The death of Sergey Magnitsky and the Ukraine military conflict are two pair cases that were started at one juncture and pursued one similar target. All toxic assets together, acquired by the BOOST, are closely linked to the Ukraine massacre. That was designed together by the UK and the USA to make Russia a pariah and bereave it of any help in the upcoming war. After the destruction of all political and economical connections, Ukraine remained the last straw that would deprive Russia of the right to live. The raiders seized cash from the businesses they captured in Russia because they did not expect that Russia will continue to exist. Read the Gœring, 3rd Reich, and Nord-Ost cases.

Substance of the case

Since the beginning of the 20th century, a large number of crimes have been committed against Russia, as a result of which the cumulative loss of the population reached more than 505 million people.

These crimes, mainly in the form of homicide, were supported by mass theft, serious fraud, corruption, money laundering, and tax evasion, and were carried out in several stages:

  • World War I

  • Revolution of 1917

  • Red Terror

  • Civil War

  • War communism

  • Stalin's repressions

  • The Second World War

  • 3rd Reich war crimes and genocide

  • Cold war

  • Explosion at the Chornobyl nuclear power plant

  • Destruction of the statehood of Russia (collapse of the USSR)

  • Chechen wars

  • Georgian war

  • Mass terrorist acts (air crashes, hostage-taking, explosions, mass executions, burning of public places with people)

  • War in Ukraine.

As a result, Russia suffered direct human losses in the amount of more than 260 million people. Accumulated losses to the current date amounted to 1,3 billion people for the period starting from the beginning of the 20th century until the present time. They include five missing during the 120 years generations of people who died as a result of murders or stopped to be a part of our country as a result of the disappearance of many nations in the Russian ethnos due to the illegal liquidation of the Russian Empire followed by the USSR dismemberment. That applied to those who lived on the territories legally acquired by Russia without wars. They are the population of the territories that voluntarily expressed a desire to join Russia, or Russia bought these territories from legal owners (Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia). The population of Russia now, without its genocide, should have been more than 1.3 billion people.


Fraud, Robberies, Assets Misappropriation

In the period from the late 80s to the present day, numerous crimes were committed against the Russian Federation. Beyond homicide, they included those of an economic nature which led to the following situation:

  • Control over infrastructure, energy, communications, and natural resources has been transferred to foreign countries. Russia lost ownership rights for key assets and did not receive taxes from these businesses. That resulted in the loss of ownership and loss due to the transfer of the associated tax burden.

  • Money from the Russian budget and the Russian population's pockets were stolen as explained in the Vanguard case. According to our estimate, the incurred damage was $12-14T. Moreover, more than $1T was illegally disposed of out of Sberbank to the US bank accounts.

  • A series of raider seizures of private enterprises were carried out, resulting in power assigned over the privately-held industry out of Russia to the foreign jurisdictions with the associated tax burden that also impaired the wealth of Russia.

  • After the theft of funds from the Russian state budget and the population's pockets, they cynically returned to Russia in the form of a debt lent to Russia at usurious interest. Culprits spent a part of the stolen money to create terrorist clusters in Chechnya, Abkhazia, Dagestan, and Karachay-Cherkessia. Their actions precisely matched the plans of the 3rd Reich, which intended to create the Reichskommissariat in Kavkaz. At the cost of money stolen from the Russian budget, in these territories, the criminals organized the terrorist activity later resulted in many terrorist acts of mass murders - fires, bombing, hostage-taking, plane crashes, and mass shootings. Being defeated in Chechnya, the criminals attempted to organize the Reich's Kavkaz branch in Abkhazia, Dagestan, Karachay-Cherkessia, and Georgia instead. The Chechen hab was replaced by Georgia.

  • In Russia, the criminals formed a rental model of the economy. They illegally captured manufacturing companies, destroyed the production facilities, and built on the land plots the residential areas instead. The criminal group developed only the consumer sector: retail, food and beverage, real estate, and gombeen banks, which specialized in mass credits to individuals, the state, and businesses to provide enough cash under the usury interest to spend that on the consumer sector completely consolidated by the same criminals, and to buy property owned by the same fraudsters. Miscreants exploited this gombeen for raiding and capturing the state-owned organizations, private enterprises, and the property of individuals.

