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As an asset class, toxic assets represent assets containing significant defects. These defects do not allow to realize the associated ownership rights, derive income, and get all the benefits from these assets if these defects do not exist. These defects appear due to the illegal activities of their beneficiaries, management, or third parties. These operational or legal defects may be followed by financial insolvency. Toxic assets may include property, property rights, intangible assets, financial securities, other objects of property that contain significant defects in ownership rights, various encumbrances, or disproportionate financial obligations. BOOST acquires toxic assets to increase their value by eliminating ownership defects and business recovery. The new assets' status after the clearance enables their further development. BOOST gets legal, operational and beneficiary control over the assets previously lost by the legal beneficiary, restores the business activity, recovers the property status of the assets, relaunches business operations, and makes a corporate turnaround to increase assets value. Here we outline the brief information about toxic assets under our control. We aim to do that due to their great significance and public outcry. However, at the moment, we reveal only general information for a common understanding of the subject matter. You shall not consider this information as an exhaustive, structured, detailed, and complete description. That is the delineation of the toxic assets, which may not include the entire list of defendants, the list of linked cases, the details of the proceedings, or other remarkable data needed to make any business decisions. To get the complete legal disclaimer, please, visit the appropriate section of our website. In the descriptions, we do not provide detailed references to the attributes of concrete documents due to the large volume of evidence. For the same reason, we do not itemize the names of people and the list of all criminal episodes. Even though we strive to disclose publicly such documents and their content in form allowed to make the correct conclusion for the third parties through examination of such materials, we publish the descriptions of the cases on this website to provide general awareness of the case substances. Keep in mind that the nature and volume of the materials require meaningful commentary. You shall not consider this information in isolation from the context and on a stand-alone basis. Subscribe to our newsletter if you want to receive regular updates.


The Full Story

That is a brief history of how we gathered such a toxic portfolio consolidating various assets started from 2017 to 2021.

  1. Consolidation of claims we knew from inside. We bought only those projects where we thoroughly knew the substance of the cases. However, we did not know in advance what we really bought, that we collected the claims against the same group of people. BOOST discovered that during the collection and further investigation process. We also did not know that in some cases, the sellers of one asset were involved as defendants in unlawful activity in the crimes related to another toxic project but also acquired by us. Later that enabled BOOST to consolidate 100% of voting rights. This finding allowed us to collect the all-embracing rights to claim up to 100% of acquired assets even if we start the deal from 25%. That became possible as we gathered the cross-eliminating synergetic claims.

  2. We focused on one type of claim - hostile takeover cases where the criminal proceedings started and, in our opinion, the prosecution was illegal. Usually, that is quite difficult to reach the criminal proceeding in economic crimes. Thus, the existing criminal process was a guarantee of the case consideration through the prism of the criminal law, as the illegal capture of the business is not civil litigation. We chose the episodes when the innocent were accused of crimes they committed never. The criminals blamed them based on widely used falsified documents, sham court judgments, perjuries, and false witness statements. In these cases, the criminals used unlawful prosecution to take operational control over the seized assets. They clear away the ultimate business with the aid of its' owner's arrest, pre-trial detention, foreclosure, or another processual limitation imposed by courts, investigators, tax inspections, and other creditors. After that, the criminals stole everything in the captured business when its' proprietor was "closed" in the detention center. BOOST consolidated victims' claims who lost their business ownership rights through raider seizures of operational and legal control over the assets.

