At first sight, the insignificant acquisition of 100% of voting rights for the Teploservice business gave us a clue on how to connect the cases of Burneftegaz, S7, Yukos, Eldorado, Rossiyskiy Capital, Bananamama, Sunrise, Smart Heat, Burneftegaz, case of Khoroshilov and Mundut, Hermitage Capital, and the offenders (Sistema, VTB, A1, Alfa-Bank, Otkritie, and their affiliates). The criminals intended to hide the evidence of the crimes through the raider seizure of the BOOST and murder assaults against BOOST's owner Raevskaya-Repnina. If you have any further queries regarding the information in this section, contact our PR department.

Substance of the case

In September 2018, Oleg Andreev, a citizen of Ukraine, was introduced to Raevskaya-Repnina. Andreev was introduced to her by the daughter of Andrei Kolyadin. Kolyadin held during 2005-2019 positions in government in the protest regions - Voronezh, Samara, Moscow, and in the UFD (UFO) including cities of Moscow Mayor Sobyanin's native region. At the moment, Kolyadin works in the government of Magadan.

Andreev said that he had lost the business of Teploservis. According to Andreev, he had problems with the KNPZ enterprise and the FSB of Russia, which carried out the illegal persecution of Andreev. To escape problems with FSB and KNPZ, his "friends" introduced him to Igor Berman. Berman entered into the trust of Andreev. Berman persuaded Andreev of his good intentions and that is impossible to solve Andreev's problem without transferring Andreev's shares in the Teploservis to Berman by using him as a nominee. According to Igor Berman, otherwise, Andreev will be unable to work and do business. Berman also asked Andreev to buy a Rolex Oyster watch to pay a bribe to resolve the issue. He took this watch and wore them himself.

In addition to the Rolex, Andreev transferred a share in the company to Igor Berman to solve these problems. However, Berman did not pay for them according to the contract. The registrar made the shares transfer record in the register based on invalid documents. Thus, the deal was incomplete. Without payment, Andreev lost ownership rights, and legal and operational control over all property, including his house, cars that disappeared in an unknown direction, and personal belongings in his home. Berman blocked Andreev from the entrance to the Teploservice office. The documents, computers, and seals were held by the employees of the Samara branch of FSB and Berman altogether. The cars owned by Andreev disappeared and were not wanted in search for an unknown reason. His house which he is the only business beneficiary accounted for Teploservice, was captured, and he was not allowed to enter. So the "friendly nominee" Berman managed Andreev's shares in this way: the cars were driven away, the house with all stuff inside was captured, the Teploservice went bankrupt at the same time the claims of creditors were redirected to Andreev based on the forged documents to increase them up to the exact value of Andreev's property, and the illegal prosecution of Andreev was started - for fraud and tax evasion.

The tax evasion case which was based on falsified evidence and forged documents was started in the Tax Inspection of the Zhelezndorzhnuy District of Samara. Initially, Andreev was illegally accused of non-payment for tax for-profit and VAT arose from the KNPZ deal.

At the same tax inspection, the same time, the company Fialka LLC was registered in the name of Raevskaya-Repnina by falsification of the EGRUL electronic registers. After that, the FNS illegally liquidated the Fialka LLC by entering the falsified records to the EGRUL. FNS made the forged record regarding "unreliability of business address." This type of liquidation was discriminating. After such type of forcible liquidation, Raevskaya-Repnina was not allowed to the creation of any new companies for three years after such liquidation occurred. At the same time, all business activities in her current business - BOOST, HASHEIGHT, and Smart Expert were completely blocked by the criminals. She was unable to create a new legal entity to conduct routine business activity due to the results of the Fialka illegal liquidation. She was unable to create a new company even to transfer the assets of the captured BOOST, HASHEIGHT, and Smart Expert to rescue the business.

Next, Berman Igor Yuryevich disposed of the business and all assets from the Teploservice to the shadow business named to create likeness with Rosneft's affiliates naming - LLC "RN-NEFTESERVICE." To the "RN-NEFTESERVICE," the bogus director Raptanov Vasily Kuzmich was appointed here. On 02.02.2021, "RN-NEFTESERVICE" LLC was liquidated as an inactive organization by the Tax Inspection to cover the traces and evidence of criminal activity. The forged records were made by the Federal Tax Inspection of the Krasnoglinsky District of Samara. The same tax inspection participated in 3 episodes of EGRUL records falsification with the companies affiliated with Raevskaya-Repnina: Fialka LLC, NP ANK, CONSUL CBS LLC.

When the property was disposed of, Andreev's business was captured, and he became homeless. After that, the creditors, Rosgosstrakh bank, and others addressed the claims to Andreev, regardless of whether he was not a beneficiary at this period and was not responsible for the non-performance of loans. However, the sham court judgments were received to the benefit of Rosgosstrakh bank. This claim - about 30 mln rubles - was multiplied by three. The three related forged reinforcement proceedings equal by sum were initiated by the Federal Bailiff Services. In total, 124 mln of tripled claims based on the sham court judgments and forged documents were requested to pay by Andreev. All his bank accounts and bank cards were blocked. He used the card of his friend. This case is similar to Raevskaya-Repnina's situation, who lived with her mom's bank card for almost four years.

A loan agreement No. 2417/2016 dated March 23, 2016, was concluded between CJSC Teploservice and PJSC Rosgosstrakh Bank.

CJSC Teploservice transferred to Rosgosstrakh Bank five cars as collateral to secure the loan agreement. Teploservice was also obliged to place a cash deposit of 12 million rubles with PJSC Rosgosstrakh Bank. This sum disappeared from the Teploservice bank account. The total debt of Teploservice, which theoretically could be claimed and collected following the law, was not more than seven million rubles.

Also, under the loan agreement, Andreev O.Yu. and his business LLC Baza RDN became guarantors. Until September 16th, 2016, while Andreev O.Yu. was a managing shareholder of CJSC Teploservise, CJSC Teploservise regularly fulfilled its obligations under the loan agreement. After September 16th, 2016, the status of the loan obligations fulfillment to became unknown. Andreev was removed from the management of the company by raiders due to the illicit seizure of his shares in ZAO Teploservise. He lost legal and operational control over Teploservice. Hence, Andreev was not a part of the credit agreement. The debtor was a Teploservice legal entity. All claims that came in due to the loan non-performance had to be submitted to that organization and its management, which included Berman and Raptanov. However, the Rosgosstrakh bank did not claim them regarding the NPL.

