BOOST consolidated 100% of voting rights for 100% of the Sunrise business. That allowed us to increase our voting rights for SLATER IMPEX LTD. up to 100%, connect these raider captures with the Bananamama, Bank of Moscow, BOOST's raider seizure attempts, murder of Magnitsky, and Hermitage Capital cases gathering the evidence that the same criminal group committed all these crimes. If you have any further queries regarding the information in this section, contact our PR department.

Substance of the case

The Sunrise case has extraordinary importance. That contains all the distinguishing signs of a series of crimes observed in the criminal cases of Slater, Bananamama, Bank of Moscow, Investlesprom, Premier Estate, Euroset, Arbat Prestige, BOOST, Teploservise raider seizures. Also, Sunrise has identical to the Magnitsky Act the list of perpetrators working in law enforcement agencies and judges. Sunrise allowed BOOST to consolidate 100% of the claims and related voting rights connected to the cases of Slater, Bananamama, and Smart Heat. Sunrise contains sufficient evidence that the same criminal group committed all these crimes: the raider seizure of Sunrise, the raider seizure of BOOST, and related series of crimes, including fraud, corruption, terrorism, tax evasion, and mass murders. That allows establishing the organizers and customers of these crimes series who, among other crimes, ordered the murder of Sergei Magnitsky but were not identified earlier and escaped criminal prosecution. Sunrise betters to figure out a complete list of crimes committed by this organized criminal community, identify its members, and discover a list of subsequential middle ground crimes.

Sunrise was the largest retail chain that sold computers and electronics in the Russian Federation, the largest dealer of Samsung, with a revenue of more than USD800 million in 2007, and more than 100 retail stores. As a result of illegal capture, the organized criminal group destroyed Sunrise. During the same period, the same criminals committed, among other crimes, the murder of Magnitsky. The crooks stole the funds and property from Sunrise and spent them on the terrorist attacks' financing. The owners were Sergey Bobylev (major shareholder), and co-owners in different periods were also Oxana Bobyleva, Nitsora, and Belousov (a founder of Parallels). Oxana Bobyleva, the wife of S. Bobylev, had the voting rights for 50% of the share of S. Bobylev's business. In November 2018, BOOST acquired her voting rights with the associated claims. This acquisition granted us 100% of voting rights for 1/2 of the Bobylevs cumulative beneficiary share in the Sunrise business and the right to indemnify damages caused by the raider takeover.

Next, as a part of the Smart Heat case, BOOST acquired the right to claim the second 50% of the joint stake in the Sunrise of the Bobylevs spouses, owned by S. Bobylev, and the second half of the 50% stake of O.Bobyleva due to their activity in the Smart Heat and RMC projects. Later participation of Bobyleva in the attempts of the BOOST's illegal capture brought us the right to claim her stake and her property to refund us the losses incurred due to her input in our business. In 2019, Bobyleva, together with Oleg Yakovlev and Oleg Martynov, participated in the attempts to escape agreements made with the BOOST by the organization of its documents theft and the illegal prosecution of Raevskaya-Repnina through the issue in her name the falsified powers of attorney with the fake signatures to the securities register, and the Moscow Arbitrary Court. Before that, Bobyleva tried to imitate the non-performance of the BOOST concerning the deal she made with us. She was going illegally exit from the agreement as soon as she has got the idea of how to deal with her crap and got the erroneous inspiration, as we know now - from the inspiring angel Uzdenov - that she would cope with that herself. Oxana Bobyleva evaded fulfilling her obligations regarding the settlement of her loans and debts. Bobyleva intended to re-register the Sunrise trademark in her name in violation of the agreements with the BOOST. She sabotaged the legal litigation concerning her divorce with Bobylev and property separation. And finally, she participated in the falsification of evidence to organize the illegal prosecution of Raevskaya-Repnina and the BOOST's seizure. These actions would allow Bobyleva to escape all her commitments. This input from Bobyleva enabled us to obtain the claims against Oxana Bobyleva and merge them with the Smart Heat case to consolidate 100% of Sergey Bobylev's and Oxana Bobyleva's voting rights for Sunrise because we identified both these spouses as defendants in the Smart Heat case. Oxana Bobyleva participated in the raider seizure attempts concerning Raevskaya-Repnina's equity in the BOOST. Bobyleva participated in these crimes to avoid the criminal prosecution against herself concerning the Smart Heat, RMS, and Sunrise cases. Oxana Bobyleva intended to not allow us to investigate the Smart Heat, Slater, and Sunrise criminal cases. Also, for unknown reasons, Oxana Bobyelva changed her behavior by 180 degrees and said that she did not want the unbiased criminal proceedings against defendants from Alfa-Bank, A1, and Dmitry Marinichev in-person since Bobyleva decided "not to spoil relations with Alfa."

Except for "inspirational angel" Uzdenov and precious business partner Alfa-Bank which organized the illegal prosecution of Bobyleva's husband based on perjuries, the real reasons for Bobyleva's inconsistent behavior can be various. Bobyleva herself brought Martynov to BOOST so that BOOST would buy claims against Sergey Bobylev. Bobyleva did this to take revenge on her ex-husband for his betrayal and adultery with Tatiana Kashirina from the Institute Shang Shung. Kashirina was Sergey Salonin's (Qiwi) protégé. After, the BOOST bought Martynov's claims in Smart Heat. Instead of revenge on her husband, Bobyleva herself turned out to be the defendant against Martynov in the Smart Heat case. She began to get rid of her by all available means and assumed obligations through participation in the physical liquidation of Raevskaya-Repnina and raider seizure of the BOOST's equity. As a result, by March 2019, BOOST had consolidated 100% of the Bobyleva and Bobylev voting rights for their stake in the Sunrise business. This consolidation became a dry extract of the deals we made and Bobylevs' business achievements to deal with us and other shareholders of their joint projects (RMC, Smart Heat) - Kirill and Oleg Martynovs.

