. Most of them were taken from locations that precisely matched the geography of the criminal operations: Moscow, Kazan, Kazakhstan, Krasnodar, Saint Petersburg, and Samara. We are talking about the reference cases. So this strange turnover of priests brought us the idea that the patriarch did not want to keep the strong church community leadership to have a strong successor. We did not believe that the patriarch was immortal. So we assumed, for unknown reasons, he wanted to keep pace with someone else by eliminating the bishop who has a strong position in the spiritual community. Also, we noted that all dismissals were pursued by a disgusting ambiguous veil averting the flock and destroying the church community grown by the demoted bishop.

Metropolitan Tikhon (in the world Georgy Alexandrovich Shevkunov; born July 2nd, 1958, Moscow) is the Bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church, Metropolitan of Pskov and Porkhov, head of the Pskov Metropolis (since May 2018), hieroarchimandrite and hegumen of the Pskovo-Pechorsky Monastery (since July 14th, 2018). From 1995 to 2018, he was the abbot of the Sretensky Monastery in Moscow, Chairman of the Patriarchal Council for Culture, and Co-Chairman of the Church-Public Council for Protection from the Alcohol Threat. As a church writer and screenwriter, he is the chief editor of the Internet portal pravoslavie.ru. From 1998 to 2001, with the brethren of the Sretensky Monastery, he repeatedly traveled to Chechnya with humanitarian aid for the Orthodox residents of the region. Bishop Tikhon led one of the most flourishing monasteries with a wealthy flock. Since the 2000s, he has had a reputation as a person close to the Kremlin and confessor of Vladimir Putin.

For many years Tikhon fed the grateful flock. Many parishioners respected him and became the readers of Non-holy Saints book (Nesvyatye Svyatye), written by him and released in August 2011. Non-holy Saints became a bestseller and has gone through 25 editions. It was published in more than 3,000,000 copies in 13 foreign languages and became a turning point for Orthodox book publishing. The bestseller conquered the secular reader with stories about Father John Krestyankin, the routine of the monastery, and other engaging tales cutting the barriers between the traditional church, and secular readers.

Non-holy Saints was a breakthrough. In addition to a breakthrough in the literary genre and the substantial religious spirit, the book brought a meaningful commercial success. Non-holy Saints and souvenirs were widely successfully sold. A literary cafe Nesvyatye Svyatye and a bookstore began to develop. Shops existed in a separate building in the center of Moscow, outside the monastery.

However, on May 14th, 2018, by decision of the Holy Synod, Bishop Tikhon was appointed the ruling bishop of the Pskov diocese, the head of the Pskov metropolis, while retaining the post of chairman of the Patriarchal Council for Culture, and was exiled out from Moscow.

On May 19th, 2018, by order of Patriarch Kirill, he was relieved of the post of the abbot of the Sretensky Monastery in Moscow and the position of rector of the Sretensky Theological Seminary. In both roles, he was replaced by the clergy of the Sretensky Monastery by Hieromonk John (Ludishchev). On May 20th, on the eve of his departure for the Pskov Metropolis, he passed the last worship at the Sretensky Monastery and said goodbye to his Moscow flock and monastery. Since it was impossible to find compromising facts and ruin his reputation, the exile was framed with a shameful story that discredited not just the image of the abbot, but the appearance of the monastery itself. Instead of a saint temple for the churching of secular parishioners, in the care of which Vladimir Putin took part, the monastery's representation was turned into a harlot. The organized criminal community was extremely capable of such a kind of vile meanness. That is, not directly, but to create such an image discrediting the concept of the monastery, which is a person educated at the subconscious level, will cause disgust or ridicule. Turning a monastery into an object for mockery and desecrating a shrine is the traditional handwriting of criminals.

The successor of Tikhon (Shevkunov) who is the author of the book Unholy Saints, was unknown John Ludishchev. As we noted, there were no coincident events, and every detail had sense. Ludishchev, by the idea of criminals, shall remind about the combination of two words - L from Luka, and the surname Mudischev. It was a direct reference to the title of the book called Luka Mudishchev. So, instead of the Non-holy Saints bestseller, the criminals created another image of the monastery associated with the book Luka Mudishchev.

"Luka Mudishchev" is a "shameful" poem written by an unknown author in the 19th century, whose Russian nationality and origin were confirmed never. A few weeks before Shevkunov's exile in 2018, Nouvelles Éditions Place published the first-ever French translation of Luka Mudishchev. The author of the idea was the Swiss writer and publisher Samuel Brussels. The translator was Kristina Zeytunyan-Belous lived in France, who grown in France and studied in France, but for unknown reasons, edited the magazine Lettres Russes, presumably the only part of the Russian language - the letters - with which she somehow knew. Except for the letter R at the beginning of the word Russe, there is nothing Russian or literary there. From the magazine and the interpreter, an outraged degree of hatred for Russians and Russia emanated. The hateful content of the magazine had nothing in common with either Russians or Russia, but was engaged in shaming and demonizing the image of our state. The interpreter, Kristina Khachikovna Zeytunyan (the Armenian with a big nose and French passport which she both loves to insert in Russia, mistakenly associated with Russia and Russians) did not have any common with our state or nation. She specialized in the translation of Russian literature that she, Armenian by nationality, does not know by substance, living and studying all her life in France.

By Russian literature, the Armenian Kristina Khachikovna Zeytunyan, equipped with a French passport, meant the miserable examples of the hatred verbiage of the Russian emigration under the influence of grubs that press on the brain, exchanged for conscience. Zeytunyan-Belous Kristina Khachikovna translated into French non-traditional obscene literature without any proof of its' Russian origin getting fame in the distinguished narrow circles of non-Russian cognitively impaired immigration. The people, who like to savor bawdy shit-genital stories. Instead of millions of ancient, classic, and contemporary books published in Old Slavonic, in Russian, written by Russians, and truly read by Russians, they preferred samples of disgusting, repulsive pornographic books, missing the vulgar language, and especially ending of the obscene lexique. If people want to eat shit, we cannot prohibit them from doing so. However, we strongly disagree with using their unhealthy love for shit as a ground base for the conclusion that shit is a regular everyday food for Russians. For translation, a version of the poem was taken, compiled, and published by Georgy Suvorov and Kirill Radin as part of the Barkoviana project. They presented this book at the Paris Book Fair on March 17th, 2018, to put in the Bibliothèque Nationale de France and in the Slavic fund of the Strasbourg University Library. We regret that among the many masterpieces of Russian poetry, these unhealthy people read only the miserable obscene writings of the unknown writer without any proof of Russian origin, and strongly deposited in their minds. We assume that is a deal of honor to move this shameful nation pornographic book out of both libraries and eliminate any reference of that to Russia. If Armenian and French love this crap, please, put this piece of shit into your sections of libraries in your languages remembering to notice the special love of pornography.

Due to the input of Armenian Kristina Khachikovna Zeytunyan and three cognitively impaired lovers of Barkovsky, there were no more worthy books to be placed in the Slavic fund of the library in Strasbourg which was "coincidentally" combined with the resignation of the author of the bestseller in Russia book Non-holy Saints. Allow us to quote the book, that, in the opinion of Armenian Kristina Khachikovna Zeytunyan and three mentally ill persons spent so many efforts and money to translate this piece of crap, now representing the regular image of the Russian literature in Strasbourg, instead of the truly bestselling book Non-holy Saints, which is already sold in millions of copies in 13 languages in many countries. We cannot forbid four mentally ill people to study shit and genitals thematics.

In Moscow lives a young and rich merchant's wife, distinguished by lustfulness and a desire to copulate ten or more times a day. Her husband dies a year after the wedding, unable to bear the constant frantic carnal pleasures. To satisfy her sexual hunger, the merchant begins to have sex with everyone, but after three years, this occupation ceases to give her pleasure since no one can satisfy her. She soon becomes obsessed with finding a man with a huge cock. She turns to the petty-bourgeois matchmaker Matryona Markovna, who "was considered a clever matchmaker in all merchant houses." The merchant's wife asks to find her "a strong dick, healthy, no less than an eight-pointer." The story goes on about Luka Mudishchev and the ancient noble family of the Mudishchevs, whose representatives had estates, villages, and big dicks. At the agreed time, the matchmaker brings the prettier Luka to the merchant's wife. As soon as Luka begins to copulate with her, the merchant's wife bitterly regretted it: "As if a drawbar had been thrust into her, the widow began to scream and called all the saints for help." Matchmaker Matryona comes running to the merchant's wife's cries, but Luka hits her on the head with a phallus, as a result of which she dies from a skull fracture. Soon Luka himself dies, as the merchant's wife (in other editions - the matchmaker) bites off (in other editions - tears off) his scrotum. In the end, the merchant's wife herself dies from severe injuries.

We regret that out of all forms of life on earth, all kinds of activities, objects, entities, and hobbies, these people have chosen that for themselves. But we strongly dissent to present that mastershit of genital craft as the only example of Russian literature and the mentality of Russians. That discredits the image of the President of Russia, the public officials, the official church, and the parishioners of the monastery.

So, instead of the Nesvyatuye Svyatuye (Non-holy Saints), the public has been offered this piece of tabloid pornography name as a masterpiece of traditional Russian literature. Lovely, in the opinion of Kristina Khachikovna Zeytunyan, who adores such a kind of poetry.