In April 2017, Andreev got on his e-mail from PJSC Rosgosstrakh three inofficial backdated notices, that Andreev O.Yu. violated deadline of monthly payments, containing the request for the early withdrawal of a loan taken by CJSC Teploservise, in the amount of 29,589,222.81 rubles, and to pay penalties in the amount of 177,535.34 rubles, as well as letters of similar content, addressed to ZAO Teploservis and OOO Baza RDN which were sent in the electronic form to the personal e-mail of Andreev. Whether the deposit was set off against the loan is unknown. However, since the cars were not foreclosed, presumably the amount of the deposit was not set off.

Further, in the summer of 2017, Rosgosstrakh Bank PJSC filed a lawsuit with the Arbitration Court of the Nizhny Novgorod Region not against the borrower - Teploservice CJSC - but immediately against the guarantors, based on which it received 3 writ of execution - against Andreev O.Yu., Teploservis CJSC and Baza RDN LLC, each of which was in the amount of 29,885,697 rubles. 64 kop. Thus, according to the decision of the Nizhny Novgorod Court, PJSC Rosgosstrakh Bank, with the debt of ZAO Teploservis in the amount of 29,885,697,64 rubles received a writ of execution in the amount of 90,274,437.6 rubles.

Based on these writs of execution, 3 enforcement proceedings were initiated:

1. Writ of execution in respect of Baza RDN LLC dated 09/18/2017 №FS

023395839, issued by the Nizhny Novgorod District Court, Nizhny Novgorod (enforcement proceedings 48574/17/63040-IP dated October 10th, 2017, in the amount of 30091479.24 rubles).

2. Writ of execution against CJSC Teploservice dated September 18, 2017, №FS 023395838, issued by the Nizhny Novgorod District Court, Nizhny Novgorod (enforcement proceedings 223313/17/63043-IP dated November 13th, 2017, in the amount of 30091479.24 rubles)

3. Writ of execution against Andreev O.Yu. dated 18.09.2017 №2-7731/2017 and the Resolution on the collection of a 32,195,522.1 ruble performance fee (enforcement proceedings 28622/17/63039-IP dated November 17th, 2017).

Thus, instead of the 7 million rubles debt (approximately 29 million of the debt minus a cash deposit of 12 million minutes minus the cost of pledged cars for 10 million rubles according to the loan agreement), PJSC Rosgosstrakh Bank did not collect seven mln from the borrower Teploservice. Instead, Rosgosstrakh Bank claimed Andreev, the former shareholder of CJSC Teploservise, the CJSC Teploservice, and LLC The RDN base all together for the sum of 124 million rubles, which is 18 times higher than the actual amount of debt and 4 times the amount of debt declared by PJSC Rosgosstrakh Bank to the court.

But 124 million rubles (with the maximum real size of the claim for 7 mln - if we do not go into deep details with the other "nuances" - the deposit interest, the credit interest accruals, and other stuff) seemed not enough to PJSC Rosgosstrakh Bank.

PJSC Rosgosstrakh Bank also filed a bankruptcy lawsuit against CJSC Teploservis in the amount of 29,885,697 rubles. 64 kop. (Case No. A55-34602/2017) and LLC Baza RDN, and also for the same amount of 29,891,697.64 rubles. (case No. А55-17328/2018, 06/28/2018).

The cumulative sum of the faked claims precisely matched the valuation of the Teploservice shares plus the property of Andreev - his shares in Baza RDN LLC, his house, and his cars. Before Andreev submitted the valuation report to the Samara Arbitrary Court, Andreev tried to recognize the invalidity of his deal with Berman and claimed the shares back. Andreev confirmed his claims with an independent valuation. This valuation later was used to capture the shares of Teploservice and other properties of Andreev. He did not get the judgment that he was in search of, and his valuation was treated differently. In another court in Nizhny Novgorod, the sham court judgment was issued to seize the shares of Teploservice anyway. The value of claims was equal to the valuation. Based on the one forged claim, the court issued three equal by sum reinforcement lists. That tripled the sum of a faked claim presented for execution. Together in sum, these three tripled claims were equal to the consolidated value of the Teploservice business plus the inflation rate - the probable valuation of Teploservice NAV at the date of the sham court judgments recept. Thereby, the criminals got claims equal to the present value of the Teploservice business.

Considering that they used the same approach for the BOOST, that confirms the existence of the corpus delicti. The criminals also used the same method to seize not only BOOST which was a primary target but also captured the other businesses of Raevskaya-Repnina HASHEIGHT and SMART EXPERT, GREEN FUEL, CIMT, her house with all stuff inside, and her car. In these cases, the claims were fabricated with the criminal objective to seize illicitly the BOOST's stake or the Teploservice business. The claims' sum matched the BOOST's nominal charter capital value and Teploservice present value according to the valuation report. The criminals used these claims for the raider seizure of the equity stakes by substance. They adjusted the number of claims to get the sum that would be equal to the business valuation results, or the charter capital - the only figure accessible to them. Next, the crooks performed a smart inflating of the claims' amounts.

In the situation with BOOST, despite the similar mechanism used, the plans of the criminals did not work. BOOST purchased all voting rights with the associated claims concerning the illegally captured businesses by paying $1 in cash per each agreement. BOOST was unable to submit financial statements because the criminals stole our financial documents and destroyed access to the accounting systems. We faced the necessity to restore the accounting documents and accounts registers, and make the restatements of the financials. Thus, the criminals did not have actual BOOST's financial statements for 2018-2019 on time. The criminals were advised by Ramazanova Asya, former chief accountant of BOOST. Earlier, we dismissed Ramazanova after the trial period. Ramazanova did not know about accounting in investment funds and did not possess the appropriate knowledge of Russian accounting and taxes. She was not competent either in US GAAP, IFRS, or UK GAAP. Also, she did not submit tax reporting on time and did not inform the management of the BOOST about the missed deadlines and non-submitted tax declarations.

We assume that Ramazanova, due to her incompetence, misled the criminals that the acquired voting rights with the associated claims in our balance sheet were recorded at the first cash payment size. That was a $1. Therefore, they did not expect that the assets section of our balance sheet includes 17.32T Rub of the assets instead of $6 (as of 31.12.2019, RAP). Ramazanova did not have a law degree. She did not know how to account for financial investments, property rights, or deferred obligations. So, if you think competence is too expensive, try incompetence. It will cost you much more.