  3. We acquired complementary, closely connected cases. The specifics of these hostile takeovers were that they had significant intersections with other sadly famous crimes. In particular - with the murder of Magnitsky, Yukos case, Euroset, and Arbat Prestige. These cases also shared the one list of perpetrators - judges, investigators, the employees of the Federal Tax Service, and other people involved in these crimes. In addition to the same group of participants, the crimes had other similar attributes of seriality - timing, method, geography, nature of the crime, and the execution's mechanics. That made it possible to assume that they were committed by the same group of people guided and led by the same organizers. That enabled us to prepare the first iteration of the long list of suspected persons and collect evidence that the same group of people committed these crimes. In addition to the usual similarity attributes inherent in serial crimes, these cases had a close intersection with the Magnitsky case. In all these cases, we noted a similar list of participants, the same period of execution, the same list of the divisions of the judicial system and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the same courts, and general prosecutor offices. The districts were similar, where judges made sham court judgments based on forged documents against the innocent people, or the law enforcement agencies initiated the criminal cases based on mass false witness statements or falsified documents. The same participants acted in the same way and, later, committed actions to seize the equity stake in the MANAGEMENT COMPANY BOOST LLC or to destroy this legal entity aiming to hide the evidence of the committed crimes. And they were united by a single criminal goal: to take control over Russia's businesses possessing definite characteristics at no cost. The criminals focused on three categories of assets: natural resources, infrastructure, retail with a large volume of import transactions (perfume, consumer electronics, computers, cars, apparel, aircraft, industrial machinery, components), or a low probability of the transactions audit trail detection (retail, retail services - e.g., b2c delivery) with the large-scale complex environment. Roughly speaking, they created infrastructure to penetrate the market with the specific business models calling certain types of consumer behavior (no matter b2b, b2c, or b2g) and further freely functioning, generating speculative margin inside the country, and moving that out unhampered, at the same time eliminating businesses which would impair this atmosphere of "import happiness" - Avtovaz, GAZ, United Aircraft Building Corporation, United Shipbuilding Corporation, all plants in industrial machinery building (e.g., Samara. Almost all industrial plants in machinery and electronics were smashed. Next, criminals rebuilt them for trade centers and living houses.) There were two other industries for consolidation, but the strategy and the criminal goal differed: banking and building construction. Regardless the capturing method was quite similar, the benefits obtained through that were different. Thus, the criminals required cash and unprocessed natural resources, which they later returned to Russia again. However, they came back in prohibitively expensive debt forms and imported goods. The profit extracted from this activity moved for taxation outside Russia.

  4. We focused on the particulars of every case to match them and the related criminal activity to discover the series of crimes. Although we did not buy all the claims, these cases themselves provide enough evidence base. Since we handed over the materials on these cases to law enforcement agencies, we hope that the innocent will also be acquitted and compensated for the damages incurred. These are the cases of Yukos, Euroset, Arbat Prestige, Svyaznoy, P.P. Mitrofanov, Khoroshilov, and Mundut. We were in negotiations with Mitrofanov, Euroset, Svyaznoy, and Borodin. However, we did not make a lot of progress. First, due to the fear demonstrated to us by our counterparties. They felt they were in danger of their lives, and we decided not to insist on further negotiations. We had hypotheses about why we weren't successful with these people buying their claims. And we did a simple analysis of distinctions related to these cases. In two cases, deaths occurred among the closest relatives of the persons involved. In four cases, these were people who left Russia and still did not go to return. At the moment, we cannot disclose more details in the interests of the investigation. We collected sufficient evidence to turn these cases around without possessing the beneficiary rights. Even if we don't get a penny as a benefit - that relates to the Bank of Moscow, the murder of Chichvarkin's mother, Mitrofanov, Svyaznoy, and the Evsukov's cases - the law enforcement agencies have sufficient information to combine these cases and reconsider the investigation results. We transferred all the data to the law enforcement agencies to merge these cases and prosecute the criminals. From the other part, the claims we have on balance sooner or later will lead us to these cases from another part of the scheme anyway. Thus, BOOST did not buy claims regarding the raider seizures anyway included in the total mass of episodes of criminal activity: Euroset, Bank of Moscow, Svyaznoy, Arbat Prestige, Burgeneftegaz, and Yukos. However, we possess enough evidence to enter into these litigations through the other claims we already bought.