Roughly speaking, Bobylevs lost Sunrise due to the illegal criminal prosecution against Bobylev. This prosecution was organized and committed by the same people who murdered Sergey Magnitsky. Bobylev was innocently accused of corporate fraud, credit fraud, and tax evasion and closed for pre-trial detention in Matrosskaya Tishina detention center together with Magnitsky. The arrest of Bobylev continuously extended, and at the same time, criminals stole all property and assets of Sunrise and Bobylev's property. For this purpose, the criminals used the sham court judgment got from the Meschansky district based on perjury, falsified documents, and faked witness statements. With the total volume of the forged documents for $40 mln, they illegally seized the control over the business with a fair value of $1.6 bln. They repeated this episode many times in the raider seizure cases of Bananamama, Investlesprom, and attempts to do that with the BOOST. That allowed to link together Magnitsky's death, Sunrise, BOOST, and Bananamama illegal seizures, and to merge them with the Investlesprom illegal capture also included into this series of crimes. The crooks exploited the mass slander distribution and the "queue" of small creditors. They repeated both methods on the Banamamama, Eldorado, BOOST, Euroset, and Arbat Prestige raider capturing cases. The slander and the "queue" similar mechanics allowed us to merge these crimes with one chain of criminal series of Magnitsky's murder and raider seizures of Yukos, Hermitage Capital, Rossiyskiy Capital Bank, Bank of Moscow, and numerous others. After the study of the crimes series, we found out that the one criminal group executed such aggravated crimes as a case of the Hermitage Capital, the murder of Magnitsky and three, the murder of Vasily AlexanyanZ illegal captures of Sunrise, Eldorado, Slater, Bananamama, Euroset, Svyaznoy, Yukos, Smotri, BOOST, Teploservis, Arbat Prestige, Bank of Moscow, Investlesprom, Burneftegaz, Rossiyskiy Capital Bank, Priladozhie, S7, Solo-I, Costa Classic, Kristy, murders of Christophe Marjorie, Peter Kellner, Natalya Filyova, Dmitry Maslov and 47, Evsukov's mass shooting, the Nord-Ost terroristic attack, the Kazan's Columbine, the fire in Lame Horse, the fire in Samara General Police Department, the fire in the Winter Cherry shopping center. That gave us the new list of the crimes where we investigated the list of the shared traits connected with the series of other crimes partially listed in the Miscellaneous section on our website, which possessed the same shared characteristics. Among others, these universal distinguishing features guided us to the loud criminal prosecutions of Zakharchenko, Drymanov, Dmitrieva, Kaganskiy, Voronin, Serdukov, and Rosoboronexport criminal cases. Nobody can say that Russia's law enforcement agencies did nothing concerning the "death of Magnitsky." That is not true. But considering the scale of the case, and its' substance, discovering that was not a simple task. As soon as we heard widely distributed rumors that the organizer of these cases, including the Yukos case, was Igor Sechin, we shall write that we did not discover his name in any participants of these cases, including Yukos' illegal capture. We were unable to identify his involvement in any of these cases. That allows us to assert that he is not a part of this organized group. In contradiction, with no evidence of Sechin's participation, the Rosneft was almost the only company that did not participate in the BOOST's capture. We did not find out in any cases Sechin's involvement and did not uncover any traces of his participation in any criminal activity. At the same time, we found the confirmation of participation in these crimes series Dmitry Medvedev, Alexey Ulyukaev, Anton Siluanov, Mikhail Mishustin, Anatoly Serdukov, Igor Levitin, Maxim Liksutov, Sergey Sobyanin, Alexander Bastrykin, and others public officials. For every case, we strive to create a distinguished group in the Gravity-Free area of our website to avoid the misleading representation of facts and materials. Follow that for further details.

Getting back to Sunrise, in 2007 - 2011, Alfa-Bank, MKB, Igor Yakovlev, and his staff from EVH, Mikhail Dvornikov's affiliates, Samsung, and Eldorado illegally seized the Sunrise business of a $1.6 bln value. They used "customized tax audits," mass perjuries, organization of mass false witness statements submitted to law enforcement agencies, mass falsifications of evidence and documents in courts and law enforcement agencies, and massive slander distribution through the mass media and the Internet. Based on perjuries made by the management of Alfa-Bank, Samsung, ABV Tekhmet, EVH, and Investment Company A1, an innocent Bobylev was closed in the Matrosskaya Tishina pre-trial detention center in 2009 at the same time as Sergey Magnitsky. Later Bobylev was sentenced to 9 years, being imputed of never committing crimes instead of his offenders - Alfa-Bank, A1, Eldorado, MKB, EVH, Stankolit, EAA (aka Dvornikov) - who committed them. This approach when the victim imputed the crimes against himself for the crimes committed by the offenders, we also observed in such cases as Bank of Moscow, Investlesprom, Premier Estate, Rossiyskiy Capital, Bananamama, Eldorado, BOOST, MH17, Bucha, poisoning of Skripals, poisoning of Navalny. Talking particularly about hostile takeover cases, we observed the deceptive, irrational, no-logical accusations made by raiders after they completed the raider capture of the business against the only legal beneficiary of it for the illegal seizure of his own business. In the BOOST case, the offenders used the same approach: they stole Raevskaya-Repnina's property, an equity stake in the BOOST, and next accused her that she stole her property from herself. Studying the materials of criminal cases, we found out in each of them the same context of victims' blaming for theft from themselves their own property.

A1, Alfa-Bank, MKB, EVH, Igor Yakovlev, and Eldorado organized the massive perjuries and false witness statements in the law enforcement agencies to prosecute Bobylev in pursuit of capturing his business. The false witness statements were submitted by the Alfa-Bank, A1, Eldorado, Samsung, EAA, EVH, ABV Tekhmet, Stankolit executives and employees, and dozens of small creditors. They accused Bobylev of fraud which he never committed. All these people acted in collaboration with A1, EVH, Alfa-Bank, and Igor Yakovlev. People who made the false witness later served as a basis for the accusation of Bobylev were: Puzin (Alfa-Bank), Dektyar (A1), Sirota (A1), Gamora (Alfa-Bank), Mamikonian (EVH), and many other people. Later you will find the complete list of these "people" on the Holy Shit and Cardin List pages.

In the case of Sunrise, we also observed shared traits similar to the raider seizures of Bananamama, Eldorado, Svyaznoy, Euroset, and Arbat Prestige. By launching mass disinformation on the Internet and in the press, criminals organized a mass campaign to file lawsuits against the business or its owner, or mass withdrawals of supplies and loans, further leading to the rapid bankruptcy and destruction of the company. Since these retailers had operating model like banks have, the principle of how to ruin that was the same. The criminals created a "small man-made crisis of confidence" - they launched the so-called "Parasha" - slander or gossip about the desperate financial situation of the company target, or a criminal case against the owner, of course, having nothing to do with reality. Or - someone files a bankruptcy lawsuit in the court (e.g., Bananamama case). The court may not consider that at all. But, the only fact of filing was circulated massively through the network as a "threat of the bankruptcy" or occurred bankruptcy, which were untrue, being presented in the press to consider them reliable enough to claim back all goods, bonds, other liabilities, or credits. In Bananamama and Sunrise, the same mass media made this input. In the case of Bananamama, Antonina Tsitsulina (Антонина Цицулина), "Founder and President of the Association of Children's Goods Industry Enterprises, President of the National Association of Toy Makers of Russia," took the leading role.