The same applies to Uzdenov. We know him in person, and he does not know either corporate finance, accounting, or business valuation. To be honest, we do not understand how, without this knowledge and any education in this area, he can manage the investment portfolio at PJSC AFK Sistema. That also confirms that PJSC AFK Sistema is not engaged in any real investment business. No surprise that this dream team, which has the only competence to launder money and commit serial aggravated crimes made together such an epic fail. And finally, the consistency of their incompetence - wrong deal valuations, falsification of financial reporting, and distinctively similar accounting errors - is typical for AFK Sistema and its affiliates. We are not aware of any other investment company other than PJSC AFK Sistema and its S/As or companies in the structure of its group, which are not able to correctly evaluate the business and calculate the financial performance of the transaction. That is also a brilliant indicator of the true substance of their business operations. The same applies to Alfa-Group, particularly - to the "investment company" A1, which hires VTB capital to do instead of A1 staff regular investment management job. So, both raider seizures of the Teploservice and the BOOST were organized by Sistema and executed by Uzdenov with many other participants: Ramazanova, A1, NP Bunkovo, Oxana Bobyleva, and their allies. As we wrote before, the Teploservice and the BOOST are pair cases in the list of eight series of the same-kind of aggravated crimes combined into the Hermitage Capital Case, which connected to such episodes as the murder of Sergey Magnitsky, and illegal captures of Bank of Moscow, Investlesprom, Euroset, Yukos, Svyaznoy, Slater, Bananamama, Sunrise, Arbat Prestige, S7, Home Credit Bank, Rossiyskiy Capital, Solo-I, Priladozhie, Burneftegaz, and other "miscellaneous" cases listed in the appropriate section of our website. All together that means that AFK Sistema organized all these crimes, Uzdenov, Alfa, A1, and their affiliates were co-participants in these crimes, and Sunrise and Slater were a part of the money laundering and tax evasion scheme which laundered money for Sistema and moved them away from Russia through the chain of controlled organizations - Slater, Sunrise, Euroset, MVideo, Technosila.

That was impossible that yesterday's students created Russian billon-dollars retail for their own money. Somebody financed them, and at the cost of money stolen from the Russian budget as fake avizo, corruption, tax evasion, and money laundering, they organized business-laundromats to move out the criminal capitals out of Russia. In Russia, almost 100% of consumer technics and electronics, perfume, and cosmetics, were imported. It was the easiest way to move laundered and stolen money out of Russia through coverage of import deals. That was the true role of Sunrise, Eldorado, Euroset, and Arbat Prestige in the scheme. These firms presumably were used for money smuggling out of Russia, controlled through the "system" and explained why Bobyleva, Martynov, and Yakovlev acted in coordination with Uzdenov to destroy the BOOST and Raevskaya-Repnina, why Bobylev, Yakovlev, and Magnitsky were prosecuted at the same period, and why the criminal prosecution against Gutseriev regarding money smuggling was started.

In the case of the BOOST, the criminals made a big mistake, because the purchase price of the deal made by the BOOST to acquire the voting rights with the associated claims was not $1. Notwithstanding, we paid in cash a symbolical $1 in every case of the first payment, the deal size was different. The true deal size in every case was the present value of the stolen assets which we committed to return and recover with the associated indemnified losses. That included the value of destructed business inflated by the current date, the inflated damages incurred and their indemnification, the interest rate, and all other related expenses, losses, and damages on the way of return and recovery of the stolen assets. That was the true deal size, as described in the legally binding agreements with the sellers. Even though we paid a symbolical six bucks in cash, that was not the purchase price.

The purchase price is $1 plus 50% of the sum of the net present value of the destroyed businesses, the related deferred income in terms of the value of the recovered assets, related damages, and losses indemnification to be received in the future. That was the deal amount reflected in the accounting records of the BOOST. Since the agreements with the sellers contained the provisions regarding the second payment date as a date of the collection of stolen assets, in the balance sheet of BOOST were presented the acquired claims and assets at their purchase price. In the financial reporting, that is equal to the 1/2 of the deferred income calculated as a net present value of the assets to recover which shall be paid on the date of recovery at the date of their collection plus $1 paid in cash, and the related deferred expenses: accounts payable to benefit of the sellers appeared in the section of the balance sheet in deferred expenses section, and the related deferred tax liabilities: the taxes that BOOST owes to pay with income in the form of 1/2 of the returned business, restored property, assets, and received compensation. And, finally, the BOOST balance sheet represented deferred income which is equal the 1/2 of the recovered stolen assets' present value minus the $1 paid in cash minus the related accruals with regards to the expenses. This is not the comprehensive notes to our reporting. It is a brief explanation of why were BOOST's net assets not equal to 6 dollars, why the forged claims and sham court judgments did not help criminals, and why did they change their tactics to destroy the BOOST instead of the stake's seizure.

The intensity of raiders' attempts to seize the BOOST's stake and to kill Raevskaya-Repnina confirms well enough the true value of our six-bucks purchases and our balance sheet better than any auditors. No one would bother so much for six bucks. The efforts, time, and money spent by offenders to liquidate BOOST and its only CEO, owner, and founder Raevskaya-Repnina very convincingly confirm the correct valuation of the claims accounted for on the balance sheet by us, and our conservative accounting policy. BOOST performs the rolling revaluation of the assets as soon as changes in the processual status occur. If the reality confirms our previous assumptions made in the current valuation regarding the future events, we make a new tour by using the next assumptions list.

So to give you the redline about how to evaluate correctly our pessimistic expectations - Eldorado's annual revenue in 2008 was $6 bln. We bought voting rights for 50% of the business, and later organically got the rights for 100% of this business illicitly seized in 2008. Now you can take the calculator and calculate the inflated enterprise value considering that the multiple shall be at least 1x annual sales, the revenue growth was 50% per year, and that the offenders created the court practice to accrue the 108% of annual interest rate. And finally - the Eldorado was the one out of many assets of Slater's assets. Slater is one out of eight toxic assets. That is the deal size. So in the sum of six bucks, the criminals omitted the one word - billion. Six billion bucks were the 2007's EV of one of more than 400 assets that we bought. And for all these 8 projects we paid in cash 7 bucks on the first payment and will pay 1/2 of the total assets collected during the stolen assets recovery process. That's quite easy to calculate our operating profit and portfolio size.