We are sure that it was a goal to disgrace and crap the Russian Orthodox Church and its episcopes then only by creating for his image the image of the abbot of the monastery, which has a direct reference to the brothel. No need to look for random mistakes and coincidences here. Several resignations of the episcopate, leading the most grateful from the point of view of the flock, and the well-to-do parishes, cannot be an accident, just like the technique of resignation. One day, all the bishops, after decades of meritorious service, suddenly faced accusations of financial violations, fornication, and homosexuality, and got such an image for both the abbot and the monastery that it was the only right to burn from shame and the parishioners of such a church. Bishops who had a good chance of taking the patriarchal chair or positions in the episcopate and leaders of wealthy flourishing monasteries all were subject to the same-kind resignation.

We met several reviews on the Internet about how Tikhon himself wanted to go to Pechory. We cannot confirm this bullshit widely distributed about his hot pursuit to leave Moscow and Sretensky Monastery. He did not want to go to any Pechory. He gave the last speech, and there was bitterness, despair, and humility in it, nothing like joy. Coincidentally, we visited this liturgy on May 20th, 2018, which Bishop Tikhon served at last at the Sretensky Monastery.

After he left, instead of the book Unholy Saints, the flock of the Sretensky Monastery was armed with the image of Luka Mudishchev. That explains the dismissal of Bishop Tikhon and who got the church community of the Sretensky Monastery. In addition to depriving Vladimir Putin of spiritual support and gaining control over a bread place with a wealthy flock, it was just a mockery and outrage. There is no reasonable explanation for exiling away from Moscow the bishop after 20 years of impeccable service, who, coincidentally, was the confessor of Vladimir Putin, the author of the book Unholy Saints bringing hundreds of people to the temple and became believers, and instead put an unknown monk with a surname, which is consonant with the title of an obscene pornographic book.


Possum Sanctuary

Opossums (lat. Didelphidae) are any of various small to medium-sized, nocturnal, chiefly arboreal marsupial mammals of Australia and New Guinea. They have thick, soft fur, a prehensile tail, and a rounded head with protruding eyes. These species are mainly herbivorous. Opossums include the most ancient and least specialized marsupials, which appeared at the end of the Cretaceous and have not changed much since then. All living representatives of the possum family inhabit the New World. Most of the marsupials of South America became extinct after the appearance of a natural bridge between South and North America, along which new species began to penetrate from north to south. Only opossums were able to endure the competition and even spread north, on the territory of North America, mainly on its Eastern part, and on the coast of California, close to Mexico.

The closest relatives of American opossums are rat opossums.

An injured or severely frightened opossum falls, pretending to be dead. At the same time, the possum's eyes glaze over, foam flows from its mouth, and the anal glands emit a secret with an unpleasant odor. This imaginary death often saves the life of the opossum. The pursuer, after sniffing the motionless body, usually leaves. Sometime later, the opossum "comes to life" and runs away. If you feel the odor of dead possum, you shall know that this stinky with soft fur is alive.

Since 2020, information began to be massively disseminated in the media that Patriarch Kirill (Gundyaev) and thief-in-law Yaponchik (Vyacheslav Kirillovich Ivankov) are the same people. As arguments, a comparison of photographs of unknown origin with the image of Ivankov, and a photograph of him, only in patriarchal vestments, is given. The second argument in addition to the portrait similarity of Ivankov's photograph, and his photo already in patriarchal vestments is operating on the facts of coincidences in the year of the dates of the enthronement of Patriarch Kirill and the murder of Ivankov.

This information was not refuted by the Russian Orthodox Church. Some kind of rebuttal was distributed for unknown reason by the Ukrainian newspapers, only in the yellow press with the comments "UNREASONABLE," or "THIS IS NOT TRUE." As arguments, Ukrainian publications cited photographs of a person resembling Patriarch Kirill in patriarchal vestments and a photo of "Vyacheslav Ivanko." In the "comparable" photographs which were presented as an argument for the "untruth" that Ivankov and Kirill are the same people, the patriarch was wearing a miter, and the Ivankov was wearing glasses.

These clothes hid the most striking features of the portrait similarity: the lowered outer edge of the eyelid, circular creases, the crease between the eyebrows, and the characteristic transverse wrinkles above the forehead. In the "reference" photos, the profile of the nasolabial folds visually varied due to the 180% of angle difference. The photo of the patriarch was taken from the top down. At the same time, the picture of Ivankov was taken from the bottom up. By comparing these uncomparable photos, the "respectful" Ukrainian yellow paper concluded (verbatim quote): "Vyacheslav Ivanko died in 2009 from peritonitis in an oncology center. Kirill received the post of the patriarch in 2009. At the same time, since 1991, Kirill was in the rank of metropolitan. Since then, Cyril has appeared at numerous events. There is no reason to assert that Yaponchik in a certain way "turned" into Patriarch Kirill."

Having studied this amazingly artistic article, we conducted a small preliminary investigation, which is not final. Based on that, we came to the following horrifying conclusions.

Vyacheslav Kirillovich Ivankov is also known as "Jap," "Kirillich," "Dad," "Japanese," "Grandfather," and "Assyrian son-in-law," born on January 2nd, 1940, Moscow, RSFSR, USSR - October 9th, 2009, ibid., Russia) - Soviet, then Russian criminal, crime boss, and thief-in-law, leader of an organized criminal group in Moscow.

According to open data, Ivankov’s eventful biography since 1972 has many inconsistencies in dates, in particular, concerning the place of his real residence. Where Ivankov was reliably located in the period from 1972 to 1980 is unknown. However, it is known, that he had a Ukrainian mistress, Faina Komisar, who, according to open data, alone, left the love of her life immigrating to the United States in 1974. In 1974, Ivankov was sentenced to approximately 7 months of imprisonment. He escaped that, presumably in 1975. Next, in 1976, Kirill Gundyaev ("Papa Nos," or "Dad Nose") appeared, who had no biography, except for the fact that already in 1976, he was suddenly ordained Archbishop of Vyborg, vicar of the Leningrad diocese, and administrator of the patriarchal parishes in Finland since 1978. That is, Patriarch Kirill did not work either as an altar boy or as a deacon, was not a monk, was not a priest, that is, he was not someone in the church. But suddenly, in 1976, he became an Archbishop. For comparison: Vladyka Theognost, Archbishop of Sergiev Posad, whose service record is known from the date of obedience in the Church of the Savior Not Made by Hands, was appointed Archbishop after 21 (!) years of service to the church. However, it is not only unknown where and what he did about Patriarch Kirill, but also how he turned out to be an Archbishop without any experience of service.

Since all these dates - leaving Ivankov by his mistress alone in Russia around 1974, and the sudden appearance of the newly-appeared Archbishop Kirill in charge of foreign territories occurred in 1976, which, taking into account the general fixation of historical data, can be attributed to an arithmetic error, we believe that there are irremovable doubts to consider that in 1976 a civilian who was ordained to the Archbishop with the name Kirill Gundyaev and Vyacheslav Ivankov is the same person. As long as Ivankov Vyacheslav Kirillovich had a nickname "dad," he took instead of his name the name of his dad "Kirill." Gundiay means a person who has problems with a nose which Ivankov, as a former boxer, had. Ivankov, like a former boxer, traditionally has a broken nose, and he was nasal when talking. So summing his nickname "Dad" and "Nose," - Kirill and Gundiay in normal language - we get Kirill Gundyaev name of the fresh-baked patriarch. The summing of words we also observed in the Luka Mudischev case. So, this love to combine the words gives a clue who presumably "sent the sign" to Vladimir Putin in Sretensky Monastery.

We saw several of his photographs, where he has a very different profile, that is, Ivankov did plastic surgery. A trace of plastic surgery in the form of a transverse scar in the lower half of the nose is visible in his photographs. In the photographs of Patriarch Kirill, we also clearly see the deformation of the nose in approximately the same area where the scar is visible in the photographs of Ivankov.

Even without computer modeling, which can reliably compare the shape of the nose of both characters, taking into account the defects in the available photographs, we assume that the shape of the nose and the defects on it of Ivankov and Patriarch Kirill are similar, that small differences, even if they exist, may either be the result of plastic surgery which Ivankov probably did while trying to restore a broken nasal septum (boxer's disease) or as a result of a natural change in subcutaneous fat.

Since in 1976 an archbishop with a surname from the word "nose" appeared out of nowhere, we assume that this indicates the identity of the personality of Ivankov and Gundyaev, since Ivankov, who has a very characteristic shape of a broken boxer's nose (a dream of a plastic surgeon), problems with his nose and nasality could well have chosen this nickname to form a middle name.

We note that in the photographs of Patriarch Kirill and his videos, there are noses of various shapes.

We note the absence in the public domain of photographs from angles, by analyzing which it would be possible to compare more reliably the visual similarity of the personalities of Ivankov and Gundyaev. We note that the date of the murder of Ivankov, which was recorded on the territory approximately across the road from the Department of Internal Affairs for the South Administrative District, was immediately preceded by the commission of the crime of mass execution by Major Evsukov of people, as a result of which the leadership of the Department of Internal Affairs and the head of the Central Internal Affairs Directorate for Moscow were fired. This means that Ivankov's death was recorded by other people. Previously, the Department of Internal Affairs for the South Administrative District was closely involved in the illegal activities of the Slater group and the Euroset company associated with it, that is, persons associated with Ivankov and an organized criminal group.