There are no insignificant details in raider seizures. In every illicit capture, there are no "small," "meaningless," "unimportant" details, or "occasional occurrences." E.g., even one bankruptcy claim submitted to the court may become a trigger for the early credit withdrawal and business destruction. Even if this claim can be considered by the court never, one submission will be enough. It does not matter whether the claims are predicated on truly existing documents and whether there were legal relations with such an organization. Any fraudster can send the claim to the court without any reason and supporting documents. Nothing can stop him. If the fact of claim submission was fixed, then the raiders will revoke the loan. They do that at the worst moment for the company. Next, small creditors and banks line up in a queue in front of the company, which was wealthy before. At the same time, they claimed from the company to pay off all payments and loans before the due date. A few hours later, a prosperous company without any signs of insolvency becomes financially insolvent. Any bank without exception, would instantly become financially insolvent if its' clients immediately withdraw all deposits and other liabilities from it. The fact that the model of bank failure was used to ruin retailers confirms that the people behind the raiding seizures knew the banking industry very well and understood the identity of the operating models of the bank and retail. These are people who knew the banking business and retail enough. In Russia, only one group - Alfa - was equally mad about the banks and retail. Alfa and its members were the performers, the technical executors, and the main driver to go into a life of the criminal plans. That allowed the substantial organizer to remain beyond the visible story and stay behind the scene. Raiders used the "queue" mechanics in Sunrise, Bananamama, Eldorado, Smotri, Kristy, Teploservice, and Rossiyskiy Capital bank cases. And later, they used the mechanics of small creditors queue for the raider capture of BOOST. Alfa Group and its vassals performed a technical role to gather the small creditors with fake documents in a queue. They accused Raevskaya-Repnina of their fraud which they successfully did. Among other disgusting things, they used such vile methods as hiring friends of Raevskaya-Repnina and repaying them mortgage loans or giving them employment, bonuses, promotion, and other benefits in exchange for perjury against Raevskaya-Repnina. The dozens of small creditors of the same-kind origin we observed in the situation with BOOST. On the Internet when more than 150 websites affiliated with the criminals distribute the slander against the BOOST about the "tax debt," "failed court proceedings," "unreliability of the company," and "low ratings." Concerning Raevskaya-Repnina, on the Mosgorsud website, there were more than 50 sham court judgments. The FSSP website (Federal Bailiff Service) featured information from 140 enforcement sham proceedings on forged documents. Even personal data did not match with the data of Raevskaya-Repnina, except for a similar spelling of her last name in some cases. Also, FSSP listed the information about the "wanted property" of person Raevskaya-Repnina without naming her correct personal data. The website of the Moscow Arbitrary Court published materials concerning litigations of the Pension fund of Russia against BOOST and its affiliates. The Pension Fund of Russia falsified documents and used them more than 40 times to apply to the courts to get the sham court judgments with claims on forged documents for 500 rubles. That created a "mass character" of violations and the "malicious fraudster" image for BOOST, its subsidiaries, and Raevskaya-Repnina. The same stories we observed in Bananamama, Slater, and Teploservice cases.

The arrest of Bobylev was continuously extended similarly to the model of Magnitsky's detention until there was nothing left of Sunrise's business. During the time that Bobylev spent in SIZO, A1, Alfa-Schit, EVH, Eldorado, Stankolit, MKB, and other participants together disposed of cash, property, and assets out of Sunrise. The criminals used the same mechanics in such cases as Bananamama, Teploservice, Bank of Moscow, Investlesprom, and Premier Estate. Among other things, they stole Sunrise's vehicle fleet - more than 270 trucks and cars. More than 270 large autos disappeared unhindered without a trace. What can we say about the stolen car of Raevskaya-Repnina, which they stole to hide the traces of attempts on murder assaults against Raevskaya-Repnina to not allow ballistic expertise and later impute Raevskaya-Repnina in the theft of her own car from herself. The same context and false accusations we observed in the Sunrise case. In particular, both in the case of Sunrise and Raevskaya-Repnina, the criminals carried out explosions on the wheels of vehicles, mass blackouts - a disconnection of electricity and communications, cars thefts, and robbery attacks. These episodes were repeated many times in the Sunrise case and the BOOST raider capture. After Sunrise's illegal seizure, the rights to the largest assets were transferred to the companies affiliated with Alfa-Bank, A1, MKB, EVH, Stankolit, Eldorado, and their related parties. With penny wannabe demands generated based on sham court judgments, forged documents, and deceptive witness statements, these criminals gained control of assets worth 40 times more than the stated "debts."

Bobylev was then sent on trumped-up charges to serve a term of imprisonment in a general regime colony in Klintsy. Investigator Nelly Dmitrieva (Magnitsky's list) conducted the investigation. Dmitrieva was convicted and sentenced to 3.5 years in prison for another criminal case. She was not convicted either for crimes that were a basis to put her name on the Cardin list or the Sunrise case. Dmitrieva and Kagansky were named a part of the tax evasion and money laundering scheme organized and executed by Mikhail Mishustin, Ivan Glukhov, Irina Platova, and others included in the Cardin List as well. Irina Platova also participated in the raider seizure of the BOOST. The judge who made decisions on the arrest of Bobylev was Podoprigorov. The other judges, investigators, and prosecutors who participated in the Sunrise case were also from the Cardin list - Ukhnalyova, Krivoruchko, Glukhov, and others.