  • All the engineering staff (engineers, programmers, mathematicians, physicists, biologists, chemists, and other representatives of science and intelligence) were taken out of Russia using various methods - direct recruitment, propaganda, and hatred inciting. The education system was destroyed and replaced by the simplified insufficient education to cultivate consumption behavior. Criminals erased the average education system for working professions. The very image of a factory worker began to be considered unworthy and humiliating. As a result of this "education," which also became expensive and paid, people did not receive the expected valuable knowledge and intelligence dedicated to the nation's wealth. Instead, they just spent time and money getting virulent knowledge that destroyed Russia from the inside by the hands of its population, when graduates implemented in life the despiteful academic advice that assisted criminals to achieve their objectives. RANEPA and its various professors became a vivid example: Mau, Lobanova and her husband, Aganbegyan, Myasoedov, Mirkin, and others. Based on our impressions of guiding the RANEPA students during their practice, teaching courses, and taking exams in the state commission, most of the professors we met there were a band of idiots. The mockery of this drama is that this ugly institution trains civil servants for the public sector at the cost of the state budget.

  • The destruction of industrial manufacturing made Russia completely dependent on imports.

  • During the entire period in the Russian Federation, it was not allowed to create high-quality profitable businesses and sophisticated products. The miscreants achieved that by setting up management with the "reverse KPIs" who oriented on business destruction under the control of culprits. Criminals also used the power to liquidate and destroy business through the Federal Tax Service and raiding seizures. In our group, the brightest example was an erasure of the HASHEIGHT, Sqwat, BBH, Ultra, Roadup, and 2R businesses. We observed many vivid illustrations everywhere. For instance, the automotive industry. Avtovaz, which, under the control of Rostech, Renault, and Sweden, is still not able to produce high-quality cars. When you get into this car, you realize that absolutely everything has been stolen from it, from the steering wheel to the soundproofing. The destroyed Moskvich plant was turned into a crypto farm, shopping, and office center with a residential complex. Barely breathing GAZ. At the same time, the same criminals collaborated with the corrupted public officials to import as many cars as possible. The collaboration was set out in the form of common offshores outside Russia - particularly, we mean Maxim Liksutov. Together this band consisted of criminals, corrupted officials, policemen, and bailiffs, extremely raised prices for parking and administrative penalties, developed car-sharing and bought cars from Germany, Korea, France, and Japan. Thus, they killed Avtovaz to allow Russia to produce good cars never. At the same time, they developed German, French, Korean, and Japanese automotive industries at the enterprises also owned by the same organized criminal group. That was supported well by the organized criminal group of mass car thefts using the car thieves, the corrupted bailiffs, policemen, and tax inspections as well. The criminals knew what does synergy mean. We also note the reorientation of the defense Kirov plant. That built, among other things, components for nuclear submarines, turbines, and nuclear power. Now that produces Kirovets tractors under the management of Sergey Serebryakov, former CEO of the Kharkovsky Traktorniy Zavod (Ukraine). We observed the conversion of the Samara Metallurg Plant (SMZ) from a key supplier of the aviation industry and a manufacturer of alloys for the defense industry to a producer of can tape for the beer companies San Interbrew, Pepsi, and Coca-Cola.



In addition, a policy of genocide was also actively pursued against Russia:

  • Announced castration of Russian prisoners of war executed by the Ukrainian SBU and foreign mercenaries, severed body parts, and dismemberments repeated the atrocity of the 3rd Reich.

  • Massive propaganda of Russians as "biomass" and subhumans (Latvia, the UK, Ukraine, Sweden) - and again, we meet the 3rd Reich terminology of Untermenschen.

  • Affordable abortions were promoted, including advertising among nulliparous girls. The mass campaign started in the early 90s through the widespread opening of so-called family planning and reproduction centers.