Presumably, the imaginary death of Ivankov should have been recorded by people who had never met him before. Since people who were supposedly familiar with him, who were fed by the same criminal group, would probably have discovered that the dead man is not Vyacheslav Ivankov (Yaponchik). Mass media presented that as Ivankov's death from peritonitis in a paid hospital of the Cancer Center on Kashirka. During this period, the Cancer center was headed by Mikhail Davydov, a native of Konotop, Sumy region of Ukraine, of Assyrian origin, presumably a close relative of Ivankov's wife Lidia Aivazova, presumably father-in-law, whose Assyrian origin Ivankov received one of the nicknames "Assyrian son-in-law."

It is assumed that death was the result of a wound he received on July 28th. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia is preparing a set of operational measures to prevent large-scale showdowns that could cause the death of "authority". However, acquaintances of Yaponchik himself say that in recent years he had no influence on the criminal world, but was a simple pensioner, fisherman, and writer, lost, and in his old age, he had already gone fishing. In orthodox Christianity, going fishing is the direct reference to the Matthew and John Gospels that means to be a priest - to catch people.

Adding to this "fishing" by analog with Simon Catcher Pyotr, Ivankov's "love for the Spartan lifestyle," the lack of public appearances (minimum appearances) in combination with the nickname "grandfather" may well indicate that he has performed all these years in a different image. That is, the patriarch appeared out of nowhere, and the cruel killer suddenly disappeared, got his grandfather's urge, and became a retired pensioner without public appearances.

The previous two clauses confirm that the cops received their cash bribes from the church. They are the key to the Evsyukov case. It explains such a brutal massacre since in fact, our "patriarch" controlled all the black cash in our state. In addition to the church, this is also a bank ring. Combined with a tender friendship with the Orekhovskaya OPG and Solntsevskaya OPG, this gives an understanding of why the banking business was the main activity. It also clarifies why the Kazan region makes such a contribution to crime. Because, among other things, Kazan protected the bank, through which the laundering of false avizos passed.

The monument to the Japanese was not put up just after his death. The lads would have thrown off the bazaar. They did not want to erect a monument to a living person. But on the monument he is drawn alive, sitting on a stool. The saint sitting on a stool is a classic icon-painting face for the holy trinity. Having one corpse of alive Ivankov, one patriarch, we assumed that in the trinity must be another character somewhere.

We made assumptions about who else is in the "trinity." This is presumably the Patriarch of the DOC Cornelius and the Eastern American and New York Archbishop Hilarion. All three immediately became archbishops, worldly names are similar to nicknames, and life before ordination was completely erased. Plus, they have symbolically decreasing years of birth according to the seniority of the hierarchy 46, 47, 48. The final answer to this will be given only by exhumation (including the graves of their relatives) and genetic research.

We looked at the recordings of "The Word of the Shepherd" from 1997. Gundy's face did not change. This confirms the fact that Ivankov was ordained in 1976, and Kirill Gundyaev is a fictional person. And that Ivankov was immediately chosen as patriarch, who since 1976 has been carrying out a "pastoral" ministry. The presbyter's mantle provides more protection than body armor. Everything is allowed.

We note the coincidence that friend and financier Ivankov Komarov hails from the city of Kaliningrad, and friend and partner Vladimir Petrovich Yevtushenkov hails from the Smolensk region. For incredible reasons, "Patriarch Ivankov" was appointed metropolitan in these two areas.

We studied the activity of the Forty Forty group and had the opportunity to personally observe their creative activity. This group of strong sports guys, the SS movement, as they call themselves using the logo of the sun on a red and black background, refers us to two things: the coat of arms of the Nazi Reich, and to the abbreviation SS which was called Sergei Timofeev, Sylvester, leader of the Orekhovskaya organized criminal group, friend and comrade Ivankov.

Ivankov had a tender friendship with the Orekhovskaya organized criminal group, which began on Shipilovskaya Street in the Tsaritsyno district, and among other things was especially famous for the principles friends must kill friends, as well as brutal massacres, ritual murders, mass executions under drugs. Shortly before the "death" of Ivankov, on the territory under the jurisdiction of the Department of Internal Affairs for the South Administrative District and the Orekhovskaya OCG, there was a complete replacement and personnel purge of the police after a mass execution under drugs of the Ostrov on Shipilovskaya supermarket by policeman Yevsyukov.

The second magical disappearance on the territory of the Tverskoy OMVD happened to Sylvester, the second favorite territory of the Orekhovskys. In the Tverskoy District Court, in particular, sentences were handed down in the cases of Yakovlev, Bobylev, Borodin, and Akulinin, Magnitsky.

The principle "friends must kill friends" when internal purges were carried out in the Orekhovskaya organized crime group, in which the victim was killed by her friends and relatives, we observed in the case of BOOST, when friends and relatives of Raevskaya - Repnina were hired and paid them money to file false denunciations against her, participated in beatings, attempted murders, beat her and her mother, stole documents and things from her, spread slander - in a word, they participated in the common cause of how to bury Raevskaya-Repnina.

There is information in open sources about paired cases in the Orekhovskaya organized crime group, whose leaders were friends with Ivankov. In 1991, Timofeev and his group began to pay very close attention to the banking business. As a result of active work in this direction, Orekhovskaya OPG began to control about 30 banks in the Central region of Russia.

In addition, Sylvester was engaged in everything that could generate income - the industry of precious stones and precious metals, real estate, and the automobile business, made attempts to seize a certain segment of the oil market. The money from the operations of the group was transferred to foreign banks, and Timofeev himself got married and obtained dual citizenship, becoming an Israeli citizen, Sergei Zhlobinsky.

Thus, starting from 1993 to 1994, the "Orekhovskaya" one of the first criminal structures began to legalize their income. Butorin, realizing that the same fate threatened him, faked his death and emigrated to Spain, where he was arrested and extradited to Russia on March 4th, 2010. September 6th, 2011, sentenced to life imprisonment.

Thus, both the complete name change and the staging of one's death are the norm for this community. The change of name is observed in another episode already among Solntsevskaya - the brothers of Avena, in whom one completely changed his first name, last name, and patronymic, and Vladimir Petrovich Evtushenkov, a native of Smolensk, the diocese of Gundaya, became.

In the life of this motherfucker, an episode went down in history when he was taken with a left passport and rights. Making docks for Kirill Gundyaev costs nothing.

This is well confirmed by the fact that Ivnkov's friend and his financier Felix Komarov became in charge of the XXC and steer the entire financial flow there. A normal patriarch would not let this shit on the threshold there.

Program 200 for "non-state budget funds" under the patronage of the CCC is a) money laundering and b) this is the construction of retail. This is the same business, only completely black and very large. The number of churches in Russia roughly corresponds to the number of grocery stores. And if ordinary retail is used to smuggle money abroad, this retail is used for their own needs, the cash is withdrawn from there, laundered through another retailer, and exported abroad.

As Oleg Yakovlev said, the model of the church is used for management and business structure (AFK ALFA and other freaks). This is territorial jurisdiction, the allocation of money for the construction of an allotment from a common fund in exchange for a share in return, and the readiness to transfer the business to whomever they say at any time. By the way, this is based on the Old Believer tradition. However, Oleg slightly underestimated the merits of the church. He almost spoke. It is not the church that is the control model, but the church is the control system for organized crime.

Comrade Ivankov Timofeev died a rather strange death, as a result of which, following the traces of his burnt business card, with a probability of 70%, the investigation concluded that it was him.

Another newly-appeared patriarch without origin appeared in Russia, with a date of birth 1 year younger than Gundyaya. He also got a younger church - the Old Believer. However, this Old Believer church is very friendly for some reason with Patriarch Kirill Ivankov, almost like in the good old names.

Unlike Ivankov, who almost disappeared with his nose on the photos, Timofeev left beautiful photographs, according to which it can be stated with a high degree of certainty that Timofeev in the photo and the man in the photo of Patriarch Kornily have a fucking portrait resemblance. This is the shape of the brow ridges, but the most important thing that cannot be altered is the open lower eyelid, which exposes the lower part of the eyeball so that the white of the eye from below seems larger than from above the pupil. The structure of the bones of the skull and nose is also similar. Timofeev was not engaged in boxing. He just changed his passport.

On account of the Orekhovskaya massacres, mass executions, and cruel ritual murders, including the transmission of "hello" with severed limbs. Also in the practice of killing friends and acquaintances for "cleansing".

Therefore, Sylvester is most likely responsible for their mokruha now, and the "transmission" of greetings with severed arms and legs.

Since it seems like all the Orekhovskys were either killed or imprisoned, and their cause is still alive, this means that the second patriarch is Kornily Timofeev.

As we remember, Sylvester bore the original Jewish surname Zhlobovsky. In short, next to the Yasha, where you can often observe Gelendvagens with the FSB of Russia bar on the rooms, there is a monument to the courier that is very similar to the tombstone of Sylvester.

The Circle holder of the obshchak was merged in 1994, at the same time a new "financier" Oleg Yakovlev appeared, who was transferred to functions. On December 15th, 1994, thief-in-law Pavel Zakharov was arrested in his mansion for organizing drug trafficking. During interrogations, he behaved defiantly and insulted the investigator. There were rumors that Yaponchik was involved in the arrest of Pasha Tsirul, but there is no evidence of this. Thieves in law organized a campaign to protect their holder of the common fund, tried to bribe the investigation, and put pressure on him through deputies, the press, and businessmen.