However, in addition to the shared criminal traits and overlapped lists of members of the criminal group that committed the raider seizure of Sunrise and took part in the murder of Sergei Magnitsky, other distinguishing details lead us to the conclusion about the series of crimes committed by the same organized criminal group. Bobylev was placed in the Matrosskaya Tishina pre-trial detention center at the same time as Magnitsky and went through similar logistics through Federal Service for the Execution of Punishments Butyrskoye SIZO. Bobylev's case was considered and pushed by the same group of people. The mechanism for gaining control of Sunrise was as follows. The criminals fabricated a criminal case against Bobylev based on perjury made by the management of Alfa-Bank, and further false testimony given to the law enforcement agencies. False witness statements were submitted by employees of A1, Alfa-Bank, Eldorado, Samsung, ABV Tekhmet, and several others. Next, Alfa-Bank applied to the Meshchansky Court of Moscow to recover from Bobylev's "debt under a suretyship agreement." The claims of Alfa-Bank were supported by falsified documents. No legal documents confirming the stated requirements existed. Since Bobylev was arrested on false accusations based on perjuries, the Sunrise organization came under the control of A1, Mikhail Dvornikov, Alfa-Bank, MKB, Gurevich, and Igor Yakovlev - authors and organizers of the perjuries submissions. Nelly Dmitrieva conducted the investigation against Bobylev and Magnitsky. Her role in the Sunrise case was to perform the ongoing arrest extension for Bobylev until all the Sunrise property was transferred to the crooks. In this role, she was supported by the judges Podoprigirov, Ukhalyova, Krivoruchko, and many others from the Magnitsky list and beyond of it, prosecutors, other investigators from the Police and the Investigation Committee, prison administration, advocates (affiliated with A1 and Alfa-Bank), bailiffs, and their bosses. In the case of Magnitsky, we observe the picture which precisely matches the Bobylev case, like a twin. Nelly Dmitrieva was included in the Magnitsky list and was later convicted with Kagansky for a bribe. In this episode Mikhail Mishustin miraculously escaped responsibility for being involved in these crimes. For unexplainable reasons, Mishustin was not included in the Cardin list, being the leader of the core vehicle of raider captures of Russia's businesses.

In addition to deceptive accusations, false testimonies, and falsification of documents to illegally bring Bobylev to criminal prosecution, the criminals used affiliated mass media - Kommersant, RBC, the Lenta.ru portal, and many others, which disseminated massive misleading misinformation about the state of affairs in the Sunrise company, provoking conscientious contractors for the actions needed by criminals. As a result, with a total of $40 million of falsified claims, Alfa-Bank, A1, MKB, Dvornikov, Gurevich, and Yakovlev gained control of Sunrise worth more than $1.6 billion at the date of raider seizure.

Sunrise's raider seizure operating model was almost identical to the Bananamama case. Only a few variations occurred due to the additional participants not noted in other illicit seizures - they were Samsung and Mikhail Dvornikov. This couple brought the "fresh notes" to the cases. The episodes executed by Alfa-Bank, A1, MKB, and Igor Yakovlev were identical in the mechanism, participants, geography, and timing. The criminals applied the same scheme to Andrey Borodin and Dmitry Akulinin in the Bank of Moscow and Investlesprom cases. The judges who served the illegal seizure of Borodin's and Akulinin's assets were also the same in the Sunrise, Bananamama cases, and the Cardin list. The Bank of Moscow and Investlesprom cases, among their similarity with the Sunrise, Slater, Euroset, and Bananamama, demonstrated the "post-deaths acquisition" shared trait with the Slater, S7, and Euroset criminal offenses. The identity of raiding seizures of Sunrise and Bananamama carried out by one backbone of persons - Alfa-Bank, A1, Igor Yakovlev, and officials from the Magnitsky list - verifies the version that Slater was a part of a criminal money-laundering scheme. The authentic source of the Slater's business financing was not income obtained in the romantic life of young entrepreneurs selling the DVDs underpass, the legend of which they distributed. The rightful source of the Slater financing is fake avizos and money laundered after their theft from Russia's state budget by analog with the Hermitage Capital scheme. The Sunrise presumably was a part of the same scheme. Sunrise laundered money got from the Solntsevskaya's (Sunny) organized criminal group, which is obvious - look at their names. Sunrise was founded by Felix Komarov. Komarov is the treasurer of the Solntsevskaya OCG, a friend of "Knyaz" and professor Mikhas, leader of Solntsevskaya OCG, and Vyacheslav Ivankov, thief-in-law, created Sunrise to import the computers. More precisely, to smuggle the computers and launder money. Solntsevskaya OCG stays under the Ivankov in their hierarchy stairs. Bobylev played the role of operating manager and the Murzilka - nominal shareholder. In this scheme also participated other "entrepreneurs" including Beloussov, founder of Parallels. Thus, the resource of the Parallels financing is the same - the pockets of the Solntsevskaya OCG. This mafia clan used Sunrise to launder money from the Russian Orthodox Church under the management of Mongol and later Ivankov. The liquidation of Sunrise matches the period of the criminal crown transfer (death of Mongol and coronation of Ivankov). The version that the criminals erased Sunrise to hide the activity of Ridiger (Mongol) and Solntsevskiye is real. To consider Igor Yakovlev, Oleg Yakovlev, Sergey Bobylev, Evgeny Chichvarkin, Belousov, and other their allies as "fair entrepreneurs" suffering the "Putinism" is monstrously erroneous. First, the criminals lost their business due to the internal criminal wars. Second, all this lawlessness occurred during Medvedev's time. It is "Medvedenism." Putin has no connection with this unruly. Third, nobody of them is a fair entrepreneur. Nobody can prove the source of billions for their "businesses." Fourth, they laundered money extracted because of mass murders, serious fraud, terrorism, corruption, and other blood-chilling crimes. They shall be behind the bar with the murderers whose money they laundered.

The method of accusing Bobylev of credit fraud and Oleg Yakovlev, according to Alfa-Bank claims, is identical in both cases. Also, the credit documents with Bananamama, used in the Meschansky District court, California Court, and the police, raise serious doubts about the authenticity of the claimed transactions. Neither Alfa-Bank nor the courts that applied observed the original loan agreements with Bananamama. The documents which were submitted by Alfa-Bank did not confirm either the existence of credit relationships, their operational execution, or granting of bona fide loans. Oleg Yakovlev said that the original hard copies of these documents do not exist. At the same time, he sent us a copy of them. We all understand that situation may occur if Alfa-Bank shipped money without signed credit agreements or if these documents were stolen. Both hypotheses give rise to more options and questions. According to our information, such loan agreements did not exist in nature. Their originals were submitted to the courts of law enforcement agencies never. With no documents, the police and courts made their decision against Yakovlev.