Thus, the 3 million rubles of falsified claims would not save the criminals, but they did not know about it. The fact that the criminals collected "leviye" (falsified fraudulent documents, forged claims) claims whose cumulative value was equal to the size of the nominal charter capital of BOOST (as they did in the Teploservice case when we're trying to match the value of forged claims with the business valuation) confirms the involvement of Ramazanova in this crime as a co-organizer and co-executor.

That is very rare when two different accountants are similarly incompetent and do the same mistake. But that was also the unique distinction of the criminals. Bananamama, Sunrise, Eldorado, Slater, Sistema, Alfa, and their allies never had real white accounting. Instead, they implemented sophisticated systems to maintain black accounting records. Even having all the documents on the BOOST's transaction, they were not able to evaluate the transaction and predict the reflection of the transaction in the accounting, because the criminals never kept accounting records according to the law. They submitted cooked declarations for the purpose to mislead society and public agencies, for tax evasion, smuggling, legalization of illegal income obtained from crime, and other criminal activity. These organizations have never hired competent financial staff. They hired "svoi" (friends and family) who could be trusted enough to keep black records, cash black money out, and performed money laundering and smuggling operations. Their business has in its groundbase the "friends and family" concept. No surprise, that they were unable to evaluate the BOOST's net assets correctly and forecast the balance sheet structure.

BOOST fully restored accounting and reporting in 2020, and submitted declarations and financial statements. Before that, Ramazanova stole BOOST's charter documents. The day just after the switching to the Kontur system to submit the BOOST's reporting, Tax Inspection №4 falsified the act of unreliability of the BOOST's business address which made later impossible to issue the digital signature for the BOOST and submit reporting in electronic form, at the same time the paper declaration was not entered into the FTS electronic registers. As we explained above the input of the tax declarations data to the FTS databases was the responsibility of a stand-alone company, managed by the son of Serdukov. Blocking the gateway in electronic data exchange systems with the BOOST and its affiliates does not allow us to submit electronic forms of tax declarations made together by the SKB Kontur and the FTS. In the FTS, Mikhail Mishustin was responsible for the IT systems implementation and functioning. Immediately after BOOST's reports submission, when all the figures of the associated claims and assets were indicated in our financial statements in full and received by the FTS, the Federal Tax Service No. 4 for Moscow, together with the Federal Tax Service No. 46 and bailiffs, began the process of falsifying documents for the illegally forced liquidation of the BOOST.

Bailiffs who acted together with the judges and the other corrupted criminals from the public officials, by analogy with the Teploservice case, fabricated the writs of execution for three million rubles. Using these sham writs, criminals illegally seized equity stake in the BOOST and its S/As through the falsification of the state registry data, to block Raevskaya-Repnina from any transactions with her stake in the BOOST, and to make it impossible for her to block the falsification of the EGRUL data which was comitted by several tax authorities (MI FTS No. 46 in Moscow, IFTS №4 in Moscow, IFTS №25 in Moscow, Federal Tax Service in Moscow, IFTS in Istra, IFTS №36 in Moscow, MI FTS №23 in Elekstrostal, IFTS Zheleznodorozhny district of Samara).

What does it prove - such a long list of the Tax Inspections pursuing the illegal BOOST liquidation? This list included the Tax Inspections from the Cardin List, the Tax Inspections which were deeply involved in the criminal activity in the Hermitage Capital combined case, the series of other related crimes described in the Toxic Assets section of our website, and their staff avoided prosecution for the committed crimes. These Tax Inspections were not named in the Cardin list. In normal life, Federal Tax Service shall ensure that the taxes come to budget. However, on the date of attempts of illegal BOOST liquidation through the falsification of data by the Federal Tax Service, the deferred taxes which the BOOST would pay after the assets recovery process were more than 6T Rubles. Also, tax inspections, including Federal Tax Service, blocked any business activity of the BOOST and actively participated in the raider seizure of the BOOST.

Thus, instead of the collection of 6T Rubles of deferred tax, which BOOST would receive as a result of the stolen assets recovery activity, the Federal Tax Service:

  • Blocked the business of the BOOST to not allow the BOOST to get this money and not complete the investigation and the assets recovery process.

  • Blocked the BOOST accounts for "non-submission of the reporting," at the same time FTS under the management of Mikhail Mishustin, and Serdukov's business which was responsible for data entry, did not register the BOOST's reporting which we submitted on paper. At the same time, they together with the Kontur (Mishustin's affiliate) blocked the sending of the BOOST's electronic reporting on the electronic gates of the FTS. The same was made for all our affiliates. Thus, FTS with its allies, jointly tried in any way to avoid entrance of the real financial indicators of the BOOST in the electronic registers of the Federal Tax Service, and registration of timely reporting's submission. This further allowed the criminals to illegally freeze our bank accounts, falsify non-existent tax debts, and falsify documents about our "non-working" business to execute the attempts of the illegal forcible liquidation of the BOOST and its all affiliates.

  • Generated forged documents about the never existed tax debt of the BOOST and Raevskaya-Repnina with a total amount of 700 thousand Rubles.

  • Tried to liquidate BOOST as a non-working organization with an unreliable business address, and for this perspective, the Federal Tax Service inspections did not enter the BOOST's declarations into the electronic register, blocked the electronic submission of the reporting.

  • Tried to bankrupt the BOOST: did not reflect the BOOST's overpayment of taxes, did not return the overpayment of the taxes from the budget, and did the same against Raevskaya-Repnina. Instead, FTS made faked accruals about non-existing tax debts which sums were equal to the threshold necessary to start criminal prosecution and bankruptcy.

  • Many times changed the personal data of Raevskaya-Repnina to the wrong one in the EGRUL data of the BOOST and its affiliates

  • Falsified data of the EGRUL entering there the intentionally deceptive and misleading information about the unreliability of the BOOST's business address and its affiliated companies.

  • Falsified data of the Federal Tax Service by registering instead of 6T deferred tax and the registering of the tax overpayment for more than three mln rubles, the 700 thousand Rubles of the tax debt, and did not return three mln Rubles of the tax overpayment to the BOOST. Instead - together with the Federal Bailiff Service, FTS committed the falsification of the reinforcement proceedings and the FSSP databases to imitate the inability to define the BOOST's location and further used that as proof of the unreliability of the BOOST's business address.

  • Blocked all BOOST's accounts with no debt and without non-submitted reporting.

  • Participated in the slander distribution across the Internet about the "tax debt," "unreliability of address," and "bailiff proceedings" together worsened the BOOST's image and reputation and made unable to work with the clients on the open market.