However, attempts to release Tsirul remained unsuccessful, continuing until January 23rd, 1997, when he died in the cell of the Lefortovo pre-trial detention center. His accomplices were subsequently convicted.

However, it's a big question how he died. It is noteworthy that the Orekhovskaya OCG also specialized in deaths in the SIZO cells. This crime also belongs to the category of ultra-complex, heavy-to-implement crimes. However, we observe a crime series when the holders of the obshchak funds die in prison (Tsirul, Magnitsky, and presumably Bobylev, who miraculously survived).

Consequently, if the functions of Tsirull were transferred to Oleg Yakovlev, then questions about who became a chief operating officer responsible for drugs and black money evaporated. Tsirull accidentally died just after the Slater was registered and ready for operations. Thus, Oleg Yakovlev became the purse of criminals.

As we can see, all these opossums are immortal, they just changed body armor for hats with crosses.

But if his functions were transferred to Oleg Yakovlev, then the questions about who was responsible for drugs and drugs disappear.

Finally, there is a version that Sergei Butorin was not the first representative of the Russian mafia to fake his death. There is a legend that Sylvester did the same. It is known that the coffin was not opened at Timofeev's funeral, and his ex-wife now lives in Israel. Sylvester himself may be hiding there.

Crime reporter Maxim Gladky claims that during an interview he took in Israel with Timofeev's former wife, Sylvester himself was in the frame in the background. However, law enforcement agencies are in no hurry to check the version that Timofeev is still alive.

so the sweet tradition of changing names, dates of birth, and pretending to be dead possums is, so to speak, an element of the business environment of these bastards.

The Forty Forty Movement (abbr. DSS) is a Russian public movement that positions itself as a unifying platform for people of the Orthodox faith with an active civil position. the abbreviation is decrypted as the "Dad Schutzstaffel" (Охранные ряды папы). The movement was created on June 1st, 2013, by composer Andrei Kormukhin (brother of singer Olga Kormukhina) and athlete Vladimir Nosov. On the occasion of its 2nd anniversary, representatives of the DSS itself stated that 10,000 people were in the movement in June 2015. The sickly army of the patriarch! Well-known athletes take part in the activities of the social movement. The movement is characterized by a multinational composition of participants and by repeated cases of violent acts by members of the movement. "Here I am going to Novaya Ladoga early Sunday morning, and my wife, knowing that I have a hard day ahead, prepares sandwiches, and a thermos with mint tea. Having knocked down during the day, I have a meal in the evening and remember it with gratitude. I know: she prays at home with the kids, waiting for me home." We have no clue where in the church, at the liturgy, it is possible to break so much as in a fight club. In the photo of DSS, you may observe dozens of strong bow-legged athletes which have nothing to do with Orthodoxy in real life. This is a bandits' squad, "bratva."

The conclusion is the following. In 2009, Bananamama, which distributed the common fund and paid bribes to corrupt officials, was erased along with Sunrise and other witnesses. Instead, they began to use the church which is now led by the crowned thieves-in-law Ivankov and Timofeev. Through these structures, the criminals financed their criminal activity, including mass murders, money laundering, serious fraud, tax evasion, terrorist acts, and the Ukraine war. In 2009, when Yakovlev left Russia, Magnitsky died, Bobylev was arrested, and the Hermitage Proceedings moved to the active phase, the opossums presumably decided to close the previous scheme with Slayter and Bananamama managed by Yakovlev shifting to use the "ideal organizational model" which is the church. The mega-retail business with a colossal turnover of unaccounted black cash.


Who Framed Black Rabbit

"Large-scale evil is often a reflection of the current world order: which means that not all of its consequences can be assessed without diving into details." (Одноразовые люди. Cтерилизация как форма геноцида. РАПСИ. 2021, April 23).

The serial killers that went down in history, or the most brutal criminal organizations, always have a distinctive style of murder. On the one hand, they use that for intimidation purposes (for example, the Black Cat gang). On the other hand, a psychological phenomenon exists that criminals wish to be caught (for example, the BTK case). Being hooked for them means a kind of recognition. They are proud of the number of victims, like hunting trophies, and desperately want that other people know about their exploits.

Thus, they play games not only with victims but also with law enforcement, trying to fool them too, at the same time, allowing being captured. This wish to be caught has a very deep fundament of sexual motivation in criminal behavior, which is based exclusively on brain physiology and the biology of human behavior. Playing this game, the criminals feel pleasure sharper than sexual pleasure. And this is a big problem for us, that for them this pleasure means much more than sex. The violence, aggression, cruelty, and - tadam - sex! - stimulate the same part of the brain - the limbic system, which is responsible for both - aggression and sex. However, the violence provokes more intensive chemical processes, incomparable with sex, and stimulates another type of cognitive activity. Also, sex and violence treat differently in other brain segments - a ventral tegmental area which is responsible for motivation and addictions, the amygdala which is responsible for regulating emotions, especially in response to fear, and surely rewards system which forces the criminals to repeat the deadly cycle more and more. Together that means that the serial killer feels the pleasure from murders, tortures, and violence, which is a billion times brighter and sharper than the usual orgasm. If you see the typical profile of serial killers, they do not have permanent truthful relationships with women. No spouse for them - that is the norm. That also explains the cases, why they have a spouse who helps them in their bloody criminal activity. That is the sex multiplied for the pleasure from other prohibited sources. The source of pleasure for them has another nature. That is also a clue why the serial murderer who has a close spouse or supports longstanding abnormal relationships with their mother is more dangerous (e.g., Gacey, Spesivtsev).

However, if we are talking about war crimes, mass shootings, and terrorist attacks, that is also obvious that the executors are one-time players who acted under the drugs or in a state of altered consciousness. That also explains the nature of the Columbine epidemy and the war crimes of Ukrainians.

In the case with which we are dealing, several distinctive features are a special signature of this criminal group (we are not talking about all the elements that characterize their crimes as one series). That is a special communication method when criminals convey messages through murders, tying them to specific dates and definite numbers. In particular, they are crazy about the number 27, which is considered incredibly lucky for one of the sects. If you pay attention, 27 will necessarily appear either on the date of the crime, in the number or date of the document that the criminals concocted, or in the amount, or their address - in a word, the number 27 will be used in any possible way. It is easy to see that the ROC accepts a lot of documents on the 27th and that the head office of Alfa-Bank has the address st. Kalanchevskaya 27 that massacres or serious crimes are often committed on the 27th or the night of the 27th. These digits 27 we find in the personal details of Ivankov, who was born in Ivanki, Vinnitskaya oblast of Ukraine, close to Hitler's Werewolf bunker. Vinnitskaya oblast was founded on February 27th, 1932. And many acts of Ivankov's criminal activity connect to 27.

The second distinctive feature is the use of 3x6 billboards for correspondence. In particular, on the day of the murder of Natalya Fileva, March 31, 2019, in the morning, an S7 billboard appeared near the Moscow Ring Road with an advertising inscription "Let's go." A few hours later, mass media announced that Filyova had died in a plane crash. In the evening, the poster disappeared. This happened long before the advertising campaign of the same name, which began a few months after her murder.

The third feature is the sending of messages about the transmission of charades to other criminals, gastric organs, victims, and located parts of the body, "written" in the form of cruel reception-shaped slang using "meat" to write messages: corpses, cut off parts of bodies, limbs, body organs, delivered as intended. This practice has deep roots in the contemporary streams of Christianity, especially sects, and principles, in particular the Adventists of the 7th day. The Seventh-day Adventists (A7D) revere the gift of prophecy. Prophecy is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. This gift is the hallmark of the A7D church. Thus, A7D believes in signs, and prophecies, and widely uses spatial-figurative language translating, among its direct meaning, many meta-messages.

In particular, criminals widely use spatial-figurative language especially if they belong to the category of serial murderers and terrorists. They accompany each crime with a corresponding theatrical performance. They exclusively design that to convey a concrete message to the official authorities. Everything matters - the date of the terrorist attack or crime, the place of its commission, the name of the institution or object where the crime was committed, the instruments of the crime, the position of the victim, the number of victims, the method of murder, the traces left with the signature of the criminals, the digits which relate to the crime, slogans or messages associated with that. Altogether, according to the criminal, this should deliver an assured message to the targeted recipient. Reaching a high degree of skills in spatial-figurative language, the criminals use it in planning, organizing, and executing crimes, and widely use the same language to communicate with each other for conspiracy purposes. They almost completely avoid standard methods of communication. That is very secure. Only members of the same criminal group can understand the language (by analogy with the languages "fish," "fenya," and other derivatives of criminal slang). If you want to hide something, put it in plain sight. In addition, such communication gives particular pleasure to criminals. It's part of the crime to openly discuss your plans, give all the clues to law enforcement, and fool them like blind children. Again, this gives us reason to believe that murders and crimes do not carry only economic or political meaning. They have on their basis a fundamental ideology of explicit religious beliefs. They widely use the symbolism of non-Orthodox Christianity. We might select the closest representatives that are Adventists of the 7th day, and as a kind of variety - this may be Islam. These two streams emphasize the special meaning of prophecies and signs and recognize Christ. Ultra-right religious marginal Christianity streams have a specific recognition concerning the personality of Christ, having beliefs that are similar to the Muslim and Judaism beliefs.