The actions of Alfa-Bank to make transfers on parole to Bananamama and Sunrise, based on copies of documents with semi-manual execution, and without the originals to keep for Alfa-Bank in the second copy, at least confirm that these transactions were not standard banking transactions or existed never. Therefore the money transfers if any existed, were carried out for other purposes under different conditions. Falsified loan agreements were needed to create the facade of business transactions, and the bank made these documents to hide another deal. Otherwise, these transactions are impossible. Thus, we suppose that these transactions between Alfa-Bank, Bananamama, and Sunrise were not business credit transactions existing in reality.

These wannabe loan agreements presumably were used by Alfa-Bank to remove Bobylev and Yakovlev from the scheme as dangerous witnesses and participants in the criminal money laundering activity. A part of the accusations made by Alfa-Bank against Yakovlev was based on the "falsification of credit agreements" created, by false witness statements of Alfa-Bank, by Oleg Yakovlev himself. Otherwise, after these Alfa-Bank's comic witness statements, the Bananamama case begins to look like a bad comedy - when Alfa-Bank shipped 30 mln USD to an unknown company without credit agreements accusing in money transfer Oleg Yakovlev of "creation of falsified credit agreements" and "misleading of Alfa-Bank." Developing further this schizophrenic nonsense of Alfa-Bank and the investigators bought by Alfa-Bank, Alfa-Bank's mentally ill managers, who probably acted being under the drugs, shipped 30 million dollars to Oleg Yakovlev without any written contracts, transferring the money to the accounts of "left fraudulent unknown" companies, after that Yakovlev prepared documents for lending between Alfa-Bank with himself and carefully kept them all these years. Signatures and seals of Alfa-Bank managers (an average of 8-12 signatures per contract) he also made on his own, exclusively for himself. This is impossible. However, we have at least one case, when the credit agreement was falsified by Alfa-Bank, and without even an awareness of its' existence, the "debtor" selected by Alfa-Bank, became a part of this agreement. That is, the person did not conclude a loan agreement and does not know about it, but Alfa-Bank made it himself, and managed to conclude not only without the signature of the debtor but even when the debtor had no idea that he had any kind of credit relationship with Alfa-Bank. And this fascinating case - is also in our portfolio, the one-sided falsification of a credit agreement by Alfa-Bank. The conclusion is simple - Alfa-Bank's modus operandi is to work without documents. When Alfa-Bank needs it, it will falsify the documents that are needed to get the property that Alfa-Bank likes. Even with a thousand rubles of technical overdraft on the bank card, it will send collectors, cut off your phone, and ruin your credit history.

However, it is unrealistic that Alfa-Bank shipped $30 million to the unknown company without original loan documents. If this deal took place, that means that this cash shipment represented a completely different business transaction, which was structured "po ponyatiyam" (by the concept), and which was drawn up by so-called "ponyatiyka" (documents for the safe box). Such documents are often not legal and are heavily enforceable bylaws. However, they reflect various confidential agreements "po ponyatiyam" between two gents which are enforceble "po ponyatiyam." In Russia, a bank could use such documents to carry out two types of operations: for cash, or for non-cash (cash laundering and crediting it in its pure form to bank accounts under a decent reason).

This case of Alfa-Bank, which forged documents to put pressure on Yakovlev, who was involved in a money-laundering scheme, coincides one-on-one with the story of Euroset and forwarder Vlaskin. Euroset smuggled all phones into Russia. Euroset paid huge bribes for this, and of course, this business has a "roof" - the Solntsevskaya, Izmailovskaya, Taganskaya, Podolskaya, and Orekhovskaya OCGs. Everyone had a piece of Euroset. When contraband phones disappeared from Euroset, Euroset forged documents - delivery notes - and according to these falsified documents, the Department of Internal Affairs for the South Administrative District put forwarding agent Vlaskin on the wanted list. Then they took him and transferred him to Euroset's roof. Next, the bandits - the roof of Euroset - beat him for a long time until he agreed to give money for the missing smuggled phones, imported without documents. We observe the same situation in the cases of Sunrise and Bananamama. For black cash - mafia's money - which they washed in these two retailers, Alfa-Bank pulled up Bobylev and Yakovlev using forged documents in a similar method. With just one difference. For Euroset, the hub for resolving issues with the police (to organize the illegal criminal prosecution based on falsified evidence) was the Moscow police's Rockstar - the Internal Affairs Directorate for the South Administrative District. Alfa-Bank with its orthodox church roof has the criminal hub at the Internal Affairs Directorate for the Central Administrative District and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Krasnoselsky District. You have to be an idiot to believe Chichvarkin's snot about how "Putin" offended him. Of course, he does not want to return to Russia. Because here he will get the deserved life sentence. Because the laundered money was spent for the organization of Nord-Ost, Chechen War, Lame Horse burning, and so on. It's not just confusing. It causes a question about this complete extraordinary big piece of crap why the Central Bank has not noticed for 30 years in Alfa-Bank not just dubious operations, but black cash (in the bank, which is subject the distinguished state oversight), and even black loans. You say it is impossible? Until 2009, 100% of all imported consumer electronics in Russia was imported black, smuggled. It's just that banks are harder to catch - you need special knowledge. And the banks listed here - they were the owners of these retailers with the 100% of black import. The same banks created this retail, the retail operations, and guided the process of the smuggling embedding into the business processes. They made a disruption through customisation of SAP, Oracle, Siebel, 1C for money laundering, smuggling and black accounting. Thus, impossible is nothing. Nobody uncovered the 100% smuggling in retail for 20 years in Russia. No surprise, that nobody found the cash smuggling in banks for 30 years.

Later, in the criminal prosecution of Drymanov, will appear the sham bank credit cards with the black loans represented the bribery. This precedent is a breath-taking case. However, we did not hear that was properly followed up: to discover the nature of this bank card - how was a creditor, who paid this off, if that became an NPL - how that was reflected in the Alfa-Bank accounts, and so on. And again - who was this creative auditor who verified the Alfa-Bank financial statements. The same function as Alfa-Bank played the Tinkoff, Russky Standard, MTS-Bank, MKB, Otkritie, Sberbank, Loko-Bank, Vozrozhdenie (which laundered money of the Moscow Region Government), VTB, and so on. These banks, which were created at the expense of the Russian state budget, spent taxpayers' money to finance terrorism to kill these same taxpayers. The scheme to pay briberies via the form of credit card transfer was used by Argued Audit company, which paid briberies to the FSB employees by transferring to the bank cards - as a "salary" for the rendered services. Argued Audit "ordered" illegal data collection, spying, and so on. Argued Audit's staff told an exciting story about how Argued Audit pays briberies to collect the data. At the same time, AFK Sistema (LSE listed family office of Solntsevskaya OCG) has a special person, who does the same, but for another kind of service - to delete some interesting data from the FSB databases. The last detail - the owner of the Argued Audit and its CEO is a CPA Boris Kolmakov, a certified public accountant according to the PCAOB standards.