  5. We tried to identify the complete list of crimes committed by the same group of criminals even though they were out of the scope of the main series of business capturing and discovered how these crimes impacted the achievement of the criminal objectives for the main series of crimes. After the appearance of the evidence base that the one group of persons committed the entire range of these crimes, and the identification of the list of the main episodes, we discovered other crimes executed by the same people - who carried out the raider seizures listed above and other closely related crimes. It turned out that the criminal activity of these persons was not limited only by raider seizures. They have committed other aggravated crimes series, including mass murders and terroristic activities. In particular: fraud with false advice notes (falshyviye avizo), the Nord Ost terrorist act, the fire in the Samara Central Internal Affairs Directorate, the fire in the Lame Horse club, a series of terrorist attacks combined in the Chistopol Jamaat case, the fire in the Winter Cherry shopping center, the murder of Christophe Margerie, the murder of Natalia Filyova, the murder of Peter Kellner, the murder of Dmitry Maslov and the related plane crash in Petrozavodsk where 47 people died, and other high-profile aggravated criminal cases, a distinctive feature of which are massacres and their terrorist nature. Thus, the list of crimes committed by this group of people expanded again. Presumably, the criminals financed these terroristic activities using black cash, illegal assets disposal, and divestitures from the captured businesses. They committed these violent offenses to illegally take operational control over the attractive assets, swerve the public attention toward another topic to hide the criminal activity, avoid mass media attention, slash the prices for the traded securities markets, and demolish the image of official state authorities. They engaged in terrorist activity to replace regional governments or unwanted people to change them for the people of the "system." Criminals needed governmental employees who partake in the upcoming series of crimes for their benefit, corruption, money laundering, tax evasion, illegal prosecution, etc. All these same-type large-scale crimes are technically complicated - this is heavy to plan, organize, and execute. They were not the "occasion" crimes of a one person. This "competence" to perform mass aircraft crushes, terrorist acts, poisoning, fires, and traffic accidents refers to only a few people. The nature of these crimes requires particular skills for organizing and committing them, which are very rare, and narrows the circle of suspects. Mass same-types "hard landings" of planes, fires, or car accidents have become a convenient way to capture the business, required, in addition to competencies and criminal human resources, and access to very specific "means" of crime production - materials, equipment, infrastructure. They are accessible to a very narrow range of potential offenders. This match allowed us to identify the list of miscellaneous claims and link them to the episodes in the toxic portfolio.

  6. We tried to identify the personalities of the main customers and organizers of these criminal activities by looking at who has benefited from a criminal case in whatever form they can derive the benefits. There was still insufficient evidence of the involvement of the main defendants - direct customers and beneficiaries of these crimes. Also, many crimes occurred a long time ago. The procedural deadlines expired, and there was insufficient evidence to define the whole picture of the participants. Opinions and rumors are not evidencing admittable to the court for criminal prosecution. To collect sufficient evidence against criminals to establish their guilt for all crimes committed by them and bring them to justice, BOOST called fire upon itself by consolidating claims on its balance sheet. So, we just had to wait for those to come to get them. And they came - PJSC AFK Sistema with its employees - affiliates who organized the tactics and execution of the process. They were: tax inspections, investigation committee employees, police departments, general prosecutors officers from the Magnitsky list, the courts and judges from the districts involved in the Magnitsky case and the crimes listed above, Traffic Control Inspection, Department of transport and infrastructure of the City of Moscow, and private companies: A1, MKB, Regus, Avica, Instroy, Tverskaya Finance B.V., Tinkoff Bank, MTS, MTS-Bank, Medsi, European Medical Center, Mediclub, World Class Romanov, Mother & Kid, several state-owned hospitals, NP Bunkovo which is a part of Prevezon and A1 groups, Sitronics' affiliates, VTB, Sberbank, Otkritie, Raiffaisenbank, Baring Vostok Capital Partners, Greenpeace, Moscow Subway, Alfa-Bank, Safmar, and other companies deeply involved into the criminal activity described above, and the claims in connection with which we acquired, and all these companies were in the list of defendants. Wow, truly breathtaking list of such "respectful people." Of course, no one began to offer the fair purchase of claims to themselves. Making such offers would confirm the evidence of their guilt and would mean a confession. To provoke the criminals, we made announcements on social media about what we bought and how we proceeded with that. We also made many procedural steps that might seem to external people stupid and meaningless. In particular, we submitted various administrative or general lawsuits in the courts that allowed us to collect additional evidence, including audio records of their witnesses, and provoked criminals into action. Well, our work has brought a rich harvest. First, the criminals tried "to bury" Raevskaya-Repnina. She is the only founder and owner of the BOOST, and she was an important witness. Raevskaya-Repnina knew from the inside all the raider seizures, which