  • Did the preparations to illegally liquidate BOOST and for this purpose falsified the data of the EGRUL and federal tax registers.

Thus, the Federal Tax Service managed by Mikhail Mishutin did all these things, instead of receiving 6T rubles tax income to the state budget, and prosecuting the Federal Tax Service employees involved in the death of Magnitsky, the Hermitage Capital case, and the related crimes, as explicitly described on this website and included into the Cardin list. Instead, the Federal Tax Service managed by Mikhail Mishutin did not allow us to recover the destroyed real business generating more income for Russia's state budget, actively participated in the BOOST's capture, participated in the falsification of the documents to arrest 100% of the equity of the BOOST (the company with 20T NAV) based on sham court judgments amounted of 3 mln rubles, blocked any changes in the EGRUL to not allow to rescue the company, arbitraily changed the data of the owner of the BOOST, and start the process of the FTS-initiated liquidation of the BOOST.

In addition to using these sham claims to block Raevskaya-Repnina's ability to prevent the illegally forced liquidation of the BOOST and its subsidiaries, these claims were used to prepare for the falsification of evidence to illegally bring knowingly innocent Raevskaya-Repnina to criminal liability by analogy, as was done with Bobylev - for fraud, credit fraud, tax evasion, embezzlement of funds from banks.

Criminals used their standard mechanism of the "queue" of small creditors. Raevskaya-Repnina asked her friends and colleagues for help during the period of highest criminal activity against her, and asked them for a loan. Next, criminals asked these friends to file perjury against Raevskaya-Repnina, that she was allegedly a scammer who borrowed money, after which she disappeared and maliciously did not return them. Also, "friends," wrote denunciations against her that she allegedly stole property, and bank cards. For these "friends" the criminals paid bonuses, paid off their mortgages, and loans, and granted them a promotion. "Friends" were also used to obtain information about the private life of Raevskaya-Repnina to commit other crimes against her. The principle "friends shall kill friends" is widely used by this criminal group as the fundamental principle of their business. The criminals practiced the cleaning of their population through the cruel murders executed against the "unreliable" member by his friends and family. In particular, it is the distinctive meatmanship of the Orekhovskaya OCG, which is a part of this criminal community.

Getting back to the Teploservice case, the sham court judgments were got in the Arbitrary Court of Nizhniy Novgorod based on the forged documents prepared in Rosgosstrakh bank, which is a part of Otkritie holding. The doubling and tripling, and any type of sham claims multiplication were applied also in the case of Raevskay-Repnina and the BOOST when with the one forged claim, the criminals applied at one time to several courts to get several identical sham judgments and increase the claims by their multiplication. This region was not chosen by chance. The criminals had a strong collaboration with this city. Nizhny Novgorod is one of the key protest cities, a city with high crime, and unreliable. The city was ruled by Boris Nemtsov, a member of the 7-day Adventist sect. Nemtsov maintained a corrupt relationship with Maryland Senator Benjamin Cardin and Ron Wyden, an Oregon Senator to lobby for the Magnitsky Act. Since Nemtsov was deeply immersed in this topic and knew the participants in the lobbying scheme for Magnitsky's laws, according to the same principle "friends must kill friends," he was killed by his own "friends" to destroy a witness to their activities after the criminals achieved their criminal goals with Nemtsov's hands. As usual for the handwriting of these criminals, those who suffered from it - the official authorities of the Russian Federation and the President of the Russian Federation - were accused of Nemtsov's murder. Also, the crime was intended to increase the incitement of ethnic hatred against Chechnya. This version is confirmed by the date of the murder - the favorite date of criminals, February 27th (see the Evsukov's case, Perm Columbine, fire in Lame Horse, and Bananamama story).

Thus, since the Nizhny Novgorod law enforcement agencies and courts under the roof of Nemtsov protected the criminal activities of the Rosgosstrakh bank, we assume that this particular bank was directly involved in the scheme with Slayter's group to bribe American and European officials to lobby for the Magnitsky law and sanctions against Russia. Immediately after the passing of the law, a bank was renamed, and Nemtsov was killed. In 2017, during the return of Bashneft from unlawful possession of Sistema, sanation was announced in Rosgosstrakh, and it was merged with FC Otkritie. As a result, their management tried to hide or destroy the traces of their criminal activity, including raider seizure of the pulp and paper mill the Kama, affiliation with the pocket business Inversia, participation in money laundering of Nemtsov and Yabloko political party. The sanation matched with the Basneft case by period, we assume that Rosgosstrakh was involved in the money laundering for the Bashneft acquisition (by our information, $5 bln were transited to Rakhimov informally, through black cash money and foreign jurisdictions). Besides, Rosgosstrakh could participate in the laundering of money which were obtained by Alfa in the TNK-BP deal. Large-scale retail insurance business paired with bank can be an ideal coverage for money laundering and smuggling operations through insurance premiums and insurance payments. Unlike a bank, government control over insurance companies is weaker. Insurance businesses paired with banks together can override most of the money laundering mandatory compliance controls. Rosgosstrakh had a sufficient balance size to launder $5 billion - big business with the revenue generated through selling of services that do not have a physical form. Presumably, Rosgosstrakh laundered $5bln for Rakhimov. The former CFO of the Rosgosstrakh was Myakotnikova, who was appointed by AFK Sistema as a director of the Finance Department focusing on the Bashneft. Next, Myakotnikova was dismissed and transferred to the Rosimushestvo working there during the return of the Bashneft to the Russian Federation. At this time the head of Rosimuschestvo was Olga Dergunova. After the Bashneft return from illegal possession, both were dismissed, and Dergunova transferred to the VTB (the long-standing purse, and an affiliate of AFK Sistema).

This case made the pair with the case of the BOOST malicious seizure attempt. The offenders fabricated forged claims based on the sham court judgments which were made based on the forged documents together equal to the nominal value of the BOOST charter capital. The sham court judgments were made by courts that closely cooperated with the Slater, and were involved in the Hermitage Capital and other toxic assets cases (similar courts, similar judges, similar territories). At the same time, the expensive sportcar of Raevskaya-Repnina was stolen, and the house with all personal belongings was captured by the criminals by analog with Teploservice. So the method and participants of the Teploservice seizure were equal to the BOOST's raider capture attempt.