As we describe below, the criminals use billboards for correspondence. They control almost all advertising surfaces. Also, they organize various performances and shows (for example, Nord-Ost, The Simpsons, Pussy Riot, Slayyyter, and sequels to the films and cartoons). Thus, since in committed crimes we constantly observe the communication of criminals with the authorities in figurative-spatial language, which uses, among other things, various types of brutal murders and dismemberment of bodies to convey communication ("meatphone"), we assume that we are dealing not just with a terrorist who acts out of political or economic motives. In our opinion that this criminal community is headed by a serial killer who takes painful pleasure in committing such sophisticated crimes. As soon as we deal with crimes of a terrorist nature, it immediately sweeps aside any versions of a lonely criminal. For a terrorist attack, you need large funds, technologies, and infrastructure for training and crime execution, as well as for recruitment. The terrorist activity also requires a supply of drugs, weapons, and ammunition. Terrorism is not an isolated organization of criminal fanatics. That is the monopoly of one group. It is impossible that all necessary ingredients for sustained terrorist activity belong to many different organizations.

Thus, we assume that all terrorist attacks were conducted using the means, methods, people, infrastructure, and funding that are the property of the same group of people. We support this argument by the ownership structure of organizations that we observed in the toxic cases as involved in terrorist activities. The aforementioned crimes, which we described in this section of the site, are all terrorist activities accomplished by one group of people.

The religious fanatics link the terrorist acts to the "signs," historical events, and various dates to create the reference explaining the sense of the terrorist act. That clearly explains the terrorist nature of the described crimes and the strong religious ideology behind them. Random criminals don't waste time with such precise planning and meaningful meta-messages. Plane crashes, mass murders, fires, bombing, hijacking, mass shootings, hostage-taking, and auto accidents require much money, rare well-trained competencies, infrastructure, and people recruitment. This main restriction makes the capability to train terrorists, plan, organize, and execute terrorist acts irreproducible and maintainable in one place. These facts prove that all terrorist acts are executed by the one organization that may, but is not necessary, represent the ultra-radical religious beliefs, not obligatory Muslims. In the world, we have only one organization that declares its core business as terrorism, and which executed complicated, very expensive, sophisticated crimes - e.g., 9/11.

Knowing the characteristics of terrorist activities gives us a clue as to who controls the Al Qaeda organization. Its attacks do not carry signs that indicate that the attack is designed to achieve the stated goals of al-Qaeda to achieve the rule of Islam on earth. However, we see a greater connection between al-Qaeda's terrorist attack communications through the means of visual-spatial language. In particular, this is the Simpsons cartoon. Which you can see shortly before the real events and the destruction of the twin towers, the war in Iraq, and the election of President Trump. Too many exact matches for a stupid cartoon, right?

We also see that the aggravation of the actions of Al-Qaeda (Islamic State) took place during the years of aggravation of aggressive actions against Russia. In particular, in 2014, when the United States declared a war on terrorism against the Islamic State. However, 2014 was marked by the beginning of an open military conflict in Ukraine and a hybrid war against Russia. In the course of it, economic and information methods were widely used. Thus, since Al-Qaeda's attacks carry a completely different semantic load, which runs counter to the stated goals, however, they are directed against Russia, the USA, China, and other countries, without any reference to nationality. In particular, as we see from the mass terrorist attacks, the criminals act indiscriminately concerning the victims, which are Muslims, Christians of the main religious movements, and Buddhists, that is, religion and the "caliphate" are not the basis of al-Qaeda's terrorism. Al-Qaeda itself does not pursue the self-sufficient objectives, because we observed the congruency in action with the core milestones of the other aggressive operations and politics pursued by several countries. We conclude that Al-Qaeda is the largest outsourcer - the SaaS provider - of the terrorist attacks. However, Al-Qaeda, considering the nature of terrorism as business, and the underlying messages translated by terrorist acts, does not find its performance of pursuing religious objectives compliant with Islam's radical streams, the Islam, or declared ones. These are well-executed complex crimes on order. We conclude that the Al-Qaida organization was founded not by Muslims for jihad and that it may stay, but not necessary, on the ultra-right beliefs, but they are eclectic, not the pure Muslim. However, Al-Qaida uses confusingly similar symbols to Islam to exploit its already demonized image.

Thus, the first conclusion is that Muslims shall not be associated with terrorism. The second conclusion is that Al-Qaeda was not founded by Muslims. The third conclusion is that all terrorist acts in the world are organized by one group of customers. And, finally, the fourth, the customers of terrorists want that people around the world to think that Muslims are the evil root of the terrorist acts. For this purpose, they cultivate the dangerous stereotype of the regular profile of the typical terrorist as a Muslim by religious beliefs. That is not true. Since Islam is in the minority and occupies 24.5% of the world's population by religion, this means, that most people are not familiar with Islam, and do not know its religious foundations. Demonizing Islam and instilling fear in Muslims is a process of ideological disinformation. The holy war concept (jihad) presents absolutely in all religions of the world, as well as sacrifices. The worst in this regard are Orthodox Christians who commit every day an act of ritual cannibalism. The demonization of bearded Muslims, incomprehensible to the majority of the population, is much cheaper and easier to achieve. The Orthodox Christians differ from Muslims only in the color of the beard.

So, as long as every time in our toxic assets portfolio we observed this connection of the crimes to certain digits, events, and many references to the political, historical, and other specific occasions were interpreted these crimes as terrorist acts or crimes of serial murderers which do not exclude each other.

The actions of the terrorists are not based on any widespread religion, even on their ultra-right radical currents, however, they have many coincidences with the beliefs of small totalitarian sects practicing mass human sacrifice. There are few such cults. They are the cult of the goddess Kali, Tibetan Buddhism, 7-day Adventists, Satanists, Freemasons, religions of Egypt, countries where Cannibalism is widespread (Africa, Australia, Oceania, and Polynesia), Mongolia (sulde), Germany (where the throne of Pergamon moved- the Nazi's Reich followed the mix of marginal Christianity, Kelt religion, with the Kali goddess cult, and ancient Germany - the Bloody Eagle death penalty which together formed a Nazis coat of arms - the Eagle with the Sun on Sanskrit), Greek, Italy (followers of Germany), Japan (including self-sacrificing - which is similar to the concept of God in Christianity who sacrificed himself through his body in form of Jesus), Peru (Sun will never rise without the sacrifice of human), Ireland.

We also consider countries where the death penalty is allowed as potential sources of leadership for the Al-Qaeda terrorist organization. These are 27 states of the USA, the countries of the Persian Gulf, China, Japan, Ukraine, and several others.

We conclude that behind the serial crimes and terrorist activities that are described on our website, there is one marginal Christian sect that practices, among other things, killing and burning to fight sin, they perceive the words "burn sin" literally. In our opinion, this sect uses other radical sects that practice human sacrifice to achieve their criminal goals.

In our opinion, this sect uses other radical sects that practice human sacrifice to achieve their criminal goals.

This argument is supported by the fact that acts of explosions and burning occur during terrorist attacks, these are the most common series of episodes. Secondly, fans of the cult of the Goddess Kali were sent directly to BOOST, and in particular Oleg Andreev from the Teploservis episode, who tried to arrange a flight for Raevskaya-Repnina to Samara on a Siberia Airlines plane. The worship of the Goddess Kali was also present in the Third Reich.

Sect members of the cult of the Goddess Kali supply air food on board.

Thirdly, such frequent involvement of fires and the fire element of explosions in the criminal activity of criminals confirms the conclusion about the abnormal nature of the thinking of the organizers of all criminal activity. So, in the MacDonald triad, there are pyromania, sadism, and enuresis.