  • Multiple operations were performed on women in absence of medical indications. They resulted in massive incurable infertility (especially: in the IDK clinic in Samara, the Mother and Child Clinics, the family planning and reproduction center at Sevastopolsky 24, and public hospitals in Moscow).

  • IVF was massively promoted for childbearing without informing women about the consequences of this procedure for the female body, as a result of which, among other things, there were constant abortions "for medical reasons" ("meat doctors" removed "extra" embryos), and a dash of oncology illnesses.

  • During childbirth, the "meat doctors" injured newborns in the cervical spine and skull bones by applying forceps and twisting the head. As a result, this led to brain damage and persistent hypoxia, further causing developmental delay, mental retardation, and dementia. This practice still is applied in Russian maternity hospitals, regardless of whether they are paid or free.

  • State-owned hospitals were closed en masse. After the closure, the corrupted public officials transferred many of them at zero costs to friends of corrupted officials for concession, proprietary ownership, or management. Thus, criminals transformed state hospitals into joint ventures: paid clinics for their benefits and the benefits of dishonest state employees. As a result, between 2000 and 2015, the number of hospitals in the Russian Federation halved. Taking into account the massively accelerated closure of hospitals immediately before the COVID pandemic, we assume that at the moment, the number of really working public clinics remaining in the state medical insurance segment is no more than 1/4 of their number at the beginning of 2000.

  • With the help of charitable foundations through which the miscreants laundered money stolen from the budget of the Russian Federation and the pockets of Russians, the criminals introduced the genocide programs. Among the primary objective to launder and smuggle money, the funds stimulated the birth of children with cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, diabetes, other genetic abnormalities, and congenital diseases. The criminal group widely distributed brainwashing articles through the internet and social networks that a child with congenital deformities, dementia, and other severe pathologies is a norm or just a norm variance, so you should not worry about that.

  • Consumption of fat, sugar, salt, processed food, occasional sex, porn, gambling, alcohol, tobacco, and drug-taking was widely promoted. At the same time, narcotic substances for medical purposes (surgical anesthesia, pain relief) were withdrawn from circulation and made inaccessible (in the treatment of oncology, in veterinary medicine). This led to unprecedented animal cruelty and many suicides of oncology patients. Instead, drugs for addicts became widely available for purchase, also with the help of controlled retail and smuggling businesses, Russia became not just a channel for drug trafficking, but drug broadcasting.

  • Total replacement of Russian doctors of Slavic origin with Muslims and Jews. Again, as in the case of education, we observe the mockery: Russian women gynecologists were replaced by male gynecologists of Muslim origin and Jews. For the Russian women, they made the process itself extremely sinful and completely contrary to their religious norms (e.g., sharia). Also, they performed mass gynecological operations for the onset of infertility in women. A vivid example of Dr. Karnaukh's clinic "IDK" in Samara. IDK was built by a doctor of Jewish origin, a Baptist, after a long study in the USA, at cost of money stolen from the budget of the Russian Federation during the construction of the Samara metropolitan. Later this clinic was acquired by AFK Sistema's affiliates.

  • Clinics do not provide medical care for various reasons: it is impossible to get it under compulsory medical insurance (there is no appointment with doctors, or doctors do not treat - they do not conduct examinations, do not make prescriptions following the disease, do not provide the necessary assistance, but they focus on procedures that bring money from the budget - for example, hospitalization for 6 days, during which treatment is not carried out), assistance is also not provided under VMI or for money, without examinations and diagnosis, unnecessary drugs are prescribed, operations are performed without indications. That is, under the nosologies, diagnoses are not made and patients are not treated. Instead, they treat non-existing diseases with expensive drugs, without proven clinical effectiveness, or clinical trials (Sputnik V, Phenibut, Arbidol, Mexidol, etc.). The fake drugs got wide distribution (no need to go far, just remember the Nord-Ost). Instead of effective tested drugs that treat, are accessible, and are safe, the doctors acted on behalf of pharmaceutical companies and prescribed non-tested useless drugs and bio-additives, in the best case having the placebo effect. An appointment with a doctor for a month, for tests for a month - in September patient makes an appointment with a doctor, the October patient comes for an appointment, the November patient passes analysis, and the December patient comes with the analysis results for a second appointment. The second option is available as well - in September, the patient made an appointment with a doctor, and in September, the patient died.