The period of problems for Andreev at the KNPZ coincided with the moment when control over Bashneft passed to Rosneft. Former employees of Bashneft, dismissed by Rosneft, began to look for a new way to earn money already as contractors. This was especially true for the oilfield services sector. Andreev complained that people from Bashkiria were squeezing him out and that the Peton company was behind the problems. The period of Andreev's request for help through Kolyadin coincided with the employment of Ramazanova in submission to Uzdenov, the beneficiary of the Peton company, an employee of PJSC AFK Sistema, the shareholder of Bashneft. Ramazanova knew Kolyadin's wife.

In November 2018, BOOST purchased from Oleg Andreev, his rights to claim 100% of the Teploservice seized and destroyed, according to Andreev's witness, together with by KNPZ, employees of the FSB and Investigation Committee, Igor Berman, and the Crisis Manager Rakhvalov. As a result of this capture, Andreev lost his stake in Teploservice and all affiliates, and all personal property - his cars were stolen, his house and all personal belongings were seized, and he became homeless.

In November 2018, BOOST acquired the rights for Sunrise.

On December 8th, 2018, the BOOST acquired the rights for Slater, and the rights of Andreev with regards to the seizure of the Teploservice business. In December 2018, BOOST started to investigate the Teploservice case to execute our standard engagement of stolen assets recovery.

Next, Oxana Bobyleva introduced us to Oleg Martynov, and we acquired the Smart Heat project. Thus, in the middle of January 2019, we collected all claims which were linked with each other. Besides, Oleg Yakovlev asked us to contact Euroset and Svyaznoy, and we did this. That can confirm the conclusion that the criminals allowed us to collect all claims with the purpose next to destroy or maliciously capturing our business and resetting all the claims against them at once.

Just after the consolidation was completed, at the end of January 2019, Oleg Yakovlev issued in the name of Raevskaya-Repnina a falsified power of attorney intended to create the basis for the further false accusations of fraud against her. Yakovlev said that he wants to help Raevskaya-Repnina and decided to make her a gift - his shares in ARSP Frunzenskogo raiona which she can sell. Also, Yakovlev asked her to prepare documents to formalize this gift. However, the donation contract was returned by him back to her in an amended condition, with errors, the signatures in the wrong place, and invalid. After this package receiving, Raevskaya-Repnina asked Yakovlev to resend the documents for the registration of the shares once again. Regardless of precise instructions, Yakovlev sent her the wrong documents again. So she was unable to formalize the share transfer through the register and would had to apply to the ARSP whose registered shareholder was an LSR Group, part of the AFK Sistema. Surely, Sistema would use this falsified power of attorney for the filing of the criminal case against Raevskaya-Repnina. The power of attorney making able to transfer the shares was sent to her falsified by Yakovlev. The signature of the notary and apostille was fake, and the signature of the notary was presumably made by Oleg Yakovlev himself. This power of attorney shall be presented by her at the shareholder meeting of ARSP Frunzenskogo raiona scheduled on February 14th, 2019, and in the registered office. The power of attorney could had to be precisely checked, and the falsification could be discovered immediately.

The process of the visit was planned and organized in advance together by Yakovlev and AFK Sistema. First, Raevskaya-Repnina was asked to come with the originals of the BOOST's charter documents to the Moscow Police Department of South District - the rock star among the Moscow Police departments, true cancer in the law enforcement system of Moscow, which is famous as the Orekhovskaya OCG's and Ivankov's pocket police, the employer of Evsukov. Here the falsified criminal case against Chichvarkin was previously started, where the illegal criminal prosecution based on the forged documents against Euroset's forwarder Vlaskin was cooked, and where the death of fake Ivankov's corpse was registered. By the plan of the criminals, just after that visit, Raevskaya-Repnina had to arrive at the ARSP shareholders' meeting to present the falsified power of attorney where 100% they could call the police - and the illegal pre-trial detention of Raevskaya-Repnina for the serious fraud was guaranteed.

However, Raevskaya-Repnina avoided that because she did not come either to the police or to the shareholders' meeting.

To the police, she did not come as long as she was very confused with the informal unlawful invitation of policeman Ganeev to bring with her in original excessive documents having no relation to the topic he announced to be discussed, but confirming the ownership rights of Raevskaya-Repnina for the BOOST.

At the shareholders' meeting, she did not come as long as it was the illegal squeeze-out. According to the corporate law for successful litigation, she did not have to attend this. Yakovlev provided her with a package of documents that she was unable to use at the registrar's office, only in ARSP, where the shareholders were his friends and AFK Sistema affiliates. At the same time, he did not provide her with any documents formalized correctly and sent to him just for signing. So, all that he did - without providing her with the documents enabling her to obtain the shares in reality, he sent her only one document which could be submitted only at one place - on the shareholders meeting of ARSP on February 14th, 2019. Next, Raevskaya-Repnina filed the crime claim against Yakovlev to the police in Russia and the USA, and that was the final point in their friendly communications.

As we have already noted, criminals tie all events to certain dates. Earlier, on February 14th, a criminal case was initiated against Bobylev. An extraordinary meeting of ARSP shareholders was scheduled for February 14th. On February 14th, Raevskaya-Repnina was invited with documents to the Internal Affairs Directorate for the South Administrative District. After she did not appear anywhere, Bobyleva arranged an urgent meeting with Martynov also on February 14th. We explain this sophisticated criminal messaging ("meatphone") by various factors, as long as the message itself is not direct. In this case, such a binding to dates was needed to lull vigilance and form a subconscious expectation of good events. February 14th is Valentine's Day. For the monstrous events of such a day, it was necessary to form false expectations which subconsciously should create a connection between actions and some good symbol so that the victim would not expect a dirty trick from the criminals. Nobody expects illegal detention on this date, everybody expects to hear "be my Valentine." Since criminals link one series of crimes into a one line by linking them to dates, the use of February 14, a key date in the liquidation of Raevskaya-Repnina, which was a key date for the Sunrise case, means that attempts to organize illegal detention of Raevskaya-Repnina were primarily due to Sunrise. We explain this by the fact that Raevskaya-Repnina knew the Sunrise case from the inside, was a dangerous witness to it, and the Sunrise case itself was a mirror case for the murder of Magnitsky. The attempt to exploit the dates and remarkable events to lull attention and shift focus we also observed in cases of fire in the Evsukov mass shooting, Lame Horse, Perm Columbine, Bolotnaya, Winter Cherry, Nemtsov's death, and various others. In particular - the connection between the 370 and MH17 plane crashes with their historical predecessors. This is the clue on how to discover the complete chain of events included in a one crime series - to match the dates with each other, to link them to the external or historical events, and with the reference cases. E.g., the robbery of Raevskaya-Repnina organized by A1 together with the AFK Sistema, Istra Bailiffs, and NP Bunkovo was executed on November 18th, the date of signing the Raevskaya-Repnina's labor contract with AFK Sistema.