What other interesting conclusion follows from this remarkable case? That all the margin of the banks, which they "earned" because they gave at usurious interest (for those cases that we have in our portfolio - these are rates from 40 to 120% per annum) without documents, black mafia money, it was not reflected in official bank statements. We have at least the cases of Alfa-Bank and MKB in our portfolio. Not only was the loaned money received as a result of crimes. The criminals brought cash to the bank, then the black cash was laundered by giving it out in form of credits at awesome rates (cases in our portfolio - Russian Standard, Tinkoff, MKB, MTS-Bank, Alfa-Bank, Loko-Bank). Income from this laundromat was also not reflected in the banks' financial statements. And, interestingly, no single claim has arisen against any of the banks in 30 years in connection with non-payment of taxes, as well as in connection with black cash and black loans. But even more! Issuing black loans - just black cash, without a single valid document, at 120% per annum, banks, having absolutely nothing on hand, went to courts. And they won! Always! In the absence of even a shadow of the right to demand anything, and even more with no documents confirming this right. Insanity became stronger. With these court decisions, the bailiffs also took away the last property from people. And under the roof of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation and the Prosecutor's Office, not even a single criminal prosecution was initiated in all these cases. Files were drained down to the district police officers (usually they are dealing with something like a pocket theft or fine for uncleaned dog poop), and they refused such cases since, in their opinion, these are civil litigations.

Such a fucking cute civil affairs in this goblins reserve! That proves that the organized criminal community, the size of which is already difficult to imagine, let alone describe, included judges who ruled in favor of criminals, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, and the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation, and policemen, and prosecutors, and the investigative committee, and bailiffs. Everyone ate from this feeder. When they ate Magnitsky, they didn't even choke. For them, it's like brushing their teeth. The same money stealing machine, tailored for the needs of banks, received non-existent tax debts from taxpayers in exactly the same way, as well as illegal fines from car owners. This bullshit bacchanalia was based on one thing - on the general financial and legal illiteracy of the population, on the inattention of this population, and the well-known psychological phenomenon of trusting people in the uniform, or in the vestments of a civil servant, or a priest. These were brilliantly used by criminals. It is a typical pattern of behavior for criminals - to acquire a large number of badges, awards, medals, fake diplomas, titles, and decorations. So that no one even minds that under the mask of Professor "Mikhas" or Patriarch "Korniliy" there are serial killers. Even Vladimir Vishnevsky said, "the more criminal the office, the more general its director." A very famous example is a dangerous criminal Fox, the personage of the Stanislav Govorukhin film "Meeting place can not be changed," Fox has always been in uniform. For the same reason, criminals acquire fake IDs of deputies, FSB officers, and police officers. Because people trust people in uniform. Unfortunately, anyone can be in uniform, from a werewolf in pursuit to a runaway prisoner.

Therefore, both Yakovlev and Bobylev expected the fate of Magnitsky. According to the court decisions of the same judge, they would end up in the same pre-trial detention center (SIZO) simultaneously. Presumably, all three - Magnitsky, Bobylev, and Yakovlev should have been killed in the same SIZO at the same time, as happened earlier with Gasanov, Korobeinikov, and Kurochkin. Gathered together these circumstances represent a completely different picture both with Yakovlev's departure to the United States and with the criminal prosecution of Bobylev. The dangerous self-sufficient people who served the "system" and possessed the important information died. The criminal group carried out the consolidation of toxic evidence and elimination of unnecessary witnesses. This astonishing story about using retail to launder money which were got in the fake avizo scheme, cashing out of illegal tax returns by analog with the Hermitage Capital case, and money disposal out of the largest state Russian's holdings - Gazprom, RZD, VTB, Sberbank, they close connection with the Prevezon Group, 1520 holding, and the criminal prosecution of FSB colonel Zakharchenko, may explicitly tell why Alfa-Bank loves retail so much, the true use of proceeds of the X5 business and telecom in Alfa Group, and whose money were laundered through the Slater, Sunrise, their affiliates, and why the BOOST's consolidation of claims called such a huge intensity of attempts to liquidate the BOOST and the BOOST's founder Raevskaya-Repnina.

In Bananamama's case, sums of loan agreements with Alfa-Bank were written by hand. By hand, they usually fill out forms of pre-printed documents, into which information is entered next. In this way, documents are drawn up "for the run" in the black cash and laundering business to match the sum in the contract precisely equal to the sum of funds that went through bank accounts. Alfa-Bank was mentioned as a laundromat for the Prevezon Group in the Magnitsky case and the fake avizos scheme. Alfa-Bank accused Oleg Yakovlev that Yakovlev made the credit documents himself. But the credit documents for Sunrise were issued in the same strange way - many data, especially the sum of funds, were filled out by hand. That presumably could mean that the Alfa-Bank falsified the credit agreement as explained above, otherwise, Sunrise was also part of the same laundering scheme. The geography of operations of Sunrise - broad presence in Moscow, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Kazan, and Ufa - precisely correlates with the geography of Magnitsky's case, and particularly matches the operations of Uzdenov, the beneficiary of the Pethon and 1520 holdings closely involved into the money laundering scheme on RZD, financing of prohibited terroristic activity, and consolidated AK BARS and TAIF Group also presumably involved into the financing Chistopolsky Jamaat and Kazan mass shooting (aka Columbine) terroristic attacks.

The conclusion about who and for what killed Magnitsky after the above is already quite easy to make. They killed him because he was part of the scheme and an unnecessary witness, and Browder refused, like Bobylev, Chichvarkin, and Yakovlev to hand over Hermitage Capital to the criminals. This simplest logical problem has one single solution - on the territory of the Russian Federation, the Hermitage Capital fund solved the same tasks as Euroset, Bananamama, Sunrise, Slater (translated into Russian - money laundering and smuggling, and raiding to seize Russian state and private property, and destroy industrial enterprises), and Browder is just as honest an entrepreneur as Evgeny Chichvarkin. So the chaplet of Christ does not suit Browder. He should be given a term, like everyone who financed the Nord-Ost, the fire in the Lame Horse, 9/11, and other terrorist attacks. It is understandable why Browder is solving issues with prosecution in the Hermitage Capital case in Germany. Because there is the "head office" of those who laundered money through the Hermitage Capital.