the claims we bought, far long ago she acted on the victims' side to protect them. When the defendants failed to kill Raevskaya-Repnina, they began to try to lock her up in prison for never committing crimes by falsifying evidence and getting sham court judgments. They tried to organize detention of her in the psychiatric clinic. In the European Medical Center, the doctor Ornatskaya prescribed incompatible, contraindicated drugs in lethal doses to Raevskaya-Repnina when she came with a stroke. Also, the European Medical Center falsified her medical history. Instead of a stroke, the clinic entered a spurious diagnosis of the mental illness, false information about treatments, symptoms and medical appointments, and condition descriptions. AFK Sistema's employees and affiliates managed this process. Raevskaya-Repnina was beaten twice. More than 30 accidents occurred with her car. Ten of them were potentially fatal. She was not provided with appropriate medical assistance in all cases. After the last car accident, the machine was arrested on forged documents and stolen to prevent ballistic examination and illicseize a BOOST's equity. The auto was not announced in search by the Moscow Police for two years. Instead, the culprits accused Raevskaya-Repnina herself of theft of her vehicle, based on documents falsified by MTS-Bank, A1 affiliate NP Bunkovo, their affiliate Tinkoff Bank, and government authorities affiliated with PJSC AFK Sistema through Sitronics and Sergey Aslanyan - GKU AMPP, MVS LLC, Traffic Control Inspection. After the start of this criminal litigation, Oleg Tinkov left Russia. As a part of the criminal activity, Federal Migration Service issued on the name of Raevskaya-Repnina six invalid Russian passports. The offenders used these invalid passports to create fake enforcement proceedings and falsify sham court judgments. Later these sham court judgments served as a basis to steal the car of Raevskaya-Repnina and arrest her equity stake in the BOOST. As long as the criminals did not have any legal relationships with Raevskaya-Repnina, did not have a copy of her passport, did not have any of her data - birthplace, full name, etc., the criminals used invalid passports to show the appearance of having a relationship with Raevskaya-Repina, and the falsification of the evidence of the existence of legal compliance claims to her. In parallel, the criminals stole the charter documents for the BOOST and tried to transfer the ownership rights of Raevskaya-Repnina for her 100% equity stake in BOOST based on sham court judgments in Istra City Court. When this did not work out, they attempted to liquidate BOOST by falsifying documents and records in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (EGRUL). The crooks entered fraudulent records into the EGRUL which were containing the information about the "unreliability of the business address." Also, they made sham records that the BOOST and its affiliates are "non-active organizations." Tax inspections and employees who participated in that crime to capture the Raevskaya-Repnina's stake in the BOOST earlier were included in the Cardin list or later identified during the investigation as co-participants of the Cardin list delineated crimes. Before the arrest of the BOOST's equity to capture this stake, the employee of AFK Sistema Asya Ramazanova and a one family member of Raevskaya-Repnina stole the BOOST's charter documents. The falsified documents to get the sham court judgments to arrest and capture Raevskaya-Repnina's equity stake in the BOOST were prepared by the AFK Sistema affiliates and related parties - MTS, MTS-Bank. AFK Sistema acted in conjunction with the people from Alfa-Group - Alfa-Bank, Tinkoff Bank, Investments company A1, NP Bunkovo (a part of the Prevezon Group,) and their affiliates. AFK Sistema and Alfa Group collaborated to capture the equity of the BOOST and "execute" Raevskaya-Repnina. That made it possible to link the BOOST capture's attempts, Magnitsky's murder, the Hermitage Capital case, and the listed above toxic cases. That was necessary to collect the evidence for criminal prosecution to confirm that all these cases were committed by the same group of criminals. What is the conclusion? That's quite simple. PJSC AFK Sistema and Alfa - are two conglomerates that form one "business" group. This group committed aggravated crimes listed above, including the murder of Sergey Magnitsky, on behalf of organizers and beneficiaries of these crimes, and later executed attempts to eliminate Raevskaya-Repnina and BOOST to avoid criminal prosecution for committed crimes. Sistema is a management company of "system" explained in the Hermitage Capital section of our website. Although there were many participants in the crimes listed above, the attempts to destroy the traces of crimes by the murder of Raevskaya-Repnina, the seizure of shares in BOOST, or its liquidation were made directly by employees of PJSC AFK Sistema and organizations controlled by it. That means that Sistema - a management company of "system" - was the organizer of this criminal activity, the most interested person hiding the traces of illegal activity. The other participants directly fronted it and were well known - we are talking about such organizations as PJSC VTB, Safmar, MKB, Alfa Group, and Sberbank. Some well-known companies like A1, and Alfa-Bank, did a dirty job for Sistema. Sistema kept the status of a "white and fluffy" LSE-listed company and acted as a managing organization, staying remotely and keeping distance as it was the core holder of ownership rights. That is why Sistema and MTS chose the US GAAP as an applicable reporting standard and used a strange consolidation accounting policy to get the right to consolidate voting right without having the registered ownership rights. So Sistema oversaw the "system" executed by Magnitsky, which is described in more detail further in the "BOOST vs the Vanguard Group" and "Hermitage Capital" cases.