One more example. The last assassination against Raevskaya-Repnina on her car was executed on November 14th, the date of the birthday of Evtushenkov Junior. On the same date, the GKU AMPP, bailiffs, and tax inspections fabricated dozens of forged documents against Raevskaya-Repnina. On November 14th the friends of Evtushenkov Junior created a page about him on Wikipedia. On November 14th, the Bank of Russia recalled the license of the UM-Bank owned by Shlyakhovoy. All these events, including the assassination against Raevskaya-Repnina, were birthday gifts to Felix Evtushenkov.

That is a very long list of ongoing repetition of "random coincidences," and that is impossible that an "occasional" event of a certain type every time occurred on the same date. These events together confirmed our conclusion about the abnormal nature of the criminal mind staying behind these serial crimes, that they were not explained just by the economic interest. By attributing the crimes to certain dates, places, and methods, ending them with special meaning we usually observe in the cases of serial murderers and terrorist attacks. This indicates the manic profile of the criminal at the head of the organization of criminal activity, and presumably the presence of either adherence to radical religion, addiction, or mental illness. However, this extremely sophisticated form of committing crimes, which is not regular for the "ordinary" criminal, forms the profile of persons committing a series of well-organized, deliberately violent crimes, including serial first-degree murders in a state of sanity. This is the profile of a serial killer maniac. More precisely, of their group. This completely changes the profile of crimes that are not under the jurisdiction of units involved in economic crimes. The investigation of these cases is in the competence of units which specialize in criminal offences related to terrorism, mass murders, and serial aggravated crimes.

At the same period, at the end of January 2019, Andreev has been intensively asked to visit Samara Investigation Committee, by phone, through WhatsApp messages. On February 7th, 2019, Raevskaya-Repnina got the e-mail that she is invited for a personal meeting with the Kuybushevskiy MRSO of Investigative Committee regarding the Teploservice. Andreev asked her to come. When she checked the mailbox, she found out that the sender of the message had an e-mail kujbyshevskij.skr63@mail.ru. Thus, Andreev and Raevskaya-Repnina intensively and inofficially were asked to visit Investigative Committee in person. This is the pair case to the BOOST. Raevskaya-Repnina applied to the Investigation Committee of the Moscow region with the claims that her car, house, and business were illegally captured based on the falsified bailiff proceedings committed by the Istra District Bailiff Service Department which were submitted by the sham court judgments and forged documents. Next, she got the response from the Istra Branch of the Investigation Committee of the Moscow Region, that nothing criminal in these actions, and that the Istra Bailiff Service "was properly empowered". Next, Raevskaya-Repnina claimed the appeal against the Chief of the Istra Branch of the Investigation Committee of the Moscow Region who signed this response (Sokolov). A couple of weeks later, Raevskaya-Repnina got the e-mail from the soistraprok@mail.ru asking her to arrive at Istra's Investigative Department (Istrinskiy SO GSU SK RF po Mosckovskoy Oblasti) to the "personal meeting" regarding her claim against Sokolov, the Chief of the Istra Branch of the Investigation Committee of Moscow Region, who previously did not perform the investigation based on her claim. She was informally invited to come to the person - the offender named in her grievance - against whom she submitted this. As long as against her many times in the Istra Police and Istra Bailiff Service many illegal actions were executed by the state employees, who participated in the crimes against her and were a part of the organized criminal group, she did not come. Instead she submitted one more complaint to the Investigative Committee After she did not come, several days later she got the response from the Investigative Committee doubling the first response of Sokolov which was a subject of her grievance against him asking for criminal proceeding of him as a participant of the criminal group: that her claim was not supported by any facts confirming her statements, so the complaint was not considered and registered, and the Chief of the Istra Branch of the Investigation Committee of Moscow Region A.V. Sokolov still work at the same place.

This informal "friendly" invitation to come to Istra, previously had extremely deplorable consequences, since the real goals of those who called Raevskaya-Repnina for a personal reception were not intended to be an interrogation and not good intentions. In May 2019, Raevskaya-Repnina received a call from a man who introduced himself as police officer Maxim Slesarev from the Istra Department of Internal Affairs. He asked Raevskaya-Repnina to appear for questioning on the application she had submitted regarding the poisoning of her dogs. When she came to the Istra OMVD, he did not question her because of the death of the dogs and the poisoning. He said that he had a claim against her, written by Elena Domiteva that gunshots were heard at the Raevskaya-Repnina house.

Raevskaya-Repnina said that Elena Domiteva may have written this perjury to avoid responsibility for the poisoning of the dogs, as she suspects her and her husband of involvement in this, in connection with breaking into her house, an arson attempt, and vandalism. Slesarev said that it was not Domiteeva who poisoned the dogs. After that, he said that another statement about violation of public order was written against Raevskaya-Repnina, and showed her a video recording made at the moment when Raevskaya-Repnina discovered that her house had been broken into, furniture was damaged, and a mirror for 2700 euros was smashed. She started screaming about the vandalism and breaking into the house. The footage presented by Slesarev was taken from an unknown stationary video camera placed right in front of the entrance to Raevskaya-Repnina's house. Who and when installed that, and for what purposes this camera was installed is unknown. Raevskaya-Repnina, out of fear for her life and freedom, was forced to refuse the interview and immediately leave the premises of the Istra OVD.