Since Raevskaya-Repnina worked in 2007-2008 with the Sunrise company during its capture and witnessed what was happening, by analogy with the BOOST raider takeover, 6 car accidents happened to her in a few days during the transaction for the legal purchase of Sunrise (in case of the BOOST there were about 30). In addition, during the period of the project to protect the Eldorado company during its raider seizure on illegal claims of the tax authorities in early 2008, Raevskaya-Repnina was hospitalized in City Clinical Hospital No. 31, where she underwent an operation to remove the fallopian tube due to "an ectopic pregnancy." During the operation, Raevskaya-Repnina was poisoned, which almost caused her death, and became a victim of fetal violence. After poisoning with inhalation anesthesia, she was left alone almost for a day without medical care in a closed ward. According to the results of a histological examination, the embryo was not found. Therefore there were no grounds for the removal of the fallopian tube. Otherwise, the embryo was used without the permission of Raevskaya-Repnina for other purposes. The medical history and video of the operation were destroyed. After poisoning with inhalation anesthesia, Raevskaya-Repnina experienced the same symptoms that were observed after poisoning with an unknown inhalation substance in the hostages of the Nord-Ost terrorist attack after the sleeping gas application. After she remained alive, during the entire time she was in the hospital, the medical personnel tried to forcefully inject her, who suffering from chronic polyvalent allergy, including drugs allergy, with unknown drugs without specifying the name and prescriptions. The clinic's staff also persuaded her to perform a second operation to remove the second fallopian tube, explaining that this was supposedly necessary for IVF. Before this case of deadly hospitalization, during the preparation of the appeal for the tax claim for 15 bln issued to Eldorado as described in the Slater case, Raevskaya-Repnina was also heavily poisoned. On the day of the poisoning, she visited Pushkin restaurant owned by Maison Dellos and restaurant Romanov Dvor at the cinema bar owned by Avica, whose beneficiary is Ruben Vardanyan (Troyka Dialog, the main defendant in Slater and Bananamama cases). The poisoning occurred when all lawyers refused to prepare the appeal for a tax claim for 15 bln, and Raevskaya-Repnina with her colleagues started to deal with it themselves to refute the results of an illegal tax audit. After studying all the poisonings in the case, and crimes similar to poisoning, we conclude that in the case of Raevskaya-Repnina and Magnitsky, the same substance, Clerici's solution, presumably obtained with the participation of Rusal and Kaztsink, was used. In the case of the poisoning of dogs, poisoning with Clerici's solution and ethylene glycol was also suspected. An overdose of fentanyl or its derivatives was allegedly used for poisoning of Raevskaya-Repnina in the hospital under inhalation anesthesia. The substance was presumably produced by the Kurganskiy plant owned by Alexander Vinokurov. Since it did not work, a second operation was suggested. The doctors were also paid for this by Rusal's employees (Dmitry Mirny).

Various poisonings are a specific shared trait of many episodes. Criminals widely used them in the case of Magnitsky, miscellaneous criminal cases, and the BOOST capture. Working heavily on this case, we noted that these cases also are connected. In the case of BOOST, Raevskaya-Repnina was heavily poisoned three times. Her poisonings occurred all three times in the Slater case with a strong correlation to the Eldorado's business activity, especially the tax case, and matched with the Sunrise deals milestones. Eight of her dogs were poisoned. Six out of them died. The timing, context, and methods allowed us to match these incidents with the MTS-Bank, Investlesprom, and the BOOST illegal capture and identify the potential participants - Slater, Alfa-Group, the Prevezon's, Uzdenov, MTS-Bank, VTB, and AFK Sistema affiliates, following the specifics of each concrete episode. That helped us connect Slater, Investlesprom, BOOST, and Hermitage Capital captures with the Nord-Ost and Magnitsky's death and link them with other miscellaneous cases listed in the appropriate section of our website. In all cases of BOOST's poisonings collection, we observed several different clinical pictures every time for every victim, which did not coincide with each other and with any typical poisons. That made it almost impossible to find an antidote. We used only the most gentle detoxification to avoid more damage to the victim. However, each case (11 poisonings in the BOOST case) had the same clinical symptoms observed in Magnitsky, Korobeinikov, Kurochkin, Abramovich, and Nord-Ost poisonings. We did not have the opportunity to conduct a toxicological examination of the poisoned dogs. A few days before the poisoning, for unknown reasons, all veterinary laboratories in Moscow and the Moscow region at one day stopped conducting toxicological studies, identifying the poisonous substance, accept and performing such tests. It makes no sense to repeat the ownership structure of these companies. They are part of the structure of the group of defendants listed in BOOST's Black List and Cardin's list.

Decision on the arrest in the case of Bobylev (Sunrise), the decision on the arrest in the case of Oleg Yakovlev (Bananamama), the decision on the case on the arrest of Andrei Borodin and Dmitry Akulinin (Bank of Moscow, Investlesprom) and on the arrest of their shares in Investlesprom with a ban on the right to use, as well as the decisions to arrest Sergei Magnitsky were issued by the same Tverskoy District Court of Moscow. Even though the arrests were made with a time lag, all arrest warrants were issued by one Judge Krivoruchko (included in the Сardin list), except for the arrest of Bobylev. Bobylev's detention was sanctioned by Judge Podoprigorov and then repeatedly extended by Judges Ukhnaleva and Krivoruchko until the control over Sunrise and its property was totally lost. All these judges are on the Cardin List. And after Raevskaya-Repnina risked her own life and started to protect Bobyleva's husband in this situation, restore him and her rights, and recover Bobyleva's marriage, she did not find anything better than to frame Raevskaya-Repnina with a fake power of attorney.

The "operating model" of criminals that was at the heart of the Sunrise case and then observed by us in other assets with minor modifications was the following. Concerning the owner of a business that the raiders liked and for which they were not going to pay the fair price, the criminal group initiated the criminal prosecution based on perjury regarding the fact of credit fraud at the request of the creditor, bank, or for tax evasion. The criminals had no right to claim something based on the law. The supporting documents were falsified, and the false accusations were proven by falsified documents, including decisions made on them with a gross violation of the norms of procedural and substantive law, based on massive false denunciations and false testimonies of "victims."