"MacDonald's Triad" - formulated by John MacDonald [en] in 1963 in the article "The threat to kill" (eng. The threat to kill) a set of three behavioral characteristics - zoosadism, pyromania, and enuresis, which he associated with a predisposition to commit especially cruel crimes. The attempted crime against Raevskaya-Repnina by organizing the attempted burning of her and her dogs alive in her house, the burning of her father's car and her car, and repeated explosions of wheels confirm that a person with the MacDonald triad is behind these series of crimes. Presumably, such a person may stutter, since, in the case of enuresis indicated by MacDonald, in more than 80% of cases, the person suffered from stuttering, a disease associated with enuresis. In the environment of PJSC AFK Sistema, we see only one such person, who, according to our estimates, was the head of the so-called power bloc responsible for the execution of such crimes. The stutterer in the Sistema was Felix Yevtushenkov, named after Felix Emundovich Dzerzhinsky, polish, the head of the USSR NKVD, who in cruelty was not inferior to either Stalin or Beria. As a remarkable "sign," we note that Felix Dzerzhinsky has a birthday on September, 11th. Also, on this date, there is a memorial day in memory Beheading of John the Baptist. As long as the terrorists beheaded the trade and military buildings in the US, we think that the terrorist act retranslates this reference - beheading. World War II: American units are the first of the troops of the countries of the anti-Hitler coalition to enter Germany. And the Crash of Air France Flight 1611 also took place on September, 11th. According to Wikipedia, "a family member of one of those killed said "The investigating judge has said he is practically certain to almost 100% that the plane was hit by a missile. Now we are waiting". On 10 May 2011, Michel Laty, a former army typist, alleged on French television channel TF1 that he saw a report indicating a missile, misfired by the French army during a weapon test that caused the crash. The palm to shoot down civilian aircraft under the guise of "exercises" belongs to France. As we previously said, the terrorist act is a unique complicated heavy-to-realized sophisticated criminal activity that needs several heavily accessible resources and non-replicated competencies. In our opinion, France allegedly taught this art to its allies in Ukraine. There have been reports of the presence of French mercenaries on the territory of Ukraine, France has the competence to shoot civil airplanes, and France took part in the conflict against Russia. That is the proper evidence to conclude that the MH17 was shot down from the territory of Ukraine by order of the government and the SBU of Ukraine by French mercenaries together with Ukrainians - who were intensively trained to execute such terrorist acts, and repeatedly committed them earlier. In Ukraine, terrorists used the method when shooting down AirFrance flight 1611, and the Russian Tu-154 aircraft on October 4th, 2001. According to the conclusion of the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC), the Tu-154 aircraft was shot down by a 5V28 anti-aircraft missile of the S-200V complex, launched by the 96th anti-aircraft missile brigade of the air defense of Ukraine. Considering that the MH17 terrorist act was probably engaged by Blackstone fund as an affiliate of Vanguard fund which solved their IT and electronics tasks through this catastrophe, Ukraine, and France, no surprise, that the MH17 investigation was transferred to the Netherlands. On the territory of that, we find the presence of interests of the two players that presumably organized this catastrophe - Blackstone with the interests concentrated in Eindhoven (where the catastrophe was investigated), and France, which presumably participated in the planning, organization, and the execution of the MH17 terrorist act - the Netherlands were under the French occupation, the transformation of the Netherlands first into a vassal state from France, and then its full inclusion in its composition in 1795. One can only wonder why the materials of the investigation were not written by the shooters themselves. This would greatly simplify the task of the criminals - they would not have to invent anything, they would simply have to take away their confession statements from the terrorists, and carefully cross out their names, write the name of the innocent state of Russia everywhere.

Thus, the terrorist act always translate some kind of message via "meatphone," the position of the Netherlands, which did not consider the terrorist act version, and did not study at all the related aspect of the catastrophe from this prism, except the predefined by them biased blaming of innocent Russia, also prove our version about the involvement of Ukraine, France, and Blackstone into the investigation, that shall be conducted de nouveau. In Eindhoven, numerous US and EU interests in information technology and electronics intersect. The Boeing 370 from which the corpses were stuffed into MH17 was flown by engineers from the recently acquired Blackstone company with a center of excellence in Eindhoven. There is no surprise why the investigation was transferred there. So that the "investigators" make a guaranteed correct conclusion - accusing Russia of crimes that it did not commit, by the requisition of those who committed that crime - and first, the Blackstone which we observe in all our cases, including distribution of the COVID pandemic in Russia. With such a degree of cynicism, we are only surprised that the investigation into the causes of the disaster was not transferred to the SBU of Ukraine. Or to Blackstone.

However, to be unbiased in our study of the religious beliefs, and their connection with the terrorist activity, particularly its distinctive characteristic - "meatphone" which is a clue to identify the meta-message of the terrorist's communication, and to identify the full list of criminals who participated in that, we note, that Russia also has several shaming attributes of the religious and criminal traditions. Cannibalism is still common among prisoners in Russia. The convicts who planned to escape ran away together and three of them, fugitives took one with them as a "boar" - to eat on the road. In addition to cannibalism, which still exists among prisoners, human sacrifice has also been widely practiced in Russia since the beginning of its statehood in some distinctive religious streams. These are both religious sacrifices (Prince Vladimir "the red sun") and mass executions (Tsar Ivan the Terrible). Mass executions and murders in Russia during the time of Tsar Ivan the Terrible were interrupted by liturgies and evening services in churches. Thus, any pseudo orthodox religion of Russia which still represent the awful mix of sects, pagan cults, esoteric, mysticism, and religious beliefs, does not prohibit murder in any way - regardless of Islam, Christianity, Buddism, or something else. On the contrary, that encourages it. That is not the religion of Orthodoxy that encourages the murders, but that terrible form of rallying pagan cults, superstitions with Christianity, into which faith has come in Russia. Thus, human sacrifice and cannibalism, we found in many first-glance civilized countries. However, the leader in the number of mass murders, and serial killers, still be the United States.

In Russia, this specific part of the criminal subculture "with giblets" is a striking feature of the Orekhovskaya, Solntsevskaya organized crime groups and their leaders. This "meatphone" is a bonus track to brutal massacres, manic addiction to the dismemberment of bodies, torture, and monstrous blood orgies. Especially cruel murders are combined with an equally monstrous love for drugs and weapons, including doing business on them, their sale, smuggling, and delivery. All these features are well complemented by cannibalism. That is why we insist on a full inspection of the activities of the Intercession (Pokrovsky) Monastery, Pskovo-Pechersky Monastery, and the crematorium in Donskoy Cemetery.

The criminals could mock the Orthodox, who, participating in the so-called sacrament of communion, commit acts of ritual cannibalism. In return, they could well have been offered real human meat in the refectory of the Pokrovsky Monastery.

In addition to the Pokrovsky Monastery, we see in Ukraine an identical way of committing massacres under the influence of drugs, mass executions, monstrous tortures, and atrocities that people experience pleasure from this, brutal bullying and murders are striking in their sophisticated cruelty and repeat in their style the nature of premeditated murders with their underlying ideology (the family must kill family members, friends must kill friends) and the criminal handwriting of the Orekhovskaya OPG and the Solntsevskaya OPG. This style we have repeatedly observed in the cases of Bananamama, Sunrise, Slater, Investlesprom, Teploservis, and BOOST - when criminals used friends and family members to participate in crimes against victims, their close friends, or relatives. No need to remind us about the ongoing fires, bombing, and zoosadism in various forms, clearly referencing the organizers of the crime to the Macdonald triad. Only in the case of the BOOST, we faced at least 20 cases of zoosadism acts which included poisoning, a beating, and attempts to burn the dogs alive. Friends and relatives made perjuries, gave false witnesses, and participated in raider seizures, robberies, murders, and other types of violence and atrocities, which are very consistent with the expression brother went against brother, son against father.

The criminals fomented a fratricidal war, discord, and hatred, the continuation of which we are now witnessing in Ukraine.

The gruesomeness was recorded on video, photos are taken and distributed on the Internet, while Russians were blamed for the brutalities, and the killed Russian soldiers were represented as Ukrainians frightfully tortured by the Russians. This is the distinctive handwriting of the criminals, and a characteristic feature of the same organized criminal group: to accuse the person against whom the crime was committed of committing this crime. The Ukrainians crucified Russian soldiers on crosses and kindled fires under them to keep them burning. At this time, the civilized democratic countries of the United States, Great Britain, Poland, Germany, and other Baltic Europe forgotten that Russia fairly bought these territories for gold centuries ago, were discussing how to export grain and how many obsolete old lethal weapons to ship to Ukraine to stop "Russia's cruelty" probably meant the crucified Russian soldiers with severed bodies burning alive on the crosses.

Summarizing the third awful distinction of these crimes, we mark out the "meatphone," the marginal religious beliefs approving the murders, aggravated atrocity, cannibalism, the direct interpretation of the phrase "to burn the sin," the religiousless commercial character of the Al-Qaeda organizations, the presumably in-born inherent characteristic of the special congenital commitment of criminals to extra cruel murders considering the observing Macdonald triad, and the repetition of serial crimes attributes committed by serial murderers.

The fourth feature is the direct consequence of the "meatphone." It is the non-random use of any words to be made up of combinations of two or three (charades). We see this in the choice of a name for the newly-made Patriarch Papa Nos (Kirill Gundyaev, Vladimir Nose), the name of Ivankov (Slava The Father of Ivankov), the appointment of Ludishchev (charade from Luka Mudishchev), Ivasi (Ivashchenko + Vasilyev, directors of the Nord-Ost terrorist attack), and others. Eldorado, in particular, means the Fish of God - that is, Jesus, and not the mysterious island of treasures (El is God among the Jews, Eloi), but dorado is a fish - this is together with the usage of ZZZ (I am alfa and omega, omega is equal to Z), L, and fish symbols may give a clue about the adherence to the marginal Christianity of the criminals.

A person far from the church could hardly name the company after Jesus. However, we everywhere come across the names of the religious nature: A1, the logo of Alfa-Bank with an underlined A (it all means God is one), L1 (El is one, it means God is one). The structure of the religious symbolism was not heterogeneous. Behind the organization of this criminal community were not just religious people. They were obsessively religious people, well acquainted with spiritual books, and chose natural, spatial-figurative language based on Jewish and Christian literature as their main language of communication.