Later, on symbolical aforementioned November 18th, she was captured and hostaged for several hours in the Istra ROSP, where several hours she was forced to admit non-existent debts - to agree with false court decisions issued on forged documents, falsified enforcement proceedings, and transfer to bailiffs the BOOST's assets (acquired claims), as well as shares in the companies HASHEIGHT and SMART EXPERT in repayment of falsified "debts." The Bailiffs who participated in this: Kochukov, Chestnykh, Kalischuk, Shedko, Mamaev, Uvarova, and several people from the Istra OVD. Also, in the process participated in-person Anastasiya Gorb (NP Bunkovo), and her husband Ruslan Gorb (owner of Transbaza project), and his friend as "independent" witnesses. During this process, a MacBook Pro of Raevskaya-Repnina was stolen from her. On the MacBook were documents and evidence confirming the absence of any debts and confirmation of the illegal actions of the bailiffs. She was further told that she would never need a laptop again since now she would write everything by hand on paper. Prisoners write by hand and on paper, and that was the message they translated to her. During this holding of her in the Istrinskiy ROSP, the bailiffs cooked in her own eyes the forged documents which together formed the falsified evidence for the criminal prosecution according to articles 159, 177, and 315 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. Before capturing her, the same bailiffs, demanding 1.9 million rubles on forged writs, arrested and stole Raevskaya-Repnina's car worth 276 thousand US dollars with all the things in it, including a Toshiba laptop with evidence in the Slater case, arrested Raevskaya-Repnina's house worth 15 million rubles not counting the value of the property in it, seized all personal property worth more than 2 million US dollars, for the removal of which they drove a truck to the house in the dark at night, but this seemed to them not enough since they further applied with forged demands for 3 million rubles under forged documents on the foreclosure of a 100% stake in the charter capital of UK BOOST LLC with a NAV of more than 20 trillion rubles to the Istra City Court, shares in Smart Expert LLC with a NAV of more than 1.6 trillion rubles and LLC HASHEIGHT RUSSIA AND CIS (NAV $22.55 bln). Next, the bailiffs submitted perjuries against Raevskaya-Repnina about the theft of her car by herself to escape of execution of the forged writs of the bailiffs. Talking about "writing by pen and paper" bailiffs sent a "meatphone" message to Raevskaya-Repnina that they are arranging the falsified evidence to illegally prosecute her.

As explained above, on February 14th, 2019, Raevskaya-Repnina was invited by the policeman Ganeev to the Economic Security Department thereupon the application for initiation of criminal proceedings submitted by the BOOST with regards to the Teploservice case. Ganeev asked Raevskaya-Repnina to arrive regarding the Teploservice case. For this purpose, he asked Raevskaya-Repnina to bring with her all the originals of charter documents of the BOOST. Raevskaya-Repnina asked him - does she need to bring the original of the Memorandum of understanding signed between the BOOST and Andreev. Ganeev said - no, that he need only all originals of the BOOST's charter documents. Raevskaya-Repnina did not come, and the original charter documents of the BOOST later were stolen by Ramazanova, employed for that by Ali Uzdenov to AFK Sistema.

On the same date, on February 14th, 2019, when Raevskaya-Repnina did not come either to Ganeev, or the ARSP shareholders' meeting as explained above, Oxana Bobyleva called Raevskaya-Repnina and asked her to arrive urgently to help her "good friend." This "good friend" turned out to be Martynov, who one month before sold to the BOOST his voting rights and claims for Smart Heat, who had the contacts of Raevskaya-Repnina, and could ask her for help. However, instead Bobyleva brought Raevskaya-Repnina to Martynov, and left only when Raevskaya-Repnina agreed to help Martynov with Priladozhie project, and he provided her with one more falsified power of attorney with a fake signature of his wife.

These 3 events

  • the invitation to come regarding the Teploservice, but instead of its' documents for unknown reason bring all the original charter documents of the BOOST to the Police Department of the South District of Moscow (which was sadly famous due to the Euroset Criminal Proceedings and Evsukov's case);

  • the shareholders meeting of ARSP where Raevskaya-Repnina had to be submitted the falsified power of attorney issued by Oleg Yakovlev;

  • asking of Raevskaya-Repnina by Bobyleva to urgently help Martynov who issued the second fake power of attorney to Raevskaya-Repnina;

occurred on one day - February 14th, 2019, and occurred altogether just after Raevskaya-Repnina did not fly to visit the Samara's Investigation Committee what Andreev asked her to do. All these "business pathers" - Oleg Yakovlev, Oleg Andreev, Oxana Bobyleva (see the Smart Heat and Sunrise), and Oleg Martynov acted altogether in the processes which were organized intending to the death or illegal prosecution of Raevskaya-Repnina to obtain the unlawful detention of her. That was the final friendly communication with them, after that the "business partners" changed their status to offenders in the series of aggravated crimes.

Raevskaya-Repnina had to come to the shareholders' meeting and to the police, however, she did not come. Just after her not coming to the ARSP (the affiliate of the PJSC AFK Sistema), and to the Moscow Police Rock Star, UVD UAO - when the criminals' tricks did not work - Bobyleva urgently called Raevskaya-Repnina and asked her to immediately come to Martynov. Andreev, Martynov, and Yakovlev - all together - they knew Bobyleva. Bobyleva was born in Rostov-on-Don, a large part of the Sunrise business was represented in Rostov-0n-Don and Krasnodar. Uzdenov is a former Gazprom boss, from Rostov-On-Don, where he was named the head of Rostovregiongaz. After productive work for Gazprom, Uzdenov became a rich guy, an oil, gas, and railway magnate. The beginning of Uzdenov's career and the first money he got from the deals with RZD, being in a strong business relationship with Alexey Miller and Vladimir Yakunin. Uzdenov was a part of the RZD cashing out schemes through 1520 and Peton. His friend Zakharchenko, an FSB colonel, helped him to do business. As soon as Sunrise presumably was a part of the Prevezon and Hermitage Capital, as well as Slater, all these four people could know Uzdenov, and act in coordination with him. Uzdenov and Zakharchenko were a part of the same criminal group. The date when Yakovlev started the process of attempts to prepare the false accusation of Raevskaya-Repnina on fraud was the date immediately after the acquisition of the Smart Heat case, the last one in the series of crimes where Raevskaya-Repnina was a witness, which was all together described as a pool of paired cases confirming the evidence of serial crimes. After all unsuccessful one-way trips and crime-Valentines prepared for Raevskaya-Repnina, in March 2019, Andreev became an organizer of Raevskaya-Repnina meeting with Ukrainian "oligarch" Nikolaev previously funded by the RMC, and a representative of the UK Intelligence (SIS). Andreev has shown us BOOST's confidential materials which were obtained by him from unknown source, however BOOST passed them on to him never. We suppose that Andreev was consciously sent to take part in the elimination of Raevskaya-Repnina, and BOOST's raider seizure. See the Smart Heat case. We refused to continue the Teploservice project for security reasons because its' execution created a multiple claims against Andreev and his accomplices in connection with preparation of them for the murder of Raevskaya-Repnina and the raider capture of BOOST.