BOOST includes the Volgotanker case in the asset portfolio as a material episode arising from other claims on our balance sheet and connected to the Yukos case.

Substance of the case

This case makes it possible to link together such a series of crimes as the raider seizure of the companies Burneftegaz, Teploservis, Russian Capital Bank, and Bananamama. It confirms the non-participation in them of Rosneft company, which criminals accused of these crimes. This case gave us a clear picture of the Yukos case triggers. It shows the events that occurred in reality, not in the spoilers of newspapers. Based on this, we got a high-level understanding of the participant, the ground base for accusations, and the basis for imprisonment. In addition to the clear parallels of the Hermitage-Capital-Yukos mirror pair, there is also a clear parallel to the deaths of Sergei Magnitsky and Vasily Aleksanyan. We found in the Yukos case the same people in the similar roles who participated in the BOOST's illegal capture, including but not limited to AFK Sistema, Alfa, №4 of City of Moscow, Tax Inspection of Samarskiy District of the city of Samara, The General Tax Service Department of Samara Region. Thus, our portfolio of assets connects anyway with the Yukos case. We have not negotiated with Khodorkovsky to represent his interests, and we will not do that. The reasons why we will not serve him are set out below in the statement of Raevskaya-Repnina, which clearly and unequivocally characterizes the "holy martyr Michael," who suffered from "unjust" imprisonment caused by "political reasons." We do not support the selective law application, any illegal prosecution, and any cooking of evidence due to the incompetence of investigators and lack of facts to prosecute such sophisticated criminals. We will seek a review of the Yukos case and a fair verdict so that all the perpetrators are held accountable for their crimes and sentences are issued by those courts and in those countries whose jurisdiction includes consideration of such types of criminal cases.

The White-Blue-White Flag (also White-Azure-White) is the flag used by protesters against Russia's "invasion" of Ukraine (this is what the criminals called the appearance of Russian troops on the illegally occupied territory belonging to Russia) in Russia and abroad. It became widespread shortly after the "invasion" began in February 2022. It is a modified flag of Russia with three equal horizontal stripes, on which the red stripe is replaced by a white one.

This flag called for hanging everywhere and showing Mikhail Khodorkovsky, his fund sponsored these outcries. With the money stolen from the budget of the Russian Federation, with the help of murders, Khodorkovsky organized an act of mass mockery of Russia. The white and blue flag is not a modified flag of Russia, but a modified flag of Bavaria. Mikhail Khodorkovsky's father, Dr. Mengele, a Nazi of the 3rd Reich, was born in Bavaria. In addition, Khodorkovsky sponsors the Vera Foundation, which is run by Nyuta Federmesser, a German by birth. This money is not used to fight cancer, but to hang flags from the homeland of Dr. Mengele, and to elect Nyuta Federmesser to the Moscow City Duma.

Also, Khodorkovsky, Shakhnovsky, Dubov, Alexey Pivovarov, and Yasina financed the promotion and distribution of the terrorist act Nord-Ost (174 people were killed) through the Open Russia foundation. In every country, the terrorism is a crime. First-degree murder is a crime sentenced by the death penalty. All these people escaped prosecution whilst in the USA they should be on the death row. However, in the United States, for unknown reasons, this gang of criminals is ranked almost as a holy martyr. Approximately the same as the royal family of the Romanovs.




Text of the Claim addressed to the General Department of Samara Region

I ask you to initiate a criminal case under Art. 30, art. 105, 158 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation in connection with the following circumstances.

In 2005, I was the owner of the car VAZ 21103 g / n K345NR63. The car was registered to my former full name Andreeva Anna Sergeevna, date of birth 03/01/1978, the place of birth was indicated according to the passport issued to me at that moment - the city of Samara.

From 2003 to 2005, I was the head of the internal audit department of Volgotanker, a subsidiary of Yukos, and carried out audits of Volgotanker businesses, including management offices and production plants.

The car was given to me by my dad in November 2003.

A few months later, I conducted an audit of the Rechbunker company. Rechbunker was responsible for all purchases for Volgotanker. The Rechbunker management was very dissatisfied and outraged by the audit results since they revealed the facts of theft and fraud.

For the "trial," Rechbunker management (the director and someone else, the materials were on a Toshiba laptop which was later stolen from my car Porsche 911 Turbo S) demanded that I come to a meeting at the Rechbunker. I went to this workshop with my subordinate, Tatiana Devyataeva. Immediately after we left the office, a Gazelle car collided with my auto. It crashed into my car from the side of Devyataeva, almost killing half the machine and miraculously leaving Devyataeva alive, who received a brain concussion after an accident. A similar episode happened to me in February 2017, when MTS scheduled a meeting for me. Immediately after leaving the office of the IITD Group, a similar accident occurred with my Porsche 911 Turbo S car. My car was broken in the same manner by Volkswagen. Volkswagen is a corporate car of AFK Sistema.

At the end of 2004, the raider takeover and bankruptcy of the Volgotanker company began as part of the Yukos illegal seizure. I started looking for a job. Before my transfer to Alcoa Russia, a few days before my appointment, this approximately May-June 2005, I was returning home from the office of Volgotanker, located at Samara, st. Maksim Gorkogo, 90, was moving towards my apartment located at the address Samara, Lenin Ave., 16, apt. 10.

In the area of ​​building No. 163 on the street. Molodgvardeiskaya, I saw a red Mitsubishi car standing on the opposite side near the curb. I do not remember the car number. The materials may have been preserved by the traffic police for the city of Samara. The car stayed in parking mode, the turn signal did not show, and the driver was in the car.

After reducing the distance with me, the driver started moving, then made a sharp U-turn and performed a head-on collision with my car. Due to this damage, I hit my face on the steering wheel and lost consciousness. There were no airbags in my car. Then I had a small operation to sew in place some parts of the face, which, thank God, is now invisible.

A similar reversal for a similar accident was executed on March 08, 2018, in Serpukhov, during negotiations with A.F. Borodin on the case of the Bank of Moscow and Investlesprom, immediately after I sent Borodin a strategy for his defense and the turnaround of the criminal case. I narrowly escaped the accident.

The Mitsubishi of the culprit was insured by Alfa Insurance. Alfa Insurance gave me a referral for the repair of my car to the Alfa service, where the car stayed for repair for more than one month.

After the repair, the car was in good order, then, for unknown reasons, the brakes and gearbox failed, the engine began to triple, after which in September 2005 the car was stolen, and has not been found until the present time. The fact that I was offered to return it for the cost of a new car, the police officers, I applied with the police (GU MVD for the Samara region).

The police officer Vyacheslav (I don’t remember his last name) offered me to return the car, was a cohabitant of Marina Stepyreva, an employee of the Volgotanker accounting control department under the leadership of Tatijana Bityutskaya. After the bankruptcy of Volgotanker, Bityutskaya was transferred to work in Sibur. Sibur is the largest defendant and accomplice in the ruin, raider seizure, and destruction of the Bananamama company.

I ask you to perform the investigation check on my application, and transfer the materials to the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Moscow, the Department of Internal Affairs for the Kotlovka district of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for Moscow, where materials are located on similar episodes (coinciding both in method and participants) in connection with an accident, repair, further malfunctions and theft of my Porsche 911 Turbo S s/n H516YE77.

Raevskaya-Repnina A.M.S.S.