In modern criminal language, this is the language of "fenya", which is based on Hebrew, and has a large number of references to the sacred literature of Jews. Any statements by Ivankov about how he is going to "catch fish" should be interpreted in this refraction, and of course not literally. It also indicates that Ivankov did not become a patriarch yesterday, in 2009. Companies possessing religious names were created long before his official appointment as patriarch, but much later than the date of his alleged ordination to the bishop. For 14 years, it was quite possible to master religious symbols and natural language to such an extent. We also noted many gaps, contradictions, and discrepancies in the dates and events of the biographies of Gundyaev and Ivankov to the right state of things if any, however, we observed the congruency between these errors and mismatches. These unusual variations are well supported by multiple mismatches between the photos of Gundyaev and Ivankov both - their noses are changed similarly in the photo. The face of Gundyaev looks very different in various periods, even within a short period we see very different images, his speeches - the style, language, and rhetoric are changing so often as his nose, and, finally, we did not find out the portrait similarity with his relatives, particularly with parents. The picture could be incomplete without the episode with Gundyaev's Breguet watch, which disappeared from his hand in the photo, but the reflection still is visible on the polishing table. Thus, Gundyaev has a photo editor employed who amends his photos constantly, changing his nose, eliminating the attributes of luxury, and hiding the history of his origin. We believe that there are so many coincidences that it is no longer necessary to talk about any chance. We observed the same discrepancies, photo amendments, and mismatching in the cases of Alexiy Ridiger (presumably, Mongol, thieve-in-law), and Korniliy Titov (presumably, Silvestr, thieve-in-law, the head of Orekhovskaya bandit group). This complicated investigation goes out the frames of this page to describe it here.

Taking into consideration all this stuff, we believe the "murzilki" (Russian "oligarchs") were not independent in their decisions, even being included in the Forbes list. Above them stood a fundamentally different power and a different ideology. Despite the high level of Luzhkov, Borodin, Kostin, Yakovlevs, and other performers, they remained performers, even if they were of a high level. We note the lower level of their intelligence and self-control compared to the bosses-of-bosses who came up with the scheme.

Now about how the language of criminals, being the product of their collective consciousness, allows you to link their crimes into one chain.

Slater has two homonyms: Slater, which means roofer, and Slayter - murderer, butcher. Culprits loved communicating via meatphone: they translated the messages by writing them with severed limbs, the secular game of charades. Slater's ringleader Oleg Yakovlev turned out to be the patron of the "meat" church of Matryona in Miami. In that context, the literal decoding of the name Slater Impex Ltd. stood for "The Roof of Import-Export Butchers Limited." These meat patty eaters of unknown origins and those who send messages with severed arms and legs have the next level of criminal power over them.

Thus, we deal with criminals of the highest criminal hierarchy, specializing in mass murder, purges by killing the victim by friends and family members, mass executions under the influence of chemical substances, dismemberment of corpses, burning alive, burying alive, cruelty, and sophisticated torture. All this was used mainly by the Solntsevskaya and Orekhovskaya organized crime groups.

The supply of weapons, the organization of terrorist attacks around the world, brutal murders with torture, and dismemberment of bodies were the responsibility of Semyon Mogilevich, an ally of Sergei Mikhailov, the leader of the Solntsevo organized criminal group. Mogilevich was famous as a weapon trader and terrorist acts organizer. As we noted above, Al-Qaeda acts based on commercial principles. Thus, this is not the Islam organization that terrifies Christians. Also, if the look through the organizations organized the terrorist act in particular in Russia, we see here many mismatches and discrepancies between declared goals, announced targets of a terrorist act, the handwriting of execution, and the exploited attributes. All these things are in contradiction to each other until you start to analyze the details of the terrorist act and retranslate them to the "meatphone" vocabulary and match them with the visual and testimonial attributes of the terrorist organization which announced the terrorist act. It's a shock because you will not find either Muslims or Islam "bloody trace." Frankly speaking, all that Al-Qaeda has in common with Islam is the alphabet, and some of the executors have their origin from countries where Islam is a major religion. However, in Al-Qaeda performance you will easily observe the traits of ethnic and racially motivated terrorism, the marginal Christianity, the marginal Hinduism, traces of sects and pagan cults practicing human sacrifices, and the national attributes of such countries as the US, Ukraine, Israel, India.

The Solntsevskaya gang specialized in such atrocities, chilling murders with torture, dismemberment of bodies, and the exchange of messages with severed body parts. Based on these assumptions, we assume that this "meat" business was organized by Mogilevich and Mikhailov.

Presumably, the rest of the high-ranking criminals, including Timofeev and Ivankov, were under their leadership.

Notably, Pussy Riot recently recorded a new video featuring Slavic-looking Slater, who lives in California, where he says Yakovlev moved from Florida around 2019. In the same period, the “star” of the girl lit up - a singer with a meat nickname, whose girlfriends danced on the sole of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. "Coincidentally," according to the official biography, on December 26, 1974, at the age of 28, Gundyaev for the first time in the history of the Russian Orthodox Church created a special regency class for Orthodox young women and introduced physical education lessons.

It seemed that our patriarch got a love for physical education. Oh, that's understandable too. By part of Ivankov's biography. While studying at school, Ivankov decided to improve his health and intensively went in for sports, namely boxing and martial arts. From the age of 14, Vyacheslav began to steal. After the eighth grade, Ivankov entered the circus school. He chose aerial gymnastics as his specialization and quickly achieved results, but during training he fell from the trapezoid, having received a closed skull injury. In addition to lessons in choral singing and gym for pussies, this also explains the peculiar shape of the nose of our catriarch.

Probably, in the Church of Christ the Savoir, we watched the graduation work of his students. "Catriarch" is a slang name of Gundyaev, that matches the name of his students Pussy Riot. This leaves no doubt either in the true meaning of the name of the Slater company or in the essence of the activity of the Pokrov Monastery. It confirms who is the owner of Pussy Riot and the film director for their performances in a bloody video, which is not normal for mentally healthy women. In their music videos, it's easy to see that Pussy Riot has an inexplicable love for a mixture of blood, sex, mental illness, premeditated murder, and atrocities, in the clips, there is blood everywhere, a demonstration of torture and murder, mixed with the visualization of sexual intercourse. This monstrous video sequence almost verbatim visualizes the profile of the serial killer we described at the beginning of the section. Identifying the person who wrote the script for the Pussy Riot videos and produced those videos, including the Slither videos, could reveal perpetrators who fit the profile of serial killers we have described. The loud performances by Pussy Riot are directly related to the dates of certain "meat" crimes. This is possible if the personality of the producer and filmmaker match. In particular, the sex performance at the Timiryazev Museum. It is rare to find a catriarch so savvy in sex and pussies' training. Easy to see that all Pussy Riot productions have the same producer, screenwriter, and director. Random nipples that don't do anything serious don't have the money to shoot videos in the US and other expensive production. The same applies to Dud, Khamatova, Navalny, Sobchak. These "fighters" with the regime, cannot confirm the origin of funds for their video filming, production, marketing, PR, performances, and, finally, life. If the Catriarch directs the Pussy Riot's creative activity, this match the similarity of his personality to Ivankov, the singing sportsman-boxer with the broken "gundyay" (nasal nose) who has Ukraine origin, born in the Vinnitskaya region close to the 3rd Reich headquarters ("Werewolf" Hitler bunker) and Moldova, a friend of Katsyv and Mogilevich (both have the Ukrainian origin), nazi, thief-in-law, serial murderer, leader of one of the most dangerous organized mafia group practicing mass shootings, mass murders under the drags, ritual killing, "meatphone," contract killings, and other types of atrocity, cruel murders, tortures, body dismemberment.

The bullshit in Gundyaev and Ivankov's biographies, and the synchronous photo editing match well. For instance, about Ivankov we see that Vyacheslav Kirillovich passed an external exam for the 9th and 10th grades of high school, hiding from police officers. In November 1966, he was again detained and returned to a medical institution.

Catriarch Peril had the same abilities passing once exams for the two years grades. According to the legend, at the request of the Metropolitan of Leningrad, Nikodim (Rotov), ​​he took two courses in one year. This deception was necessary to hide the data mismatch.

Be that as it may, passing exams externally means having outstanding abilities and a high level of intelligence, and fits the profile of the serial killer we described above. If you still think that a giant ugly monument to Prince Vladimir on Mokhovaya Street stays there because somebody wanted to put it in there, nothing like that. This ugliness is there because the truthful name of the catriarch is Vladimir.

Returning to rebellious cats, any sane Christian would wonder who donate to fund this regency class. It is very easy to "fight the regime" at the expense of laundered money stolen from the budget of the Russian Federation. Pussy Riot has very long money laundering bank accounts behind them to go on the show. The name of that is the Russian Orthodox Church, Alfa-Bank, Prevezon, and Slayter as agents. The agents did various confidential work regarding this butcher financing because who else, if not fellow countrymen Katsyv and Fridman, can be entrusted with such a dirty job? The Russian Orthodox Church became the largest retail with black cash in Russia, and the Alfa - Bank, Prevezon, Slater, and Euroset became the largest laundromats ever.

The holding formed the core source of terrorism financing in Ukraine, Chechnya, and Dagestan. Group maintained the strong relationships with Al-Qaeda and other terrorist squads which were actively involved in their business on the territory of Russia and the USA. Particularly, in Saudi Arabia where the pilots for the hijacking were trained. Taliban and Islam State (prohibited in Russia terrorist organization) specialized in Columbine: their core competencies are kids terrorism and training of kids-soldiers.