  7. We used the strategy of joining the offenses to make it possible to restore procedural deadlines. Therefore, we did not try to push on miscellaneous litigations in isolation as we understood the connection between the proceedings. As a result, this process restored the procedural deadlines for all crimes. The reason for that was the merger of them into one case. Since the combination of the cases confirmed that these crimes form one ongoing crime committed by one group of criminals, the procedural timing starts from the last episode in 2022 as the criminal activity against BOOST and Raevskaya-Repnina continues. Every act of malicious, unlawful activity against BOOST or Raevskaya-Repnina only extends the procedural deadlines. The actions of BOOST and Raevskaya-Repnina allowed them to gather missed evidence of people involved in the above crimes and to identify a wide range of performers, delineating a full circle of people involved in this criminal activity. Since the criminal proceedings have started, BOOST had only to get the consolidation of criminal cases and merge them with new episodes that we gathered. Based on the rights empowered us to act, as a civil claim in the criminal process, BOOST shall receive the full damage indemnification. That includes the lost business value of companies destroyed by the raiders and compensation for damages directly incurred by the BOOST business in connection with the litigation. These losses arose due to the illegal actions carried out against us to prevent the investigation of criminal cases, bringing criminals to justice, and losses indemnification. The range of the assets and their value you may find out on the main section of our website. We will disclose the details in advance as a part of the consolidated US GAAP reporting.

  8. We investigated the substance of the Magnitsky Act appearance. This combined case has a direct connection with the Ukraine war. Read more in the Vanguard. Assets were illegally captured or acquired at nothing using the unfair discounting through the 2008 and 2014 artificial financial disasters and sanctions later imposed by the US in 2022. That open theft of assets was explained as a punishment of Russia to stop the special operation dedicated to the denazification of Ukraine. The US prepared to seize Russian assets much earlier, starting with the acceptance of the CROOK act by the US Congress in 2020, which followed the Magnitsky act accepted and entered into force in 2012. According to the CROOK Act, which abbreviation means "Countering Russian and Other Overseas Kleptocracy Act", the US intended to seize Russian assets and spend these stolen assets on the war against Russia. This action should give relief to the US investment funds and the economy by revitalizing the US's military sector. Before that, the US and other foreigners bought up Russian assets for zero, paying for purchases with money stolen from the US's pension funds and Russian budget using the Hermitage Capital Scheme, various laundromats, or withdrawn from the acquired companies themselves. How did they do it? They organized the transfer of ownership for the companies to the "oligarchs" at the expense of the companies themselves. "Oligarchs" withdrew the money, and laundered them through a chain of banks and companies allocated in the US, EU, and the UK, not only with the tacit consent but also with the approval of these actions. They illegally obtained operational control over enterprises and withdrew money from enterprises. Next, they bought out shares and paid for that by the money illegally disposed of out of assets which shares they bought. Another elegant way - they disposed of the business assets, contracts, PPE, inventory, and other valuable stuff without payment to companies registered in their name. So, it became a norm for Russia - the bankruptcy of the production plant and growing the next door the "trade house" occasionally for one night became the only owner of all property of the plant. All these actions have nothing in common with business or entrepreneurship. Regardless of that, these people now form the Russian Forbes list. Thus, the crooks completed the process of asset transition and ownership rights out of Russia. Next, the US and UK began to legalize the fraudulent seizure of ownership of these assets. That became possible because they illegitimately disposed of the ownership rights, cash, securities, debt, and other assets to their jurisdictions. So, they created many hand-managed artificial assumptions to slash the prices of Russia's assets. They allowed to discount the assets' fair value, decrease the price, and devaluate the Russian national currency. With these components, that became possible to buy more assets for nothing in dollar nomination - the price paid by the US and UK for Russia's property was ridiculous. That did not correspond to the substantial value of the assets. This hand-made process of "discounting" Russian assets and depreciating the ruble was aggressively stimulated twice by the events of the artificial crisis of 2008, which has a similar origin to the 2014's crisis. The crooks used mass actions to blackmail Russia, what we observe now - e.g., "sanctions" and assets seizure as a response to the "aggression" when the US and UK continue to ship their weapon to Ukraine. In 2008, the value of Russian companies significantly decreased, they became insolvent, and banks got control over