Further, on these "charges," the criminals closed the business owner in a pre-trial detention center. In the absence of the owner, while he was in a pre-trial detention center, the raiders captured operational and substantial control over the business. Assets and property were withdrawn and sold or rewritten into the possession of other persons. When the owner left the pre-trial detention center, he no longer had a business. That happened with Bobylev. After several years of working on this case, we tend to think that Bobylev was a really lucky guy. He shouldn't leave the Matrosskaya Tishina alive. Only the death of Magnitsky and the loud investigation saved his life on the eve of his transfer to the "press-hata." Press-hata is a tough detention cell, which the prison administration together with investigators uses to drive out the witness statements using the tortures, physical punishment, and other types of violent offenses committed by other imprisoners in exchange for ease of their prosecution. In press-hata expected Bobylev, there had to be three other prisoners who had previously been repeatedly sentenced for murders, and carriers of HIV infection. Bobylev was saved from death in the pre-trial detention center by the death of Magtnitsky since he was being prepared for placement in a "press-hata" with convicted under Article 105 (for murders). Since Magnitsky died on the eve of the transfer, and a supervisory check arrived at the pre-trial detention center, Bobylev remained alive. And here, we are gradually approaching the Yukos case and the case of Vasily Aleksanyan. Both cases are closely connected with Slater, BOOST, Bananamama, Burneftegaz, Hermitage Capital, and Rossiyskiy Capital criminal cases.

The goal of the criminals was not to get the Sunrise business and keep it. They needed cash - just cash, so they did not save companies. First, they expected to erase the traces of their criminal activity by destroying the captured assets - as we explained, these organizations were a part of the money smuggling scheme. Next, they expected to spend these stolen funds on miscellaneous case financing: terrorist attacks, mass murders, and financing of corrupt officials. They destroyed companies by plundering and selling everything to the last nail. That happened to Bananamama and Sunrise. Later, they founded Yulmart on the remains of Sunrise, and only the Children's World and the AFK Sistema benefited from the destruction of Bananamama. Funds extracted from the sale of illegally captured assets the criminals spent to maintain the "system" described in the Hermitage Capital case, and, presumably, miscellaneous cases.

A similar mechanism earlier applied in Sunrise was used in the Bananamama company - when a criminal case was initiated based on false testimony at the request of Alfa-Bank employees. According to fake decisions in court, Alfa-Bank received a court decision in its favor in the absence of any requirements based on the law and documentation to obtain control over the business with a fair value of more than USD1.3 billion. Thus, Sunrise, performed by prominent representatives of the list of Magnitsky and Alfa-Bank, became a reference case, a comparison with the model of which and the participants involved in which was carried out by us further to identify a chain of similar crimes and identify the full range of persons who committed them. The criminals applied the "standard model" of the Sunrise hostile takeover in paired cases of Bananamama, Investlesprom, and Slater. The methods used by criminals to eliminate processual and physically Bobylev - were applied in the BOOST case, when the criminals strove to capture illegally the BOOST's stake.

In 2021, the BOOST consolidated voting rights for 100% of the Sunrise stake previously owned by Bobylev and Bobyleva. These voting rights transfer to us the associated claims against the raiders who illegitimately seized and destroyed the Sunrise business that generated the loss in sum of the debt-free enterprise value of the entire Sunrise business in 2007 brought to the current date proportionate to the cumulative effective stake of Oxana Bobyleva and Sergey Bobylev. These claims, together with the Bananamama case and Investlesprom, give us voting rights for the second half of the SLATER business since Igor Yakovlev directly participated in the ruin and liquidation of Sunrise, Bananamama, and, presumably, in money laundering for Alfa-Bank, Safmar, and Dagestan's representatives as a part of Hermitage Capital combined case.

That is not the final exhaustive and complete description of the case. We extend the list of the stake and assets because the structure and substance of the story move very fast. The business valuation is the equivalent of the net present value of the business in 2008 before the ruin and compensation for losses (the value of the ruined business plus interest for using other people's money during the ruin period). We address the claims to all persons who took part in the ruin of the Sunrise business and their successors. The claims include the vindication of the seized assets, the full compensation of all damages caused by both Bobyleva O.G., Bobylev S.A. whose right to claim BOOST was recently acquired, and the losses incurred by the BOOST itself in connection with crimes against the BOOST aimed at the physical and procedural elimination of BOOST and its beneficiary Raevskaya-Repnina to avoid criminal and financial liability in connection with the committed crimes and to evade the demand to return of assets and to compensate losses.

Whereas Bobyleva's stake in Sunrise without the BOOST is worth less than zero approximately minus 750 mln rubles, our claims to Bobyleva in connection with her contribution to our business cannot be satisfied only by the transfer of rights for 25% of her share, which she would have received if she fully executed the agreement with us. Our demands extend to Bobyleva's other property rights and now go far beyond Sunrise alone. Similar situations exist in all memorandums on the purchase of sellers' claims who took part in the raider seizure of BOOST and murder assaults against Raevskaya-Repnina, and other criminal activity against BOOST and Raevskaya-Repnina as described in this section of the site: Oleg Yakovlev, Oleg Martynov, Oleg Andreev, Oksana Bobyleva. Their voting rights and claims had substantial positive value only in the scenario with the BOOST participation. Stand-alone, their rights without consolidation and our participation are worth nothing - all these people were a part of the criminal activity, which resulted in their losing their businesses disregards of the form. Their cases create value only through our consolidation as we possess the evidence about the involvement of criminals in the one crime series, can swap symmetric claims and have the Heritage project on balance. This value-driving evidence enables us to extract value from every case. Without the BOOST, who, among other things, recovered processual deadlines, their rights have negative value and insurmountable obstacles to realizing. Since the rights alienated by us by the said persons have a value greater than zero only in the event of a deal with us, our claims to the said persons in connection with their complicity in the raider seizure of BOOST and the elimination of Raevskaya-Repnina go much further than the framework of the signed memorandums and apply to all liquid property of the said persons, including their property rights, intangible assets, and other objects of rights. We value life. The price for the life of our business, our founder, her relatives, and pets is very high. However, for the BOOST, that does not decrease the valuation, in contradictory - the crimes of Yakovlev, Bobylev, Martynov, and Andreev increase the valuation of the acquired assets on the BOOST's balance as we do not lose the consolidated claims, and can extract the full potential of the cases, get the trigger to increase the valuation of the Heritage case, and extend its scope.

The description of Sunrise is not exhaustive, not complete, and will be supplemented and detailed later. We provide this statement on the BOOST for informational purposes.