IPON (the Ukraine-origin terrorist organization, prohibited in Russia) specialized in hostage-taking. The culprits used this cooperation and terrorism to solve exclusively business and commercial tasks. The distinctive trait of all terrorist organizations engaged in the planning and execution of terrorist activity on the territory of Russia was an absence of a unified religious ideology founded on shared values in compliance with the natural law. Moreover, these organizations represented the countries and religious beliefs that were in direct contradiction to the mainstream in Religion, even radical. Thus, the terrorist activity was organized on a commercial basis and executed by the people who followed the pagan cults, marginal Christianity, Tibet Buddism, marginal Hinduism, marginal Islam, or the ideology of totalitarian sects. So, no reasons for islamophobia.

From the remaining charades, it is easy to see that Bishop Arseny (Epifanov), who was exiled at the same time to the Zadonsky Monastery and Archbishop Theognost in the Donskoy, was sent almost to the monasteries of the same name. Ali Uzdenov, the “Don Cossack” is the purse of the Orekhovskaya organized criminal group, allegedly patronizing the church. This led to the stellar rise in the career of Paramon (Dove), the former rector of the Donskoy Monastery. Supposedly, both bishops were technically eliminated with the help of Uzdenov.In this criminal community, the probability of an event is always equal to one, and no random coincidences are allowed.

Knowing that the criminals liked to play beautiful "chess" combinations (which is also a hallmark of serial killers, for example, the Pichushkin case) and play charades (that's nothing, some idiots just drew a black cat) - and transmit riddles with messages written by dismembered bodies and cut off body parts, we offer you another clue.

The origin of the trunk at Evsyukov from Rostov-on-Don and the coincidence of sunrise and sunset in Rostov-on-Don will not surprise anyone. The beginning of a brisk trade in computers at the Voskhod company (Sunrise) coincided in time with the beginning of the same business project organized by Felix Komarov, a friend of Ivankov. Since Ridiger was still the patriarch at that time, Komarov would hardly have had time to turn around so widely in the hall of local cathedrals with a warehouse of laptops. They opened the computer store with their sidekick, the same gangster Dvornikov, who at one time held the Savelovsky market with the outskirts adjacent to it, including the territory of Skladochnaya 1. Making acquisition of voting rights for Sunrise, we purchased the claims against Sergei Mikhailov, Felix Komarov, and Mikhail Dvornikov. The best one-dollar purchase ever made.

Igor Yakovlev, a “talented entrepreneur,” was a friend of Dvornikov with this outstanding character. Together this company of friends sent Bobylev to a pre-trial detention center based on the fake documents made at Alfa-Bank and Co., and then to Klintsy for nine years. At the same time, in the terrorist attack in the Lame Horse, where 156 people were burned alive, criminals got much less, just like for Winter Cherry, the plane crash of Cristophe Marjery, Petrozavodsk plane crash, and many other similar cases. Against this background, Evsyukov's life sentence after the two deaths looks strange, thereby only confirming that he was part of the scheme and is now a deterrent due to his knowledge, which saved his life.

Presumably, watching the deaths of officials, businessmen, and their resignations probably can help to figure out who is a compromate of Yevsyukov, since he will presumably die (of course, "his" death-like Tsirul and Magnitsky) almost immediately after the death of his compro-mate. We believe that they are three: Ivankov, Timofeev, and Kolokoltsev. Evsukov is a restraining factor for them to not burn the whole scheme.

Around the same dashing years, far from the nineties, Chichvarkin, also "offended by the Putin regime," based on false documents similar to "Sunrise," with the help of the same police rockstar Internal Affairs Directorate for the South Administrative District, after the Evsukov's mass execution resulted in a massive management turnover, has recorded the death of a living possum Ivankov, and organized the process of knocking out money for smuggled phones from the freight forwarder Vlaskin.

Magnitsky simply turned out to be too small for this meat grinder, which digested him without choking. Later his corpse was used against Russia many times in a row. Almost the same way as the stolen Malaysian Boeing 370 (more precisely, its contents - corpses) was presented for the second time in the form of a Boeing MH17, allegedly shot down by Russia. This practice of repeatedly using the same corpse stems directly from the opossums' practice of pretending to be dead and their love of raising money by organizing tours of preserved corpses in the form of "holy" pork ribs, stumps of hands, and other "holy relics."

As for the MH17 stuffed with corpses from the previously missing Boeing 370, by coincidence, in the same way (probably again a coincidence), the practice of shooting down aircraft over Ukraine was skillfully honed and cultivated directly in Ukraine, where aircraft were repeatedly shot down, incl. with civilians. This is not only 06/14/2014, but also the crash of the Tu-154 over the Black Sea - a major plane crash that occurred on October 4, 2001. Tu-154M airliner "Siberia" operated a regular flight SBI1812 on the route Tel Aviv-Novosibirsk, but 1 hour 45 minutes after takeoff, it crashed into the Black Sea. This is magic - again the airline Siberia, again Novosibirsk, an unstable city, a hub, and the father of the S7 company, which was quietly Siberia to itself, until the attacks with its sides suddenly became more frequent. But here's what's interesting, as soon as Siberia came under the control of VTB, the attacks on its planes stopped. This purchase cost approximately 500 human lives.

In the case of Tu-154, all 78 people on board died: 66 passengers and 12 crew members. The airliner was shot down by Ukraine allegedly "during exercises." The matter was hushed up. Thus, the unique competence to shoot down large combat and passenger aircraft from the territory of Ukraine has been actively developed there since the Millenium and miraculously did not lead to a military conflict.

July 17 in Russia - the day of the fall of MH17 - is a mournful date of commemoration of the brutally murdered royal family.

But to coincide with this mournful date is another crime against Russian statehood and power - the characteristic murder of criminals who love to remind of the massacres with cut bodies and murders attributed to specific dates. No need to look far, other than the magical teleportation of half-decomposed passenger corpses from 370 to MH17, the date of the disappearance of 370 also magically correlates with March 8, the birthday of one of the criminals from this group, with the beginning of the 1917 revolution in Russia. But above all, on this date, Garry Truman called Russia an Empire of Evil. Thus, these two events were dedicated to claiming Russia confirming the status of Empire Evil that could be a part of the War against Terrorism started by the US in 2001. "Coincidentally," in the same year, 2001, Ukraine shot down Russia's aircraft.

These two plane crashes, planned and organized exactly outside of Russia and without any of its participation, were designed to cause the ghost of the name of the evil empire, to demonize Russia, and under this theme launch a military operation similar to the war in Iraq. Every hundred years, some asshole appears on the horizon of Russia who wants to wage a quick victorious war and destroy us. After that, he is delayed for several years, and then returns home with the muzzle of Russian soldiers pressed to his back. This should not be a reason to demonize Russia and call us the Empire of Evil. You come to us without invitation, spoil, destroy, kill, and then we have to build everything again.

Also, these two events have a strong historical connection and together symbolize that they provoke a repetition of the de nouveau revolution in Russia through discrimination against the official authorities and state authorities. The first Boeing 370 was lost at the very first imposition of sanctions. After the cancellation of cooperation within NATO on March 6, 2014, China sent the first flight of the 370 to nowhere, led by the Blackstone Group. See also the Vanguard page.

However, this could have been revenge for the massacres during the 1917 revolution and the Red Terror - a fanatical fight against sin. We believe that both disasters were organized and paid for by the Slater Group under the direction of Oleg Yakovlev, a wallet, drug, and chief operating butcher.

The Boeing 370, missing by agreement, was 20 employees of Freescale Semiconductor, the latest acquisition of Blackstone, which is the parent of the BlackRock and Vanguard funds, the consolidated property of all entities on the Holy Shit list, as well as other defendants in all cases. listed in the Toxic Assets section.

Russia has not shot down a single plane. There must be a motive for committing a crime - either the person went crazy, or benefited from it. And it should also be possible to commit a crime. Russia did not benefit from this crime, we received pocketfuls of sanctions after the Magnitsky assassination and the downing of MH17, which together crippled our economy. It is clear even to the deaf and blind bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church, who, in theory, should be more perspicacious than John Krestyankin after 30 years of communions, that the competence to play the same corpse twice is the competence of Hollywood, which often uses these productions in horror films. That the competence to shoot down planes with civilians from the territory of Ukraine is something that Ukraine or France can do. And the money got from that - the US, the EU, the UK, and China earned them. The Russians didn’t derive any income from these disasters, we don’t know how to drive corpses to cafes to get money for participating in maniac shows, and we don’t shoot down civilian planes over the territory of Ukraine, if only because we are in Russia.

After the 370s and MH17s crashed, the investigation was moved to the home sweet home of Freescale Semiconductor, which is a subsidiary of Blackstone. The Netherlands is touchingly connected with Ukraine, since almost all Ukrainian programmers and engineers, who did not have time to emigrate to the USA and Israel, migrated there for handouts from the European Commission. There are enough Ukrainians in Holland now, who create GDP for Holland, to call the investigation biased. We observed the tradition of delegating the investigation of a crime to the criminals who committed this crime, e.g., in the case of Sergei Magnitsky, no need to go far.

We have only one question left - where are all these people on Cardin's list? How and when did Russian criminals train such actions? After the murder of Magnitsky and the MH17 plane crash, which were investigated similarly, Blackstone, Vanguard, and Blackrock earned a lot of benefits in real money and property from sanctions against Russia and inflaming hatred against Russia, innocently accused of both crimes - MH17 and the murder of Magnitsky. The only difference is that the Magnitsky case was "solved" in the USA, and the MH17 case was "solved" in the Netherlands.