them. After that, the banks' equity value fell close to zero. That enabled the foreigners to gain control over critical facilities, including infrastructure, for a penny. A famous example is the IPO of VTB Bank. In addition, they committed a series of raider seizures. During this process, banks and foreign "investors" illegitimately captured the largest private companies in Russia. Many of them are the cases that BOOST acquired. Finally, the ownership of the attractive enterprises with the corresponding tax burden was moved out of Russia to benefit the United States, Great Britain, EU - in particular, Germany, Cyprus, Luxembourg, and China. Next, starting in 2009, the United States and Great Britain began to legalize the process of obtaining control over this property using the Magnitsky Act as a tool adopting that after the completion of Russia's assets disposal process. That is the highest point of cynicism - when those who stole money from the Russian budget later re-register state-owned Russian companies for their profit. Then the miscreants killed one of the main witnesses blaming Russia for this. We have repeatedly observed similar cases in such tragic events as the crash of MH17, the Skripals poisoning, Bucha, and the poisoning of Navalny. All these crimes also have one thing in common. Russia did not commit these crimes. Russia did not get even a penny as a benefit from them. The countries extracting the major benefit from these crimes did not support the criminal investigation violating by that valid international laws - Convention against Transnational Organized Crime, UN Convention against Corruption, Inter-American Convention Against Terrorism, and United Nations Conventions On Terrorism. Instead, they accused Russia of committing the crimes committed by crooks themselves. At the same time, they hid the participating criminals of Russian origin. These accusations were used for sanctions pressure and to give outward legitimacy to uninitiated users regarding the illicit seizure of Russian property - shares in companies, funds, reserves, cash, securities, etc. We investigated the connection of Magnitsky law and a series of connected crimes with the cases on our balance. After the Magnitsky law adoption, the ground base for a military invasion of the Russian Federation was prepared, with the help of inflating the national conflict with Ukraine. The offenders used this preparatory measure for freezing other liquid assets of Russia abroad - gold and foreign exchange reserves, cash, securities, and shares of enterprises. Since not all became the property of the United States, and the oil and gas sector remains fragmented, which is so desirable for foreign countries, they organized an artificial crisis in 2014. In 2014 the crooks infused more than one trillion US dollars into the Russian economy through a network of loyal controlled banks to collapse the ruble and lower the oil prices taking as much money out of Gazprom and Rosneft as possible. The offenders spent this cash to complete the process of market consolidation. As a result, the malcreants transferred control over the entire private and public sectors of Russia's economy beyond Russia through the transfer of direct ownership via banks controlled by the lawbreakers. After the consolidation, in 2020, the United States started preparing for a hybrid war with Russia using a coronavirus infection spreading from the Ukrainian laboratories to weaken Russia's economy and the image of the authorities to provoke public unrest. They passed a package of laws for purpose of illegal seizure of Russian property. Before these laws acceptance, the crooks consolidated the beneficiary ownership for that outside Russia. That was the CROOK Act entered into the US Congress in 2020. The name of this act speaks for itself - acting by the example of Bucha (the same sound as "butcher,") the crooks named the CROOK law after themselves in the same manner, explaining that by the abbreviation for non-native English speakers. By adopting such a law, the United States violated all the principles of legality and international law and unjustifiably declared Russia a criminal without trial and proof of guilt, accusing it of crimes committed by the United States itself. The name and essence of the law indicate that they pursued a different goal, based on interests not so much of a financial as of a religious nature, when religious fanatics declare holy war on "sin" or "sinners." This is evidenced by the semantics of the word CROOK. This is not the abbreviation. In English, "a crook" is a person who engages in fraudulent or criminal practices. So, passing this law, the USA declared Russia is a criminal, defender, miscreant, sinner, and a country of the second sort. That is the heart of the nazi ideology. The two the US states actively pushed the CROOK act through Congress were eastern states Maryland and Pennsylvania, former British colonies. Both states are extremely religious, with the largest quaker population in the US. Both states are famous due to the welcoming of abortions, the death penalty, and the artifact of the cruelest imprisonment in the US - the Eastern State Penitentiary. Thus, the United States and Great Britain have long been preparing a plan to take away Russia's property from Russia, and this would have happened anyway. Ukraine has become an occasion to cover the actions of the United States and Great Britain and an excuse