  • The introduction of high-speed scooters, bicycles, and vehicles that move at high speed on pedestrian sidewalks resulted in death and injuries. These services were actively used by Sberbank, Delimobil, and Yandex. These companies completed the development of product delivery and distant trading immediately before the announcement of the COVID pandemic by S. Sobyanin.



The common thing in this activity is that all these actions were carried out by one group of people. Also, easy to see that these actions matched exactly the plans of the Nazis Germany - Green Folder, Plan of Hunger, Generalplan Ost, Genocide and Slavery Plan." We are obliged to exterminate the population - this is part of our mission to protect the German population. I have the right to destroy millions of people of an inferior race who multiply like worms." (Adolf Hitler).

Based on the results of our investigation, considering the findings we present here and in the Toxic Assets section, we conclude that we deal with the new-age successors of the 3rd Reich, the authentic 3rd Reich nazis who escaped the prosecution, or their closest family members.

The Nazi concept of the “Aryan master race” excluded the vast majority of Slavs from this race and declared the Slavs "subhuman" ("Untermenschen"). The Nazi idea that Slavs are Untermenschen became a ground base for the plan to create a "living space in the East" for Germans and other Germanic peoples in Eastern Europe initiated during World War II under the "Ost Master Plan." We guess no need to explain again the sense of the naming of Baring Vostok Capital Partners, Access Industries company, the substance of their business, and the naming of the Nord-Ost terrorist act. By the 3rd Reich, Slavs were supposed to be destroyed, resettled, or enslaved. The policy of enslavement was demonstrated by PJSC AFK Sistema on the example of paying a penny reward for highly skilled workers and killing as a punishment for "leaving" the system, as we observed in the case of Raevskaya-Repnina.

In Mein Kampf Hitler wrote: “It was not the state gifts of the Slavs that gave strength and strength to the Russian state. Russia owed all this to the German elements - the most excellent example of the enormous state role that the German elements can play, acting within a lower race. This is how many powerful states on earth were created. Not once in history, we have seen how the peoples of lower culture, led by the Germans as organizers, turned into powerful states and then kept firmly on their feet as long as the racial core of the Germans was preserved. For centuries, Russia lived off precisely the German core in her the upper strata of the population."


Common Traits

This group of individuals who organized, planned, and committed this criminal activity against Russia and Russians, also has several common features which shared the 3rd Reich's distinctive traits or allow us to consider their activity as a sequel of the Great Patriotic War and WWII:

  • The overlapping main regions of presence in the Russian Federation of this group ("places of power") are Moscow, Kazan, the Middle Volga region, Rostov-on-Don, protest cities, as well as cities with high crime rates for crimes against the person (murders). These regions were noted by Nazis to create here their anchor branches.

  • The country of birth of the criminals is predominantly west of Ukraine, in some cases, the North Caucasus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, or Uzbekistan.

  • These persons have several citizenships, among which, as a rule, the USA, Israel, Austria, Great Britain, Ukraine, and Belarus.

  • For all these offenders, we observe inexplicable, very notable gaps and inconsistencies in the dates of their biographies. We found many contradictions between the biographies, the lives of such people, and the dates within the biographies. We also have many doubts about the reliability of probable events. The same person is not the Shroedinger cat to be simultaneously in superposition in different countries in a different status - serve in one state imprisonment, while in another state to visit restaurants with the group of bandits). That is, people appear out of nowhere as trump cards, as a rule, after a long absence from the Russian Federation and a period of emigration to the United States, with an unverified and unconfirmed biography, traces of which are not detected by the current real life of a person. In particular, Sergei Mikhailov, Vyacheslav Ivankov, and Sergei Timofeev, their allies are natives of Ukraine, "zapadentsy" - Vinnytsia region, Sumy, Zaporizhzhia, Lviv, but not the city of Moscow and the region.