to prepare for a military invasion of the Russian Federation. The role of Germany during the revolution of 1917 and in the Second World War was transferred to Ukraine. The US, UK, Germany, and France, at the expense of Russia, are trying to solve their domestic problems of weak economies, high inflation, and fundamental economic gaps based on the recognition of such economic categories as debt, future cash flows, investment growth, and the colonial development model. The US has a $30T debt, and bankrupt pension funds invested money in public markets to save the technological monopoly of the US enabling control of the Internet. The US pension funds now invest money with a negative return, with the payback outside the average life duration. They pay pensions because they resell the stakes of public companies to each other and increase the bubble every day and support that by money printing as they did in 2008 with Fannie and Freddie. The US needed trillions of dollars to buy out all technology companies working in defense, electronics, and digital business. And this money they took from the pension funds. To close the gap, they are printing money, and that's a non-stop process. That is the clue to the fantastic, astonishing multiples on the US public market which we observe now. At the moment, they control Samsung, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, NVidia, Disney, and many other companies in electronics, digital entertainment, and defense. That is the biggish brainwashing machine that is very aggressive, dangerous, capable, and ambitious. Being a 5% of the total population, the US maintains 25% of the world's imprisoners' total population solving the prisons budget problem with the death penalty and solitary confinement after which people die. The US is number one in the world in the number of serial killers and holds on hand more than 400 mln of guns for "self-defense" of the 350 mln population. This former British Colony went through the same colonial way of development without any sorrow and exterminated the local population. At the same time, the US continues to fry the turkey on Thanksgiving day. The colonization - that's the operating model of the US, UK, Germany, and France. No need to explain the development model of China - soft penetration and relocation onto the territory of Russia. That is the crux of the problem.

  9. We investigated the criminals' motivation. Russia has a vast territory, low population density, and a broad range of resources, including labor. This is a huge mistake to consider Russia as a warehouse of O&G deposits. Possessing its extraordinary intellectual potential, for many years, Russia played an outstanding role in the world labor market and is the largest donor of IT specialists, engineers, and biotech professionals. The brain leakage was also the result of the criminal activity of offenders. The natural and labor resources are vital to the US, EU, and China to produce essential goods that create a competitive advantage for these nations. Among the qualified labor force, also leaked out of Russia, the technology complex products require a broad range of rare-earth metals, silicon, glass, certain alloys, and other materials of a specific kind. Russia has always been in a vulnerable position and still be in it until the formation of its own fully closed full-cycle economy resolving the issues of defense, healthcare, medicine, and corruption. Russia has no allies and never had. Russia's population has to understand that. The current state of things is inevitable and would have come in any case sooner or later. The freeze of the Russian reserves was not a surprise and has 0 correlation with the Ukraine war as soon as these actions were planned by the US far long ago. The initiator of the CROOK Act was Senator Benjamin Cardin, sadly famous as an author of the famous Magnitsky Act and Cardin list, which also explained the sanctions imposed on Russia in 2014. That's easy to notice that now this act is silently disappeared. To carry out all those actions to illegally seize Russian property that the United States and Great Britain have been preparing for so long, the US and its collaborators exploit the US military conflict burned in Ukraine instead of the CROOK act. If there were no Ukraine, there would be a CROOK act. In the foreign mass media, this document does not appear under its' real name, replaced by the various second-rate papers substantially the same in context. Senator Benjamin Cardin was not responsible either for justice or finance, or human rights. He proudly declares to use new sanctions as an excuse to steal Russian property. He was extensively involved in the military and defense sections of the US Congress activity. We tried to start the process to get mutual legal assistance from the US, EU, and the UK regarding the Magnitsky death case and Hermitage Capital. However, we faced zero support. We were not allowed to submit almost any claims concerning these cases to follow the applicable law norms. The cases themselves were not proceeded following the applicable law in the US, UK, Singapore, and EU. We did not get any response from the Hermitage Capital publicly asserting that it is "looking for justice in memory of Sergey Magnitsky" - we did not get any response even though we provided many supporting documents. Instead, we get a comic answer from senator Ron Wyden to whom we appealed in search of justice.

  10. We investigated the connection between toxic assets, the Magnitsky Act, and the other criminal activities followed that on the territory of Russia and beyond. When we are talking about the correlation between these activities explained in materials of the toxic cases including Hermitage Capital, and how they link to the Ukraine crisis and bloody nazi massacre taking place for almost 8 years, we come to the sad conclusion that the money bared from the Russian assets by the foreigners and, what is even more terrible, by our compatriots, were spent to incite hatred and enmity, and to finance the massacre in Ukraine. We observed the beginning of the Maidan not in Ukraine. It started in Great Britain, in 2012, directly in the heart of Westminster, where a group of people was placed in action in favor of the independence of Ukraine, who at the same time advocated joining the EU. This illogical, irrational action - asking for independence, and at the same time asking the UK Government in front of the government offices during the Brexit period for some reason to accept Ukraine into the EU - was carried out not by Ukrainians, and not by Ukrainian-speaking people, they were English-speaking people, and the action itself looked like a badly planned staged production for journalists' cameras. These "protesters" speaking in pure British English had nothing to do with Ukraine. They probably even did not know where is Ukraine on the globe. However, these two cases - Magnitsky Act and Ukraine's Maidan started simultaneously and from the one place - the United Kingdom of Great Britain and the US. This "amazing" cooperation between the US and the UK we continue to observe now during the denazification of Ukraine. They do this together, illegally capturing the vast majority of Russia's property ownership. We suppose that the roots of the so-called Hermitage Capital case are backdated to the era of the First World War. At this time, at the expense of Russia and its territory, countries with a weak economy, limited territory, scarcity of necessary natural resources, a colonial development model, weak currencies, and big ambitions with claims to world domination - and these are the USA, Great Britain, France, and Germany - tried to benefit from the colonization of the territory of the Russian Empire. It started at the epoch of the First World War, the logical continuation of which was the revolution organized by these countries in the Russian Empire followed by the Civil War, Red Terror, Gulag, and Second World War. These wars resulted in the death of more than 101 mln of the Russian population without immigrated headcount. The estimates of cumulative losses of the Russian population in the 20th century (without Syria, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Ukraine, and other military conflicts) is more than 500 mln of people. In the 20-21st century, only as a result of World War I, civil war, revolution, red terror, Stalinist repressions, and World War II, Russia lost more than 101 million people, even not counting those who emigrated, and without loss of the population of the illegally captured territories. The accumulated demographic losses of Russia over the 20th-century amount to more than 500 million people, excluding the loss of population in the occupied territories of Finland, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, previously legally acquired by the Russian Empire. In the no-war and no-genocide scenario, and without the war conflicts and the crimes of the 21st century, the population of Russia at the moment should be more than one bln of people, which is almost three times bigger than the US. However, as a result of genocide, Russia's population faces the edge of total erasure. In addition to the absolute physical destruction, Russia suffers a non-stop need to recover its infrastructure and economy after one more war spending its resource, not for growth but for recovery and survival. No need to argue this impairs the headcount of the population and the level of the overall country's development. For more than 200 years, Russia was a victim of the art play "civilized the People" rating Russia as a war theater integrated with the largest gas station in the backyard. Now the functions of Germany are performed by Ukraine, under the flag of which the same countries are fighting with Russia with the same weapons, solving the same task - the colonization of Russian territory, the eradication of the Russian population, obtaining control over the economy and resources of the Russian Federation. The accusation of Russia in the murder of Magnitsky is an inversed case to this that we are seeing now in the framework of a special operation in Ukraine - this is Bucha. The similar use of equivocal language and fraudulent blaming is easily traceable across our portfolio. The crooks used only one rule: after the crime execution, they accused the victim of it, so the victim was prosecuted for the crime committed by the malcreants against the victim. The situation is identical and has other matching elements with the crimes commissioned by the US and other foreign officials. Instead of crooks, the crooks themselves accused Russia of committing and organizing these crimes. Examples are the poisoning of the Skripals, Navalny, and the MH17 plane crash. We will be glad if the work we have done will help Russia normalize foreign relations, ensure the security of our country, and acquire a world status worthy of our country.

  11. We identified who is the leading owner of offenders listed in the Holy Shit section of our website. We found out that in all cases, the shareholder or beneficiary was a Vanguard fund which often had the stake in collaboration with BlackRock, Prosperity, and other allies. We investigated that Vanguard and BlackRock form one business group. Next, we matched the crimes combined under the Hermitage Capital case and identified the traits of crimes that were committed against Russia by Nazi Germany. Next, we found out that together they precisely reflect the actions described in the Ost plan, Green Folder of Gœring, and Barbarossa. The CEO of the Vanguard Group was named John Bogle. We started to review the materials about him and found many discrepancies, mismatches, and gaps in the information. After all investigations, we assume that John Bogle is not his real name and that he is a Hermann Gœring who escaped justice like most Nazis after the formal announcement of the end of WWII.