  • These individuals were repeatedly detained with forged documents and had a large number of different names.

  • We observe a large number of inexplicable similarities of different prominent personalities with each other, which are not the result of simple photo editing (P.O. Aven and V.P. Evtushenkov, V.K. Ivankov and K. Gundyaev, S. Timofeev and Kornily Titov, Sergey Karkov and Alexey Ridiger, and other similar cases).

  • We see that among these people it is an ordinary business practice to imitate their death and resurrect under a different name in another country, or the same country but in a different status.

We also emphasize that all criminal activity on the territory of the Russian Federation, or against the Russian Federation and its citizens, had the following distinctive features:

  • The crimes were carried out according to the principle friends should kill friends, and family members should kill each other which complies with the motto of Orekhovskya OPG. Also, that complies with the famous phrase of Harry Truman in an interview in 1941: "if we see that Germany is winning we ought to help Russia and if Russia is winning we ought to help Germany, and that way let them kill as many as possible" (New York Times, 1941). This principle was widely applied in Nazi Germany, 3rd Reich (Nacht der langen Messer).

  • Crimes were committed against the victim by criminals. After the crime occurrence, the status of the subjects of the crimes changed to the reversal - the victim was accused of committing the crime, whilst the perpetrator became the victim. The culprits exploited the same methods: falsifications of documents, forged evidence, mass perjuries, and false witness testimonies.

  • All crimes were developed and organized by individuals with a financial background, a poor understanding of the law of the Russian Federation, and the business operations in the real sector. This can be observed in the cases of Sunrise, Bananamama, Teploservis, and BOOST. The criminals did not know the basics of the functioning of legal entities in the Russian Federation and Russian accounting. Thus, the ignorance was compensated by the forgery of documents and the juggling of facts under the necessary court decision or the investigator's decision. In addition, the organizers did not know the operational business, or their knowledge was limited to general awareness at the high management level. This is usually the level of shareholders of companies who are guided by general figures but do not understand the details of business organization and processes. As we know, John Bogle did not work in the operating business, he specialized exclusively in the financial part, and these are capital markets. That is, he understood how the bank works, but how individual processes work - no. The bank could create large transactions at the level of legal entities, but there are no processes. We see the same reflection of his business knowledge in banks and companies owned by Vanguard in the Russian Federation. Since the criminals did not understand the small details, and this is what usually forms the evidence base in a criminal case, and in the poorly organized mediocre trials, a just and fair criminal prosecution was impossible, they used the mechanism of pocket justice, creating the so-called "system" described in the Hermitage section Capital when without evidence it was possible to "close" any innocent person to prison to solve the problems of criminals. This German sacrificial "system" made it redundant to create efficient controlled businesses and traceable transactions that could then be used for legal purposes. The low quality of the processes due to ignorance of both the Russian Federation and its law, and the operating business, was compensated by the system of pocket justice.

  • That is, the person behind these crimes could be a person with strategic thinking, educated in separate narrow segments, but not in operational details. This cannot be attributed to ignorance or stupidity. On the contrary, minor operational errors and oversights committed in large numbers could be attributed to idiocy and incompetence. However, based on the results of our investigation, we assert that at no time, in any case, the errors were accidental. These mistakes formed a system to seize property and commit other crimes. Thus, the apparent illiteracy in the operational business is only apparent. People knew very well what they were doing.

  • The declared mottos and slogans of criminals, in particular, "cost reduction," "cost-saving," "costs burning," and management approaches based on the ideal market model, repeated the slogans and index strategy of Vanguard.

  • Model of business organization, consolidation of reporting, and structure of operations repeated the model of the Vanguard fund.

  • All these crimes went through the same logistics and the same persons in law enforcement agencies and courts (a vivid example is the judges of the Tverskoy court Krivoruchko, Podoprigorov, Ukhnaleva.